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Guess who read my blog previously would know that I had left Sabah recently to further my study. Yeap, currently I am back again to Kuala Lumpur to complete my professional papers which I had abandoned for 1 and half years. I not sure how long it takes but anywhere guess this is my new chapter of life for the second half year in 2011.

Initially I booked Air Asia promo airfare from KK to KL less than RM50 but I changed my ticket to the next day onwards and it costs me more than RM200. Well, I’m not flying with Air Asia but with Firefly. My first ever flight with Firefly.


However, first time experience ends up with bad impression. The queue was so long and I think it took more than 5 minutes per passenger to check in. More worst than Air Asia.

But ooo (there is always a but), one thing I can praise Firefly was they gave me to choose which seat I prefer. This is the one I like if compare to Air Asia. Sure I’ll choose window seat. I always love window seat. Firefly is almost alike Air Asia where if you want to reserve seat, you need to pay extra. Luckily I didn’t do so when online booking but I’ll never thought they gave me to choose during check-in counter.

Loves the view at the back.

Firefly signature colour – ORANGE

Once reached KLIA, I took KLIA Express to KL city. Oh my! My last ever on KLIA express was about 2 years ago.



After 2 and half hours flight with Firefly, half hour ride on KLIA express, half hour journey from KL central to the place I am heading to by Putra LRT, and 4 minutes of ride by taxi, finally I reach the place I am gonna to stay for the next half year. Holy gosh! Carrying more than 35 kg luggage all along the way really almost choke me to death.

TADAA!! Very spacious and plenty of spaces.

A table and small cupboard were provided. The second door on left is actually bathroom.

The bathroom.

The place I am staying currently was actually my friend’s house. But I can’t disclose where is the actual place I am staying for safety purpose. All the facilities is being provided including internet connection. That’s great so that I can update my blog more frequently. Not forgetting to mention that there’s even a swimming pool.

Guess I can swim when I was so freaking free.

Talking about my study, I just signed up for 3 courses today and it will be commencing on this Thursday. Hey wait! Today is Monday and I have 2 slack days of doing nothing. Looks like I’m gonna sing “The Lazy Songs” by Bruno Mars. Hahaha…


Anyway, I promise that I will be back with my travel tales and stories once everything is settle. Have a great day everyone! Now, what should I do next after done with this post? Sleep? Eating? Facebook+ing?


Take a break for a while from my travel blog and giving someway to my personal life blog. Well, here I would like to announce today is my LAST day of working! I am free from the hectic daily life, no more work overload, feeling of stress and tension. Not forgeting, no more of keep counting down the time to passby to lunch time and off working hours.

It took 3 months for me to waiting for this day. I had tender my resignation letter 3 months ago, as what stated in the letter of offer due to my position.

But, it kinda a mix feelings when I’m about to leave because this can be consider as my second home. Imagine in 24 hours, I had spend at least minimum of 8 hours in office. Not yet including the 1 hour for lunch time where sometimes I bring lunch box and having at office.

Starting as a freshie level to a semi-senior level, it is the most priceless moment that had completed part of my life. Not forgeting too, this is the place where I met my current bf by the way=P. Well, the reason behind I resigned is not because I get a better offer but it’s too further my study. Kinda complicated to explain but what I know besides becoming a full-time or part-time student (myself also confuse on this part), now I can even chase my biggest dreams in my life. Yeap, travel again around the globe to satisfy my wanderlust.

My seat in office. Next to me, it’s my bf’s seat.

My messy table.

The laptop that I used. Nice leh the design? My boss replaced old laptop with this when I came back from Hong Kong trip. I was damn surprised that time.


Besides my bf, only my 2 boss and HR department knew today was my last day. I lied to my other colleagues that tomorrow is my last day. Therefore, today no farewell celebration for me. Actually according to what I stated in my resignation letter, tomorrow is exactly my final day of working but I utilised my final day of paid leave to replace it. Sorry to all my colleagues for not telling you all the truth.

I went office early today just to snap some photo. Therefore, some of the light not yet on.




Exactly 2 years and 4 months, now it’s time to bid goodbye to my first ever Company I’m working with. Not bad working with this Company that offer lots of activities such as company trip, company dinner and even some sports acitivities including badminton, futsal and bowling. Gonna miss there!

Feeling kinda sad too as I’m gonna leaving KK soon! Sob sob


In case you never heard , “Poll” is some kind of voting or even survey which you ever done when doing your research or assignment in your college or uni life. It is a very easy task; whether you pick from the best to the least or put a tick or cross mark.

