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>15th November 2008

First of all, really thanks a lots for coming to my convo last week. So touching that both of u come especially my ex-roomie who can have a good rest at home after being working for whole week but still spend some time to come…As well as my senior, busy with her assignment but come with her cutie and pretty smile…Hehehe

My ex-roomie, Chai Hsia

My senior, Joey. Doesn’t look like my senior rite?

Kuma-kuma from both of them..So cute!!
Spend a day with my 1st roomate, Chai Hsian and my senior, Joey..Been so long we never went out together after celebration of my birthday. We went to Pasar Seni coz Joey want to search for souvenir for her lecturer. After that, we went to Times Square to have our lunch. At first, we plan to have our lunch at Gasoline but we saw a new restaurant being launched at ground floor, so we decide to have a try. The name of that restaurant was Vivo. It’s famous for American pizza.
[The pic of the dishes we order will be upload soon after Joey upload to me]

I really miss the moment where 3 of us overnite at Joey place at Sg Long there and had a pillow talk. Thanks to Chai Hsia, althought being my roomate for 1 sem only, but I felt like knowing u for so long. Glad that after you had moved out, you still remember me. Joey, sorry coz keep bullying u when in hostel. I really had a good time with u after all this…



8th November 2008

Today is the most important not just for me, but my mom too. She had been waiting for this day for so long. She is the one who arrange all for me which makes me feel glad and blessful to have mom that keep supporting in everything I do especially in my study. Wake up at 5.30 am for early preparation coz the registration is from 7 am till 8 am. I scare if late, can’t join the convo. We wait for taxi outside the hotel but need to wait for almost half hour coz too early. Not much taxi that time so me and my mom decide to go Sungei Wang there to take taxi. Believe it or not? The driver ask for RM20 from there to TAR College. WTH!! But my mom said OK..Coz she really scare I unable to reach there on time coz I still need to go hostel to take my gown. That’s my mom. When reach hostel, I just realize something. The visit time is from 7.30 am and I reach there at 7 am. Somemore, my cousin was at hotel, not at hostel so no one can’t help me take my formal shoes and gown. I damn nervous that moment. Luckily the hostel guard was very kind to let me enter or else I’m really in dead meat.
It’s quite funny for us to wear gown with th red hood on it. While waiting to enter hall, it’s so hot..

Before enter the hall..Everyone said “Cheessse..”

The gown was so thick. I really can’t wait to enter the hall, take the certificate roll and get out of the hall. So lucky that Kai Wee sit just nearby or else I will be dead boring. Non stop chatting with Sharon, Kai Wee, and the people beside me and behind me. Hahahaha…Talk for almost 2 hours just realised is our turn to go to the stage. Really damn nervous. When times come, all I can do is SMILE!! Yes, SMILE!! So glad that I didn’t pengsan or fell down on the stage.

This is the moment where all of us waiting for. FINISH!! The ceremony is over. We thought that it will end around 12 pm but it ends earlier at 10.30 am. Wah!! Really very fast. The moment that every student (i think so) wait for was taking unforgetable photos with family and friends.

My family: My aunt, cousin, 2nd aunt and my mom

AAC students

Glad that our diploma Business Law lecturer, Mr Julius come
Yeah, lots of photos but still not satisfied with it. Because I didn’t manage to take some of the photo with my classmates, coursemates and even my AFA friends. This time I also didn’t take photos in front of library, my favourite place. Haiz..So sad..
However, I’m glad that….

Adeline and Marina come from far far far away just to attend the convo. Adeline from Melaka and Marina from Kelantan. Thank so much!! Love u both!!

My hostel juniors..Thanks for the flowers!!

For this convo, I got 2 wishes. I know that second wish won’t come true coz it is impossible but I really glad till like nobody worlds when all my ji mui come especially purplefish. I received sms from her the night before convo that she can’t come coz need to send her mom to airport. I was damn sad till I not really had the mood that time. It was a really a great shock and suprise to see her there and u know what? I shout like a mad dog. But I really happy. Thanks so much for coming.


Since the day I reach UK, I’m getting more homesick compare the time I study at KTAR.. Sound weird, right? I was supposed get to use of my independent life as I had been away from my hometown, Sabah for almost 4 years to pursue my study at KL.. And now I only in UK for less than 4 months, I feel like I want go back Malaysia as soon as possible.. But when I was in KL, I don’t even feel homesick..

The reasons behind are because less entertainment at UK. Although I like the weather over here (makes me easy to fall asleep once i lie on my bed), but not much entertainment compare to KL life..

1. MagazinesCosmopolitan and comic magazines, I really miss both of u as u all accompany me before I go to bed..

2. Comic booksWhen back to Malaysia, the first shopping mall I will search for will be KLCC coz of Kinokuniya…My favourite bookstore where my comic books are located..9 new of comic books is in store…I can’t wait to get them…Hehehehe

3. RadioI’m getting outdated with the latest music…

4. Cinema; TGV and GSC…

5. Red Box Low YatThis is where me and my friends hang out together

6. Zati ManisOur old place where everynite we will 38 and laugh as like hell..

And not forgeting, FOODS (especially nasi lemak and pan mee at Wangsa Maju)….

