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After had done research and considering for so long, finally I had made up my mind to change my blog title “again” and also my post header picture.
Say goodbye to my previos longest blog title;

“DT in Da House – Piscean gal who blogs about travel, foods and life.”

dt in da house copy

And welcoming the new blog title together with the new post header pic;

Travel & Living Journal of DT

IMG_1997 - Copy copy

So, what do you think of my new header post especially on the pic? Nice, just OK OK or lousy? Just leave comments no matter what do you think in order for me to learn and improve in future. Thanks folks!


1oth March – a shortie and chubby gal was born. That’s me by the way. Kekeke. Looks like this year my birthday is filled with lots foods. And now I feel like my blog is more towards foods too.
As for the lunch time on my birthday, here comes Japanese foods again. Kaze seems to be TTM favourite Japanese restaurant as we just went there last week, and now he wants to go there again. Once again, thanks for the birthday treat. (❤‿❤)

Kaze Japanese House – a cosy and tiny little place to have a nice foods
Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancake served with cabbage, prawn. And also futomaki.

Bento set – Futomaki, sushi, Tamago Yaki and lots more.

Even we only had that 2 meals as our lunch, we are absolutely can feel that our stomach is so full.

When we back to office, Lee Hung gave me something and told me that it is from the accounting department partner. I opened it and saw is “tau fu fah”.

Sweet, soft and nice “tau fu fah” from Accounting Department Partner.

Oreo Cheese Cake and Chocolate Moist Cake. Thanks to Lee Hung and Foan 🙂


Around 3pm, Angliea intercom me and informed me that someone with the title “Datuk” came from the Company which I was in charge of doing their audit want to discuss with me regarding their account. I was so nervous so I intercom my manager and informed him too regarding this. So, he decided went to the 7th floor to see what’s happening. But within a few minutes, he came up and told me the Datuk want find me, not him. I was so curious why that Datuk want find me for. I was so rushing to the 7th floor in order not to let that Datuk wait for me.

However when I reached 7th floor, I couldn’t find that Datuk and suddenly I saw a box writte my name of it with a candle. OMG~ Another surprised from Company secretary department. My manager and them are putting prank of me. This is really a shocking and surprised birthday I ever had.

Thanks Angliea for the fruit tartlet. It is really so delicious.

Before I went back home, here comes my final cake of the day. Why this is the final cake? How’s about cake from my family? It suppose to be good news as my mom had specially made cake for me but too bad, it dropped to the floor, before I manage to have a look on it. Too bad…

Durian Cheese Cake by my company. Thanks Sui Lee for recommend this.

Although no cake from my family, its still Ok because they treat me dinner at Boston, Karamunsing Capital. TTM joined us for the dinner too mrgreen.

Sweet and sour fish corn rice

So, that’s the story of Shortie birthday for the year 2011.

I would like to say MILLION THANKS to all my beloved friends, cousin and family for the birthday wishes via either SMS, FB, ip message or even phone call. Guess I received lots of birthday wishes this year. Thanks to FB. Kekeke~

You see, kan I told you my birthday is filled with lots of foods surprised

To Shing Wei: If you are wondering what’s my birthday gift from him, erm… Nothing~ Well, of course I’m not getting any at this moment. Maybe soon…


Gonna celebrate a day before my actual birthday with TTM because birthday is meant to be celebrate with my beloved family. Decided to have dinner at Suria Sabah but 2 options; either dining in Sushi Tei (2 of us are Japanese foods maniacs) or in Secret Recipe. Finally, he choosed Secret Recipe because of one and only reason, he never try have meal at there. Hahahaha…

Since I am the princess for that night, so I ordered whatever I want and he paid for the bill. Thank you, my dearest TTM. Everytime we went out for either lunch or dinner, we just ordered a drink and 1 main course. But this time around, we ordered from starter, main course until dessert.

Our Drinks

Ice Chocolate with cream. It is so tempting and now I know what should I order when visit Secret Recipe next time.

Our Starter
Mushroom soup.

Spring roll with Thai chilli sauce as condiment

My meal – Spagetti Chicken Meatball

His meal – Grilled BBQ Chicken

Our Dessert
Chicken Pie. When the waiter served this, me and TTM was like “Woah!!”
It is damn huge from what we expected.

Lots of foods we ordered that night 🙂

Last but not least, MY CAKE
Chocolate Indulgence Cake

Untitled-6 copy
Princess and the cake

Our night ends with movie. We watched “I Am Nunber Four” and you know what, it is my favourite English movie for the year 2011. It is better than Avatar. Wondering why many people think Avatar is better but I think “I Am Number Four” is more interesting and exciting. Not till, when I went back home and searching for the trailer from youtube to post in FB and telling all my friends that “I Am Number Four” is great movie, I noticed that the producer is Michael Bay. If you are Transformers fan, you will know Michael Bay as he is the director of that movie. No wonder most of the scene in I am No. 4 similar to Transformers. And now both of us impatient for the next sequel of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and also sequel of “I Am Number Four”


Not-to-miss movie for the year.

>Received postcards from my friends who had been travelling all over the world.

Hong Kong & Macau from Joyce

This is her first ever adventures to travel around Hong Kong and Macau with her net friends. Her message was “Here are the HK postcard which posted from Macau. Macau really antique and full of Portugal ‘feel’. If have chance, come here have a look”. Indeed, a year later, I visited Macau and it is like what Joyce said, “Portugal feel”. This is my first postcard received from a friend.