And if you can see, I served under NuffNang. But hey, don’t worry I am not forcing you to click so that my earnings will be increased. That does not serve my main purpose of blogging. Yesterday, I just noticed that actually I can amend or customise the poll in the way I want. Gosh~ I am really slowpo.

Here is DT’s Poll which I just customised or amended few minutes ago:

dt polldt poll 2

Do feel free to click on it especially on the second questions so that I can know what do you like as the give-away gift.

As you can see, I start to blog since 2007 but not really active as currently. I’d been blogging in friendster before this (that time friendster is damn famous and no one knows the existence of facebook) and I plan to blog in blogger just for one reason, to express and confess my love on a guy. Yeap, on a guy which I fall for. If TTM find out this, sure he ask me to delete it. cool

There is no privacy in friendster and everyone especially my friends can view it. Really damn pai seh. So, I ask one of my junior besides friendster, where else can I blog and he recommended blogger or blogspot. So, this is where I met blogspot. That time nothing much to blog. Blog about student life? I rather finished my unfinished assignments and do last minute study.

But then, I start to active in blogging again when I further my study to Sheffield, United Kingdom. What makes me to continue to blog? My University organise blogging contest and the award is so rewarding. Try you imagine first prize for blogging you can get £300 which if you convert back to Malaysia, it will be around rm1,800. Kid I’m not. Too bad I didn’t join because once again the word of “confidence” is lacking within me. But from there, I realised I love blogging especially sharing on my travel experience and adventures around UK.

Not until 2010, something bad happens and I have lost interest in blogging. Really almost gave up in blogging. But then, you will ask how I gain back the interest of blogging? Simple: TRAVELLING. I travel to Hong Kong and Macau with TTM and my friends and I would like to share the adventures and tips of travelling once again.

dt poll 3

dt poll 4

From the statistic above, maybe for some of you will think that there is nothing much differences to you but for me, it means a lots to me. lol

So before I end my super duperb long post, I would like say

“MILLION THANKS TO ALL MY BLOG READERS especially to The Followers, who FOLLOWING my blog and COMMENTS which I received”

What are you waiting for? Click the poll above in order for me to improve my blog and decide what gift should I give-away to those who follow my blog and constantly comment on my post. Don’t just be my silent reader ooo. For those who comment on my post but not yet become my follower, I got gift want to give one but too bad, I can’t or else it is unfair for the follower. So, you should know what you should do =P

On behalf of my owner, I would like to Wooff~ woff~. It means THANK YOU EVERYONE!

>Something personal…

Really personal things about me…

But I still like to share it here…<span class=

DT in Da House – Pisces gal that blogs about travel, foods & life. Don’t you think that the blog title is way much long? I can’t think of any special blog title so at the mean time, I stick with this. <span class=

About travel, yes I did introduce some of places I’d been during my trip in year 2010.

About foods, I did promote and share it in my last few entry.

But regarding my life, it seems like ages I had not post this.

This week, it’s definitely gonna be hectic and chaotic week for me. I’m not talking about all those chasing and rushing deadline in my working life but it is related to my own personal life. Due to my parents are going for vacation for almost a week. Not ALMOST a week, but actually A WEEK!

So, what’s all the big deals when parents are not around?

Here I list out for your reference:

Had to wake up as early by 5.30 am or else my lil bro is gonna late for the school. Most of the time I woke up around 6.30-6.45 am but for this week, I’m think I soon to be a China panda to work.

Doing all the housework; wash the clothes, wash dishes, and make sure all the doors are lock which all the time done by my mom neutral. You can see, how lazy am I?

Not forgeting, preparing breakfast and dinner too for my lil bro. Seems like this week no OT for me or else my bro will be starving cause I cook very slow.

That is still not the worst case scenario. The worst ever is cleaning my little Guci “poopoo” (if you know what I means).

However, this is the time for me to improve my cooking skills. Cook everything I want by add this and that. Hahaha twisted

So, after I send my parents to airport, stopby supermarket for a while to buy all those groceries for a week, it is time to start to cook.

Guess what time I start to cook? 4.30 pm =P. Like what I said, I cook very slow. Need to prepare everything before start to cook leh.

Cut all into small and tiny little one

Finally, I’d finish cook around 7.15pm. It took almost 3 hours for me to finish 2 dishes, 1 soup and spaghetti.

