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Take a break for a while from my travel blog and giving someway to my personal life blog. Well, here I would like to announce today is my LAST day of working! I am free from the hectic daily life, no more work overload, feeling of stress and tension. Not forgeting, no more of keep counting down the time to passby to lunch time and off working hours.

It took 3 months for me to waiting for this day. I had tender my resignation letter 3 months ago, as what stated in the letter of offer due to my position.

But, it kinda a mix feelings when I’m about to leave because this can be consider as my second home. Imagine in 24 hours, I had spend at least minimum of 8 hours in office. Not yet including the 1 hour for lunch time where sometimes I bring lunch box and having at office.

Starting as a freshie level to a semi-senior level, it is the most priceless moment that had completed part of my life. Not forgeting too, this is the place where I met my current bf by the way=P. Well, the reason behind I resigned is not because I get a better offer but it’s too further my study. Kinda complicated to explain but what I know besides becoming a full-time or part-time student (myself also confuse on this part), now I can even chase my biggest dreams in my life. Yeap, travel again around the globe to satisfy my wanderlust.

My seat in office. Next to me, it’s my bf’s seat.

My messy table.

The laptop that I used. Nice leh the design? My boss replaced old laptop with this when I came back from Hong Kong trip. I was damn surprised that time.


Besides my bf, only my 2 boss and HR department knew today was my last day. I lied to my other colleagues that tomorrow is my last day. Therefore, today no farewell celebration for me. Actually according to what I stated in my resignation letter, tomorrow is exactly my final day of working but I utilised my final day of paid leave to replace it. Sorry to all my colleagues for not telling you all the truth.

I went office early today just to snap some photo. Therefore, some of the light not yet on.




Exactly 2 years and 4 months, now it’s time to bid goodbye to my first ever Company I’m working with. Not bad working with this Company that offer lots of activities such as company trip, company dinner and even some sports acitivities including badminton, futsal and bowling. Gonna miss there!

Feeling kinda sad too as I’m gonna leaving KK soon! Sob sob


I went KL last month for 2 days or I can said not even reach 48 hours and this is my first ever shortest trip to KL. Mostly people will go KL for 3 days 2 night but what to do, being attached to a job with limited annual leave which I could only apply for 2 days off only.

17th May 2011

The day before I went to KL, TTM and I going to 1B for a movie. After the movie, we went to Digi Centre to subscribe the Digi Plan. As what he promised me for this year birthday present, at last he granted my wish. Although my birthday had been passed for almost 2 months, but it is better than nothing. I never force him to give whatever I want and I couldn’t think what I want for this year birthday present. Out of sudden, he suggest handphone and this is what he bought for me.

kl 01
Thanks to my dearest TTM for this HTC Desire HD razz

Initially, he suggest iphone 4 but too bad no luck. There is a story behind why I didn’t manage to get iphone (really really long story and too lazy to write it out) and end up, I plan to get HTC Desire HD. Actually I never thought of HTC at all but maybe influence by most of my friends especially two of my bestie who are currently using HTC too, so I think it is not a bad idea to have a try on it. And also it’s time to change my 6 years old SE w810i.

However, I never thought that Digi Plan only works after 24 hours you subscribe that plan. End up, I brought 3 hp to KL (HTC, my old SE w81oi and borrow my bro hp). Sounds crazy, rite?

18th May 2011

kl 02

This is my firs time taking AirAsia’s plane pic.

Once I reached KL, taking Skybus to KL Central. It had been one and half year since my last visit to KL. Sometimes I do miss KL. Without noticing, there is few changes in KL.

kl 03
Especially on their LRT. Got code somemore.

I still keep the Touch n Go card with me and the balance is RM10. Wow! So immediately start my KL trip by going to Central Market or known as Pasar Seni. Someone requested for Baby Milo T-shirt and all I can think is to get it from Pasar Seni. But I not just purposely went Pasar Seni for that, I even bought almost 2kg of dried meat for my family. Can’t find the best dried meat in KK, therefore need to get it all the way from KL.

kl 04
Bargaining at Petaling Street or commenly known as Chinatown

After that, took KTM to Serdang to find my friend who check-in in Asia’s most extraordinary and world-class award winning luxury hotel,

kl 05
The Palace of Golden Horses (will blog about this)

End my first night at KL by attending my friend’s wedding dinner at the Mines. This is the main purpose I went to KL for. Shamed on those who lived in KL but unable to attend the dinner meanwhile for me, who all the way from Sabah also managed to attend his wedding dinner.

kl 06
Congratulation to Lee Bing and Kinki.

19th May 2011

Kicking my day by having breakfast as Wangsa Maju. Loves to have breakfast at Wangsa Maju. Cheap and varieties of choice to choose from.

kl 07
Wangsa Maju or more known as Desa Setapak is my lepak place during my study life in KL.

Thanks to Yin Yin,who drop by me here. After the breakfast, went to KL Central to deposit my luggage at the luggage storage for just RM3. OMG! Before this, I thought it cost me more than that not until Yin Yin told me. I feel like want to bang my head to the wall because I brought along my 5kg luggage with me when I went to Pasar Seni for almost 2 hours.