Russia from Liong Sung

He is not travelling or having any vacation at Russia but he is working in Russia for the 3 years. How I wish I got this opportunity to working overseas but within a short period.

Australia from Joyce again

This is the second postcard received from Joyce. She went Australia last month and celebrate X’mas at there. When can I travel to my favourite place of all time?

Krabi, Thailand from Tracey

Indeed, this is also second time I received postcard from her. The first postcard was from Taiwan back in 2009 but I think I had misplaced it and can’t found it until today. Hope one day it will appear right in front of my eye. This second postcard received on last friday where she and her dear dear and also another 1 pair of couple visiting Krabi, Thailand. She loves beach by the way. It is so touching and grateful to receive postcard from a friend who got the heart to pen the postcard and mail it back to your home. Thanks a lot my friend! OMG~ I still got lots more post on my trip to Japan and Taiwan and I am 3 months far behind.


Almost 2 years ago, it was in my “Wishing on a Wishing Star” list but from now onwards, it belongs to me. Finally, one of my dream come true. With joyfully, I had bought a new digital camera 3 weeks ago (which I should post this that time) after had being doing lots of research and surveying the price and function around KK (Karamunsing, Centre Point). Lots of model to choose from and cause me headache. However, this come to my attention as the price offered is much more cheaper compare to other place.
Let’s me introduce you my new baby, CANON IXUS 130

This is the latest model from Canon which came with 4 colours; Black, Silver, Orange and Pink. I choose black because black is always my best choice besides blue and purple. For more info, kindly please google from canon website. 😛

Besides that, I had also bought a new pair of Nike shoe on the same day. Sound crazy right?10 minutes before, bought a new camera and 10 minutes after, bought a new pair of Nike shoe. No credit card is being use as there is a credit card charges. (There goes another $ slip away from my bank). ORIGINAL Nike shoe! The reason that I bought this shoe is because I just noticed that there is no more sport shoe for me. Previously, I addicted to these USA casual shoe, Skeches where I had 3 pairs of that. Comfortable, gorgeous and nice looking pair of shoes.


What to do? Nowadays, things are easily damage and won’t last for a very long time. Some more, the latest model is not my favourite type. Therefore, end up of buying Nike shoe. For your information, this is the first time I bought Nike shoe.

Using my new darling to take a snap pic of new sport shoe

There goes another end of my crap+ing story. One important thing that I would love to announce is tomorrow is Malaysia’s National Day. Ok, sound a bit lame. But I just love it because it’s the perfect and fine day for me cto sleep whole day. Happy Holiday to the whole Malaysian.


1st March 2010
This was the biggest surprise birthday celebration I ever had. Not only 1 surprise or even 2 but it was 3 surprises in a day. At first, I thought it was just a normal celebration which almost I had every year but it was totally out of my mind and I speechless for for few minutes. Tears almost falling out at that moment. Without thinking any further, I thought that this celebration is only between me and my best buddies but never thought they will invite someone special =p

Celebration at BB Cafe.

Thanks for the best ever birthday celebration

10th March 2010
Second cake from my Company; Chocolate Cheese Cake. Thumb up for this and I really damn love it. Cheese cake is not my choice but for this, I really can’t resist to take it

27th March 2010

At first, I thought that we gonna celebration Jon’s birthday as his birthday falls on the next day. But once, they took the cake, I saw my name. It was another surprise. They are celebrating 3 of us birthday; me, Jon and Steven. Really thanks to my college’s friend. W’ere having a delightful dinner at The Hut, Citymall.


Another 2 fragrances had been add on into my fragrance collections. I just can’t get enough of fragrances. These two are the few items from my-wishing-list of Christmas presents for the year. I just bought them from Body Shop and they were worthwhile as sales is going on everywhere. *wink wink*

Aqua Lily
I owned this previously and it was my first ever fragrance from Body Shop. It was recommended by my hostelmates who love and obsessed of Body Shop products. When the first I smell, it caught my attention as I love the smell of lily. Fyi, lily is my favourite flower. I had these 3 bottles which I also bought it when I was in UK. And now, it is the 4th bottle.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

This is my second fragrance from Body Shop. It’s kind of lovely with a beautiful layout on it. It’s smell nice and a bit of oriental. It is not too overpowering and you will feel fresh when u put on it.


Received this fragrance from my mom’s aunt who came from Canada. Thanks “lao gu gu”.. Hahaha.. I’m totally fall in love with Burberry fragrance once again.

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post. I was not busy with my working life but busy hanging around with my colleagues. Non stop yam cha, movie, steamboat and lots more. They remind me of my life as Tarcian. More picture will be upload soon.

>Finally, at last, I owned them. They belong with me now. Hahaha…

1. DKNY Be Delicious

2. DKNY Fresh Blossom

3. Estee Lauder Pleasure Exotic

By the way, nothing special for me to post this few days. So, just find something for me to crap.


Pleasures by Estee Lauder

The New Fragrance, Flora by Gucci

Incredible Me by Escada
Don’t be misunderstood. I’m not selling or promote any fragrance or perfume but honestly, I love perfumes as how much I love my dearest mom. Both of us damn love perfumes. I ever searching for affordable price to buy perfume at UK until 4 am. U can see how crazy am I for perfumes? Besides that, I love perfumes’ advertisement. They are creative and amazed me.

How I wish I can own all of them? I ever dream of having perfumes collection and put in cupboard. At this moment, this is my target:

The Beat from Burberry

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