Bolognese sause spaghetti

Orange chicken. My first time ever of cooking this

For this dish, in order to cook the sauce, I did use the real orange. Peel the orange myself without any help of blender. And also with no help of any orange drink base. Yes, I mean it. OK! I lie. At the end, I need to add the orange drink base because I added too much water. =P

I guess 3 oranges still not enough for the sauce

Veggie and egg with oyster sauce

Lastly, corn soup with crabmeat stick.

There you have it… Meals for 3 person

Almost all being sapu habis especially the orange chicken. Never thought that it will finish by just 1 night as I thought maybe will leftover and I plan to keep some for my lil bro lunch. Some of my colleagues don’t believe that I can cook and doubt about my cooking skills. sad

Anyway, now I am doing just fine. Learn to be more independent (not MORE, but EXTREMELY). I guess that mom’s job is not that easy. Many things need to be more particular and concern about.

Can’t wait for my parents to come back. Wondering what will they buy for me smile

OMG~ This another entry for “Bits & Bites”


Fukurou Part 3
Fukurou – Here I go visit you again!
It’s time for “Bits & Bites” segment.

This morning while was working, this is what I posted in my Twitter.

I had been craving for it for almost a week.
TADAAA….This is what I had for my lunch today. TORI KATSU CURRY UDON
Fukurou Part 3 (6)

Fukurou Part 3 (7)
RM17.90. Their chicken is so crispy and their curry taste awesome. Not so spicy.

According to the waitress, they replaced us with Inaniwa Udon. I didn’t know why exactly they do so but they didn’t charged us any extra RM2, as what stated in their menu.

Besides Udon, we’re also ordered TORI TERIYAKI MAKI.
Fukurou Part 3 (3)

I was so so wanted to order this Tori Teriyaki Maki during my second visit to Fukurou (click here) but too bad, it was not available. But today, I was so surprised that there is no any sign of saying “Not Available” stick on this food. So, what I’m still waiting for? Fast fast order it then razz

Fukurou Part 3 (4)
Fukurou Part 3 (5)
Tori Teriyaki Maki; RM12 for 6

Our lunch for today

Fukurou Part 3 (1)
TTM is having Udon too – Tori Teriyaki Udon.

I don’t know why but both of us have bad experience when dining in Japanese Restaurant. Both of us work as an auditor and our job is to check and vouch those documents (such as invoices, cash bills, receipts and etc) whether our Client had been taken up any amount correctly or not (ok, I’m about to out of topic) but when the bill come, we suppose to check but we didn’t do so. We only realised that they overcharged us for 2 ocha while we just order 1 ocha when they gave us the change. This is not the first time experince because previously, we were facing this too in Wojamama, Asia City. We ate for 12 plates but they charged us for 13 plates. Well, I’m guess is our mistakes and careless too for not doing so.

So, next time be more caution and alert when paying the bill.

Oh ya! I still got 5 more entry (likely to be) for Japan trip. Thanks for those who drop by and comments. I really appreciate it. I was thinking of giving some small and tiny but it is honestly and sincerely gift away from me. Please stay tune!


Seems like everyone is aware of what date today. Yup, today is 1st of April and it is April Fool, my friend.

There are few bloggers posting “I Am Stop Blogging!”, “No More Blogging!”, or even “This Will Be My Last Blog” and so on.

For me, I do something different. Most of my friends know that I love to travel and recently I travel more often especially last year, I travel to 3 different countries for 3 consecutive months.

So, I post this (below) in my facebook and even my twitter last night:

april fool 03

And guess what response I get today:

april fool 01

april fool 02

I guess I did fooled 4 people. Hehehe.. I think I could fool more if I don’t reply earlier. Anyway, HAPPY APRIL FOOL!


Have you ever wondering how many kids you plan to have after marry? Or even wondering how many boys and girls you and your spouse would like to have? Maybe sometimes things is not under our control but I’m sure everyone ever thought of that when you are just little kid or even grow older as times goes by.

For me, I would like to have 2 kids. My friend asked why and my answer was “So that when travel, taxi is enough for me, my husband and 2 kids.” Funny answer leh? My collegemate gals ever discussed this during last month CNY and one of them said she likes to have twins. That’s sound pretty interesting. When we heard of that, we thought that maybe one goal will be easier than experience the pain over and over again. Not until when she said, “My kid will very kasihan (pity) to go to school alone. So if I born twins, then he/she got accompanion.” Lol~ We laughed non-stop in the car.