I’m really can’t wait to go back Malaysia…

Last but not least, my beloved one and friends….Miss u all so much

>The month of August represent my very best friends month. Why? Coz this is the month where four of my very best friend’s birthday.

  1. Shing Wei, my long time friend since Form 2 till now. During secondary school, most of the time we always been together even after school time till there was a moment, one of my classmate asked are we “les”?? Gosh!! No, we are best friends :D. Her birthday is on 9th August. All da best in your coming exam ooo…
  2. Lembu, susu miss u so much…Seems like animal talks here..Hahahaha.. Lembu represents my very close friend during my diploma time, who was Marina. Both of us hometown was very far so most of my weekend time spend with her.. Sometimes, both of us can walk from hostel to Wangsa Maju..Yes, we walked coz too lazy to wait for bus and don’t want inccured more cost for taxi.. After diploma, she move on with her career in Kota Bharu but glad that she comes to KL once in a blue moon…Hopefully, she can comes to attend my convo in coming Nov..Happy Birthday to my lembu and her is today.
  3. Purplefish..Another animal here again…Don’t misprescribed me as I like to give animal nickname to my friend. Her real name is really purplefish. By the way, her chinese name pronouciation is “zhee yee” and when you first time you heard of it, you will heard purplefish. She is funny gal.When everytime I with her, I just can’t stop laughing. She is like medicine to me wherever I am sad. Purplefish, thanks to the courage and support you gave to me. Without you, I think I still playing guessing game..
  4. Last but not least, my ketam, Jenny.. Although been as my classmate for almost 1 year, but don’t know why I feel like I knew you for more than that. Why “ketam”? She loves to eat ketam and there is also story behind this. As you know, it is boring during lecture and sometimes will feel hungry too. She took my MIS tutorial questions paper and draw ketam on it. Almost whole page full with ketam. So that’s where her nickname came from. Today I received message from her thru friendster and when I read it, my tears suddenly drop. She told me her currently working condition where she just started working with. But the main reason behind my tears drop is because I really miss them. In one day, I receive 3 message from my vbf and I really miss them so much. I know in about 1 month plus, I about to go back to Malaysia but some of them will change coz each of them have their own busy life. Can we still continue with the moment we had before? I wonder


Since the day I came to UK, there’s lots of things I really miss. I became so homesick compare the time when I was in TARC. Maybe cause all my best friend aka my ji mui not with me.

Here are the moments that I really miss a lots

  1. Went to island and jet-skiing every Sunday with my family.
  2. Dad and mom woke up of their 4 “piggies” to have breakfast.
  3. Watching movie and hang out with my long time friends back in hometown.
  4. Almost every night yam cha with my ji mui and TARC friends and “38” till late at nite.
  5. Overnite at my ji mui’s place.
  6. My hostel juniors cooked for me especially “7 Flowers”.
  7. Me and my ex-roomate, Joanna exchange, discuss movie and music and chat with each other till morning. (Sorry for didn’t hang out with you before going to UK, but I promise that I will find u after back from UK)
  8. Talking and laughing in lecture hall as well as tutorial time.
  9. Sing k for non-stop at Red Box, Low Yat.
  10. Most important moment: study at library (really miss u lots :D) and walking from school to Wangsa Maju.

Every moment is precious to me and will remain in my heart forever.


How are you now? It’s been more than 1 month I forget asking how is ur condition.. Almost everyday, I listen to the same song and can’t update with latest news as well listen to funny jokes. Without you, now i outdates. What is the latest songs being tuned on? Who is the top 10 this week?

Well, I talking about my “RADIO”. Like what I said “Music is My life”.. During my stay in KL, my parents asked my uncle to bring me to Low Yat to buy radio coz they know I can’t sleep without music. I love listening to songs and jokes by the DJs. At here, I want to download from net but due to some technical problem, it failed. I passed my radio to my roomate before I leave.

My roomate said will take care of it till I back to KL. Plan to buy at UK but thinking of bringing back to KL is really hard. Scare my luggage overweight.

This is my room in hostel during my study in TARC. Stay here since 1st day till the last day I left to UK. It’s like 2nd home to me. Saw my radio? I miss u so much, as well as my room. “MUAKS”

>3rd – 4th November 2007

This trip was organized by Sabah and Sarawak Students Society of TARC together with Askar Wataniah. Well, it was my first time trip after had been joining Sabah and Sarawak Students Society for almost 4 years. Anyway, most of my hostel friends joining this trip as well as my 2 best friends, Kai Wee and Liong Sung. It’s must be very enjoyable with them.

We had to wait the bus for early morning. As usual, I can’t sleep well in there is any events or activities in the next day. Can consider insomnia..We wait in front of the hostel guard house at 5.30 am. Early rite? But the bus start at 7am. Gosh!! We reach Penang around in the noon. I damn love the accomodation provided. Staying in the apartment attached with swimming pool. Cool man!

This is the first photo being edited by me. Not really nice but I will not give up.
Pic: Group photos in front of the swimming pool.

On the second day, being tortured. Our activity was climbed Bukit Bendera. Climbed? Yup, climb. But there is a cable car. So funny right? Anyway, it was a good experience. We had been climbing for 4 hours. Hiking inside the forest. It’s been so long I had not hiking since I studied at TARC. During my secondary time, every year I will going to hike with my friends and Girl Guides society. Although it’s tired, quite fun anyway


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