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>14th November 2009

This is one of the delayed blog. Yeah, I know! I always love to post the delayed blog and also love to upload all those delayed pics as well.

By the way, this post is 100% dedicated to all my fellow friends who had just graduated 2 months ago. So proud of you all…These are one of the main reason I left behind my job and leaving on a jet plane to KL…

Purplefish, Kai Wee & Ketam are busying searching for special and sweet gift for Meow Meow

Lots of flowers selling outside the college

Complete pic of me and my bestie

AAC coursemates

Superb duper miss the library

Congratulation to Meow Ling @ Eunice…Love ya always..

Congratulation once again to all my friends and wish you guys can move forward with a better path. Kinda missing study life but this is life where we should step forward in order for us to grow and learn.
Maybe if everything going well, by end of this year, I’m going there again to catch up with my 7 flowers and also my ex-roomate graduation. Wish you guys all the best of success and graduate with flying colour..

>It’s kinda weird to consider KL trip as my holiday as previously during my study, KL could be consider as my second home. ^.^. I’m damn miss my KL life now but I had to face the truth. Well, KK still the best!

Anyway, this trip could be consider as the best holiday I ever had for this year, even though it’s not overseas trip. Meeting my besties, my friends, my mates and lots more means lots of meaning to me. Not forgeting, to taste a bite of my favourite foods at there.

This is the best pan mee I ever taste. You can’t find this in KK.
Previously known as Lorong Pan Mee. This is spicy dry pan mee

Ok! Looks ordinary but mouthwatering every time I think of this!
My favourite nasi lemak of all times! I will never find this in KK.
This cause me FAT but i damn love it!

If you been to Wangsa Maju, should not miss this crunchy and crispy chicken chop rice!
What favour you can have; thai, lemon, bbq, sweet and sour, salad and etc.
What more can I said? Thumbs up

This is the X’mas decoration for the year in Pavilion!
How I wish this year my X’mas celebration could be?

This is the simplify post of my KL trip and I will post more of it.

Anyway, today is one my colleagues birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Teh! Please admit that you are 22 years old liao. Yup, he is still young and not like what you think! Why calling him as uncle? Hahaha…


Where should I start first? Oh ya, let me start with my ACCA result.

17th August 2009
Today, at noon time, result out. My junior, Melody told me about this when we were having our lunch at Brass Monkey Cafe & Pub, Lintas. By the way, my boss “belanja” the whole office with the reason for us to reduce our stress and to celebrate after finish battle with the peak war.

After knewing that result out, I was so not in the mood to do my work. Lost concentration at all. Am I pass both or fail? At last, I had made decision. At first, I plan to check at nite, around 10-11 pm but I can’t help myself. So, once I reached home, the first things that I done is check my email. And the results are…….

P1 – Fail..So sad but I had improved a lot. Improved by 10 marks. Still dare to say it out. Should shame of it but I really proud with my improvement.

P2 – Pass. Yahoo!!! I passed my P2 at last. By the way, both of these papers are my second attempt. And proudly to annouce that, I had improved a lot for these 2 papers.

So, a bit sweet feeling as I pass p2 but in the mean time, a sour feeling as I need to re-read all over again for dry and boring subjects.

19th August 2009

Second issue that I like to raise here was I being asked for interview by my dream place of work, Sutera Harbour Resort. It was quite surprising that I being given a chance to go for interview as I thought that there is no more hope because I had been submitted my resume for almost 1 week.

Third issue was being asked by my boss regarding my result. Quite funny that receiving call for interview and being asked by boss were happening at the same day. Although I failed, but I proud and confidence to tell my boss that I had improved for this attempt. Hahahaha…

Anyway, this sitting I planned to retake P1 again. And dare the challenge to take P3. All the best for myself. Looks like I need to do study schedule again. Gambate ooo..

Not forgeting to my friends who will take this sitting; Purplefish, Andrew, Tommy, Tracey and the others too. Wish you all best of luck and we will do our best together.

The place where I studied P1 for the first time


During my last visit to KL, I can’t miss my special moments hanging out with this few buddies and fellow.

Having dinner with my “zhu”nior hostel at Times Square. All came except for the last right hand side pic, Ah Bear. Incomplete without you.

Then, continue with second gathering session with my classmates and coursemates of AAC. Quite little bit dissapointed coz we can’t have our yam cha at our old place, Zati Manis because of raining. So we change to Old Town. I wish the next visit to KL, our yam cha location will be at Zati Manis.

My West Ji Mui. I miss you all.

My yam cha geng.
1st pic: Tommy, Liong Sung & Soo Por. Non-stop talking about “kao lui”
2nd pic: Hoong Ping and Jason. Non-stop talking about banking.

Sometimes, please bear in mind with me as I love to post blog about what happens long long time ago. As these few days, I really miss all the moments I had during my study at TARC.


This post is specially dedicated to my junior whose characteristic alike cili padi. Happy Birthday to you, Little May Kim! Glad to hear that Ah Bear and the others celebrate your special day. But too bad, I’m was not there. Anyway, wish you have a wonderful and enjoyable day throughtout the year with lots of happiness and smile on your face. Last but not least, stay as spicy and hot like “cili padi”.

Last year at Station 1, Genting Klang. She really looks like “kina”


Today is the second day of CNY. Not forgeting, it is also 2 of my buddies birthday. Holy gosh! Both of you getting old liao..Hahahaha…I knew both of them since my first year at TAR College and we had been same class from Diploma till Advanced Diploma. Almost every year we will celebrate for both of them but I wonder how they will celebrate this year without us?

This is the first celebration and it was in year 2006. Holy gosh!! 3 years ago.

All of us at New Way, where we still young and free.

2 years ago celebration. Simple celebration at Kai Wee’s house.. Looks like cutting wedding cake..