As my flight back to KK around 6.30 pm, so I went last minute shopping at Bukit Bintang. Enjoy the feeling of shopping alone because I managed to shop around 5 shopping centre within 3 hours.

kl 08

Not only shopping centre around Bukit Bintang, I also managed to visit Suria KLCC by taking shortcut behind Pavilion. Which means within 3 hours, I had shopped around 6 shopping centres and all by just walking.

kl 09

The purpose I went KLCC is because of the bookstore, Kinokuniya and also having lunch with my deariest, Purplefish. If talking about shopping at Suria KLCC, I would rather shop around Petaling Street or street markets even though under the hot and sweaty weather because I am not those chasing high end products and brand person.

Finally, bid goodbye to Kuala Lumpur.

kl 10

Even LCCT changes a lot. More shops are opened.
Three funny things happened when on my way to be on board:

1) Before check-in to the boarding gate, there is an inspection on your identication card or passport. While the security checking my IC, I was almost shocked to death when he knew my dad’s name without any computer besides him. WAH! I never knew my dad is so famous. Actually the truth was coincidentally my dad has the same name as Malaysia’s infamous producer who has produced uncountable of Malay movie in Malaysia. Guess who is that?

2) During the scan on the hand luggage or cabin luggage, I were being asked to open what’s inside my wallet. WALLET??? What had I stored inside my wallet which I never know? They said my wallet contains many metals and guess what? I had too many coins with me. Like that also they can’t differentiate coins.

3) Finally, I almost miss my plane because I was queue on the wrong gate. Despite queue on Gate 10, I was queue on Gate 11 due to too much addiction of the new toy (what else non other than new handphone). With my stupidity, I still saying “Wah, that line so fast one!” then I just realised that was my gate. Immediately run through that gate. Lucky enough for me to aware or else, I will heard my name or maybe my dad’s name during the annoucement.

Say it is the shortest trip but I blog like I went KL for a week. You might boring with my rants and ramblings of my KL trip as most of you had went there before but this blog serve as a place where I share my travel experience, adventure and journey throughtout my life. Who said go to KL from KK cannot treat as travel adventure?

Before sign off, wishing everyone


I’m going to have my mom’s homemade dumpling as my dinner. Yummy yummy!


Happy Holiday everyone! Never thought we are almost in the middle of the year. Can’t imagine that time really fly so fast. Ok, right now I gonna bring you all for “Bits & Bites” time. By the way, I am not a good food reviewer but I love to share my food post with you all. Happy reading!

Su Ra Sang, located on the first floor of the D Junction, not only served Korean cuisine but they do served Japanese cuisine recently.

Initially, I thought they only served Korean dishes even thought my brother told me that he saw there is salmon and sashimi printed on their promotion banner but still hard for me to believe. Not until I read Shin Chan post, ok so i made up my mind and inform my family and TTM to go there to have a try. And now they are having buffet promotion. For just RM30++ for adult and RM15++ for childen, you can eat as much as you can until you full but remember, unfinished foods will be charged.

Su Ra Sang means King’s table in Korean language

Korean dolls that welcome you to the restaurant

Their menu for the buffet promotion

For your information, this is not a normal and typical buffet style. Instead of table placed in public area filled with various of foods and where you can pick and select foods you want (at first, this was what in my mind), but Su Ra Sang served in different way. You need to order the foods from the menu first and they will serve it to your table later. What I do for this? I request for a piece of paper and pen, then I wrote down all the list of foods I want. You can order as many times you want and there is no limitation. But I would like to stress here again, leftover foods will be charged as there are 2 ladies experience this on the night we dined in there.

Ebi Tempura

Potato croquette

Sashimi; salmon, maguro and butterfish.

My favourite – SUSHI razz.



Korean dishes which recommend by the Captain. Taste nice

So next time if can’t made up your mind whether to have Korean or Japanese dishes, now you can enjoy both at the same time. Good idea, right?cool

Su Ra Sang Korean Restaurant
Location: D Junction, 1st Floor, Jalan Penampang, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Opening hours: 11.00am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10.00pm (open daily)
Tel: 088-703103


I guess that most of the bloggers had post about this and I hopes it is not too late for me to blog about it. For your information, this is my overdue entry again. Ooopsss, I did it again!

“At Boston Concept Restaurant, customers could savour more than 200 delectable choices of fusion delicacies that would definitely tickle and tempt your tastebuds…all at affordable prices.”

The yellow menu book and the “mahjong table”


I’d been to Boston 又一城, Karamunsing Capital for four times. This place was introduced by one of my deariest, Wawa and I think it is one good and comfortable place for you to hang out and having dinner with your beloved one, family and friends. One thing I like about here is varieties of choices from foods to beverages. Just one of the drawback is only few selection of desserts are available.

So, in here I would like to compile all my pictures which I took during my last 4 visits in 1 entry in order to avoid from you saying “Wah! Boston Again???!!!

Part I

First time went with my deariest. I was impressed with their appealing menu and caught my attention to visit for second times.