How come I crap about this so suddenly? I never ever thought of posting this until I met a small cutie little gal last few days. My mom’s aunt and her husband happened to visit KK last Sunday from Kuching. They brought along their granddaughter. At first, I didn’t plan to entertain her as I was so busy to edit my Company annual dinner pics as you can see, I haven’t post any entry of that yet.

But she was standing there, so quiet and just keep starring at my puppy. So, I decided to move my ass and asked her whether want to play with my puppy. Within few seconds, we 2 get along well; together eating Sarawak “kon lo mee” and drink Vitagen on the table which I put my laptop and doing my work.

Megan, the cute little gal who loves pink so much

My dad brought them to New Wong Kok Restaurant for brunch. Loves their dim sum

We even brought them to Sutera Harbour for a walk.

See how adorable she was?

Megan and her grandmother, which was my mom’s aunt

On the first day Megan went to Sutera Harbour, she keep saying “I want swim. I want swim. But I didn’t bring my swimming costume. Jie Jie, do you have?” Erm, actually I do have but it was long long long time ago and my mom doesn’t remember exactly where she put.

But her wishes come true on the day before she left KK. My dad brought Megan and her grandparents to island. What’s shocking me was 6++ years old little gal know how to snorkelling? OMG~

That’s her and my dad. See how far how deep they went?

Even though she swim non-stop for whole day, she is still active and very energetic. Yesterday night, after dinner, we went to Lido Food Court. What I like about this little gal was she is obedient and a good gal. At first, she want order “Ice Coffee” and share with me but I can’t drink coffee late at nite. Yeah, the time is almost 11 pm and if I did drink coffee, I guarantee I can’t sleep for whole night. So, I told her I want yam milk tea and she said “OK”. You see, she so obedient one.

She drank the yam milk tea I ordered.

By the way, Megan is pure chinese but her skin is dark like me 🙂

Today, she went back to Kuching but the sad thing was I unable to say goodbye to her. Damn the traffic jam along the way from Lintas to Lido. Very stupid one.

After spending with Megan for this few days, I was thinking, how I wish if I have a daughter, she would be like Megan – cute, smart, adorable, obedient and intelligent? By the way, Megan can speaks lots of language and dialect in her age. At first, I thought she only know English and sometimes spoke Hokkien not until when she ask me why I buy reload in Mandarin. So smart this girl. She is easy to get along too and she is not those type that like to stick with her mommy and daddy like other kids.

And now I start to miss her. Megan, Jie Jie miss you so much. Wish you could come to KK again.


Gonna celebrate a day before my actual birthday with TTM because birthday is meant to be celebrate with my beloved family. Decided to have dinner at Suria Sabah but 2 options; either dining in Sushi Tei (2 of us are Japanese foods maniacs) or in Secret Recipe. Finally, he choosed Secret Recipe because of one and only reason, he never try have meal at there. Hahahaha…

Since I am the princess for that night, so I ordered whatever I want and he paid for the bill. Thank you, my dearest TTM. Everytime we went out for either lunch or dinner, we just ordered a drink and 1 main course. But this time around, we ordered from starter, main course until dessert.

Our Drinks

Ice Chocolate with cream. It is so tempting and now I know what should I order when visit Secret Recipe next time.

Our Starter
Mushroom soup.

Spring roll with Thai chilli sauce as condiment

My meal – Spagetti Chicken Meatball

His meal – Grilled BBQ Chicken

Our Dessert
Chicken Pie. When the waiter served this, me and TTM was like “Woah!!”
It is damn huge from what we expected.

Lots of foods we ordered that night 🙂

Last but not least, MY CAKE
Chocolate Indulgence Cake

Untitled-6 copy
Princess and the cake

Our night ends with movie. We watched “I Am Nunber Four” and you know what, it is my favourite English movie for the year 2011. It is better than Avatar. Wondering why many people think Avatar is better but I think “I Am Number Four” is more interesting and exciting. Not till, when I went back home and searching for the trailer from youtube to post in FB and telling all my friends that “I Am Number Four” is great movie, I noticed that the producer is Michael Bay. If you are Transformers fan, you will know Michael Bay as he is the director of that movie. No wonder most of the scene in I am No. 4 similar to Transformers. And now both of us impatient for the next sequel of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and also sequel of “I Am Number Four”


Not-to-miss movie for the year.