This was last year celebration at our favourite yam cha’s place, Zati Manis.

Soo Por very “suai” one..No matter whose birthday, sure he will kena one. During Andrew birthday, he kena. My birthday, he also kena. Last year his birthday, he kena again. So pity sometimes I see him. What I means was…He faces will always full with cream cake.

Anyway, wish both of you have wonderful life throught the year filled with luck, happiness, wealth, health, joy and prosperity. May all the blessings fall upon you..Friends forever!!

>15th November 2008

First of all, really thanks a lots for coming to my convo last week. So touching that both of u come especially my ex-roomie who can have a good rest at home after being working for whole week but still spend some time to come…As well as my senior, busy with her assignment but come with her cutie and pretty smile…Hehehe

My ex-roomie, Chai Hsia

My senior, Joey. Doesn’t look like my senior rite?

Kuma-kuma from both of them..So cute!!
Spend a day with my 1st roomate, Chai Hsian and my senior, Joey..Been so long we never went out together after celebration of my birthday. We went to Pasar Seni coz Joey want to search for souvenir for her lecturer. After that, we went to Times Square to have our lunch. At first, we plan to have our lunch at Gasoline but we saw a new restaurant being launched at ground floor, so we decide to have a try. The name of that restaurant was Vivo. It’s famous for American pizza.
[The pic of the dishes we order will be upload soon after Joey upload to me]

I really miss the moment where 3 of us overnite at Joey place at Sg Long there and had a pillow talk. Thanks to Chai Hsia, althought being my roomate for 1 sem only, but I felt like knowing u for so long. Glad that after you had moved out, you still remember me. Joey, sorry coz keep bullying u when in hostel. I really had a good time with u after all this…


8th November 2008

Today is the most important not just for me, but my mom too. She had been waiting for this day for so long. She is the one who arrange all for me which makes me feel glad and blessful to have mom that keep supporting in everything I do especially in my study. Wake up at 5.30 am for early preparation coz the registration is from 7 am till 8 am. I scare if late, can’t join the convo. We wait for taxi outside the hotel but need to wait for almost half hour coz too early. Not much taxi that time so me and my mom decide to go Sungei Wang there to take taxi. Believe it or not? The driver ask for RM20 from there to TAR College. WTH!! But my mom said OK..Coz she really scare I unable to reach there on time coz I still need to go hostel to take my gown. That’s my mom. When reach hostel, I just realize something. The visit time is from 7.30 am and I reach there at 7 am. Somemore, my cousin was at hotel, not at hostel so no one can’t help me take my formal shoes and gown. I damn nervous that moment. Luckily the hostel guard was very kind to let me enter or else I’m really in dead meat.
It’s quite funny for us to wear gown with th red hood on it. While waiting to enter hall, it’s so hot..

Before enter the hall..Everyone said “Cheessse..”

The gown was so thick. I really can’t wait to enter the hall, take the certificate roll and get out of the hall. So lucky that Kai Wee sit just nearby or else I will be dead boring. Non stop chatting with Sharon, Kai Wee, and the people beside me and behind me. Hahahaha…Talk for almost 2 hours just realised is our turn to go to the stage. Really damn nervous. When times come, all I can do is SMILE!! Yes, SMILE!! So glad that I didn’t pengsan or fell down on the stage.

This is the moment where all of us waiting for. FINISH!! The ceremony is over. We thought that it will end around 12 pm but it ends earlier at 10.30 am. Wah!! Really very fast. The moment that every student (i think so) wait for was taking unforgetable photos with family and friends.

My family: My aunt, cousin, 2nd aunt and my mom

AAC students

Glad that our diploma Business Law lecturer, Mr Julius come
Yeah, lots of photos but still not satisfied with it. Because I didn’t manage to take some of the photo with my classmates, coursemates and even my AFA friends. This time I also didn’t take photos in front of library, my favourite place. Haiz..So sad..
However, I’m glad that….

Adeline and Marina come from far far far away just to attend the convo. Adeline from Melaka and Marina from Kelantan. Thank so much!! Love u both!!

My hostel juniors..Thanks for the flowers!!

For this convo, I got 2 wishes. I know that second wish won’t come true coz it is impossible but I really glad till like nobody worlds when all my ji mui come especially purplefish. I received sms from her the night before convo that she can’t come coz need to send her mom to airport. I was damn sad till I not really had the mood that time. It was a really a great shock and suprise to see her there and u know what? I shout like a mad dog. But I really happy. Thanks so much for coming.


Since the day I reach UK, I’m getting more homesick compare the time I study at KTAR.. Sound weird, right? I was supposed get to use of my independent life as I had been away from my hometown, Sabah for almost 4 years to pursue my study at KL.. And now I only in UK for less than 4 months, I feel like I want go back Malaysia as soon as possible.. But when I was in KL, I don’t even feel homesick..

The reasons behind are because less entertainment at UK. Although I like the weather over here (makes me easy to fall asleep once i lie on my bed), but not much entertainment compare to KL life..

1. MagazinesCosmopolitan and comic magazines, I really miss both of u as u all accompany me before I go to bed..

2. Comic booksWhen back to Malaysia, the first shopping mall I will search for will be KLCC coz of Kinokuniya…My favourite bookstore where my comic books are located..9 new of comic books is in store…I can’t wait to get them…Hehehehe

3. RadioI’m getting outdated with the latest music…

4. Cinema; TGV and GSC…

5. Red Box Low YatThis is where me and my friends hang out together

6. Zati ManisOur old place where everynite we will 38 and laugh as like hell..

And not forgeting, FOODS (especially nasi lemak and pan mee at Wangsa Maju)….

I’m really can’t wait to go back Malaysia…

Last but not least, my beloved one and friends….Miss u all so much

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