Kung Po Chicken Corn Rice

Spagetti Fried Seafood

Wonton Egg Noodles

Fish Fillet Baked Cheese Rice

Part II
Brought TTM to there for his special day – and this is his first visit (click here)

Chicken fillet baked cheese rice

Chicken Fillet with Sausage in Sizzling Hot Plate

Served together with crispy garlic bread and creamy mushroom soup


Part III

This round also involved birthday celebration which was my birthday treat razz by my family (click here) – their first visit too.

Sweet and sour fish corn rice

And finally the last visit

Part IV

Pic of Boston itself

I went yesterday night with my lil bro and TTM for dinner. Why no any pics of foods this time around? Actually during my first 3 visits, I didn’t manage t0 capture the first 4 pics (as shown above) and also their menu. For your information, the first 4 pics I just took yesterday before enter the restaurant. And when after finished ordering the foods and about to start taking the pics inside their menu, the waiter approached us and spoke politely “Sorry miss. You can’t take it”. OMG! or I can said WTH! I’m not gonna stealing any of your secret recipe and open my own restaurants. I just want take a few snapshots and share in my blog. So after the unfortunate incidents, no mood to take pics at all. sad

So, next time I will take snapshots using my hp twisted. Good idea leh…


Fukurou Part 3
Fukurou – Here I go visit you again!
It’s time for “Bits & Bites” segment.

This morning while was working, this is what I posted in my Twitter.

I had been craving for it for almost a week.
TADAAA….This is what I had for my lunch today. TORI KATSU CURRY UDON
Fukurou Part 3 (6)

Fukurou Part 3 (7)
RM17.90. Their chicken is so crispy and their curry taste awesome. Not so spicy.

According to the waitress, they replaced us with Inaniwa Udon. I didn’t know why exactly they do so but they didn’t charged us any extra RM2, as what stated in their menu.

Besides Udon, we’re also ordered TORI TERIYAKI MAKI.
Fukurou Part 3 (3)

I was so so wanted to order this Tori Teriyaki Maki during my second visit to Fukurou (click here) but too bad, it was not available. But today, I was so surprised that there is no any sign of saying “Not Available” stick on this food. So, what I’m still waiting for? Fast fast order it then razz

Fukurou Part 3 (4)
Fukurou Part 3 (5)
Tori Teriyaki Maki; RM12 for 6

Our lunch for today

Fukurou Part 3 (1)
TTM is having Udon too – Tori Teriyaki Udon.

I don’t know why but both of us have bad experience when dining in Japanese Restaurant. Both of us work as an auditor and our job is to check and vouch those documents (such as invoices, cash bills, receipts and etc) whether our Client had been taken up any amount correctly or not (ok, I’m about to out of topic) but when the bill come, we suppose to check but we didn’t do so. We only realised that they overcharged us for 2 ocha while we just order 1 ocha when they gave us the change. This is not the first time experince because previously, we were facing this too in Wojamama, Asia City. We ate for 12 plates but they charged us for 13 plates. Well, I’m guess is our mistakes and careless too for not doing so.

So, next time be more caution and alert when paying the bill.

Oh ya! I still got 5 more entry (likely to be) for Japan trip. Thanks for those who drop by and comments. I really appreciate it. I was thinking of giving some small and tiny but it is honestly and sincerely gift away from me. Please stay tune!

>Saw this link from a friend of mine in fb and makes me can’t wait to get it by tomorrow morning.

FREE 2 Big Breakfast with a Minimum RM5 purchase


So, don’t sit there and let this fantabulous promotion fly away. Hurry print it out and go McD before it ends on 31 March 2011.

Will purchase it tomorrow for a lil surprised for him as he loves the hash brown so much.


The Rippling Blossom

If you are watching this Hong Kong drama series recently, you will be affecting to crave for sushi. Yes, it really has the power to make not only just me, but even my colleague also being seduced by this drama to make us keep non-stop to thinking about sushi. Lol~

No wonder last month I had non-stop for Japanese foods. Looks like drama has the power to affect my appetite. How about you?

Talking about sushi, thanks to Wojamama for keep sending sms regarding their RM2 Bonanza. Starting with their first stop at 1Borneo from 11 March until 13 March, then they moved on with their RM2 Bonanza at Lintas branch as their second stop from 14 March – 16 March.

We went Lintas branch last Monday because we both too obsess with sushi.

All sushi on the belt are RM2.
Total: 12 colourful plates

We didn’t eat much on that day because TTM had dinner at home later. But we would like to go again on the next day. Maybe because it is too cheap with just RM2 per plate, some of their foods are not that fresh. But who cares? RM2 only and you can eat until you can feel that your pants are so tight.

Too bad, we didn’t manage to go there the day onwards because we were rushing for our jobs. But then again, I had received 3rd sms from them again. Their last stop at Asia City branch which will be held from 17 March until 20 March.

This time around, 44 plates.

Surprised leh two of us can had that much? But don’t be fooled for that because I was not just being accompanied by TTM, but with my family too. Thanks TTM once again for belanja my family. (❤‿❤)

So, what are you waiting for? Today (20/03) is their last day of RM2 Bonanza at Asia City. Fast fast go there. No member card required. 🙂

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