A top, a belt and a sandal which I grabbed last Sunday while shopping with my Queen =D

What a lovely day I had when accompany my mom for shopping together on most weekend. Well, you tell me which lady doesn’t like to shopping, right? Both of us shop from the head to the toe but we never shop till we drop. Just too bad, sometimes the clock tick tock too fast and the shopping hour is so limited as my mom need to go back home early to prepare dinner.

So, what is my best ideal weekend? Besides shopping, my best ideal weekend is enjoy relaxing at home by sleeping continuously. Before I start to work on Saturday, if the time do not reach till 10am, I won’t wake up one. Its a big NO for me! Unless I had appointment with someone. But now, too bad I can’t lying more longer on my bed on Saturday because I need to work. =(

Wonder why there is only 2 days in weekend and now my weekend seems like not enough because of the half day working on Saturday. Apart from that, I keep wondering why there is only 7 days per week and not 8 days per week, so that we can have 3 days off on weekends. Here goes my day dreaming again. Lol~

For a working individual like me, every weekday is like a mathematics to me. Starting with Monday, sure non-stop countdown to reach till Friday or in my newest case, Saturday. Seems like everyday will countdown for the day to past by with my colleagues.

Let’s back to the story. I also love to spend my weekend by dating. Yeah, baby! Even me and TTM always meet each other and even sometimes almost 7 days a week but we never really had the real time for the just 2 of us only. So, weekend is the best time by hanging out, watching movie and etc. *wink*wink*

Not forgetting, having the wildest moment with my crazy deariest on weekend is the best moment to get rid off all the pressure, tension and stress that I had for the past 5 days. In deed, they are truly and madly crazy deariest I ever had in my life. Sharing the madness laughter and also funny but sexy stories. You go, gals~

What irritating me the most is sometimes, my weekend distract by something which I’m not interest with anymore. How can I shopping with my mom when I need to do something between 2pm – 4pm? Every Sunday, it’s my family day where my family and I would have breakfast together. Or I can said brunch together. So, most probably our brunch ends around 12 pm and we will do whatever we want. My dad will either sleep, watch TV or read newspaper meanwhile my 2 lil bros will playing game. Then, my mom and I will go for shopping. With the inconvenient time, how can I shopping if like that? My mom is a busy woman. She is only free on Sunday as she need to work on Saturday too.

Sometimes, I even asked to apply leave purposely just to attend few events which I don’t think is important in my life currently. As standing in my current age, the most important now is to have a stable career and in the stage of building strong and stable relationship. But, I just don’t get it why that related party doesn’t try to understand and tolerance with my current situation? Even when I’m seriously sick, I still being forced to attend or join whenever she asked to.

The main problem within myself is I don’t know how to say “No” to that related party that I don’t feel like I want join or attend anymore. Haiz. Don’t know why it seems like so hard for me to open my mouth and tell that party honestly regarding what I feel. Hopefully one day I hope that party will understand.


Everytime we successfully held an activity such as Company annual dinner and trip, boss sure will spend us as an appreciation for all the hardwork that we had done. For previous appreciation lunch, boss spend us lunch at Fukurou Japanese Restaurant for the company trip and also at Upperstar for the previous year annual dinner.

This time around, he decided to spend us at Le Safran, a French inspired foods restaurant located at 3rd Floor of Suria Sabah, which opposite of the Eu Yu Sang.

A comfortable environment restaurant

As this is spend by the boss, so he do the all the ordering for us. Not sure what is the name of the dishes we are having, hence I just simple guessing to introduce the following foods.

The Drinks

It’s red in colour. When we taste it, seems like Ribena but it is less sugar type.

Appertizer / Starter

I guess this must be the mushroom soup. It is so creamy.

Main Course

Salmon served with cheese sauce. The fish is so soft and taste perfectly with the cheese.

Our meal end with the dessert – fresh fruit platter. That’s why no picture of it because it is just 3 slice of watermelon, honeydew and pineapple.

Enjoy your meal, ladies?

By the way, before I almost forgot, today is my OFFICIALLY 2 years annivesary for working in this Company!!! Yeahhhhhh, baby~ Never thought I could stay that long in this industry. But too bad, maybe there won’t be a chance for me to annouce my 3rd year anniversay of working there.

Thanks to my boss for teaching me and guiding me, not forgeting my manager who always backup for me, my colleague bla bla bla [Macam lah I want resign liao…LoL]

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