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Holy gosh! I said it before and I said it again. Times really fly without wings. Another 31 days had just slipped away through my fingers. How I wish I could turn back the times? I watched a movie during CNY. This movie was by Andy Lau and the title is Wait Till You’re Older. I think most of you had watched it before and yes, I had watch few times too. Only at that moment, there is few phrase that I learn from that movie.

“Life is a passage. Too bad, it is just one-way trip. Good thing is there’s no need for us to return”

By the way, what had I done for the past few days?

A morning for me? Sometimes when I woke up, the clock strike 1 minute pass 12. Hehehe…I am not a morning gal coz I sleep late at night. The earliest time I woke up was around 10 something unless I have appointment with my mom or friends. After woke up, do all those daily morning things. Should I need to mention it? After that, come down from room and wait for brunch. What is brunch? Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch. That’s all for my morning session.

It’s depends. If I’m not goin out, I will stay at home and dating with my laptop. Doing 2 things at the same time. In front of my laptop and watching Astro sometimes. Sometimes, I felt can’t live without my laptop. Most of the time, I will edit photo using 3 software; Adobe Photoshop, Photoshine and Neo Imaging. Downloading movies, drama and music. Or even sometimes I become driver. Fetch my brothers from school. Erm…I think almost everyday doing the same thing. Nothing special..

Dinner time! After that, TV Time! Non stop watching from 7 pm till 3 or 4 am sometimes. I am television fanatic. I still remember when I was in secondary school, everyday is a must to watch tv. If not, I can’t sleep. I just loves Hong Kong drama series. Recently, Singapore drama series got my attention.

I had already answer your question, purplefish! She asked me before and here, more details for her.

A silly ~dianateo~

I miss my room at Sheffield and I miss my “pisces”

>25th December 2009 (Christmas Night)

Title: Diary of the Death
Venue: Growball Cinemax, Centre Point
Genre: Horror
Rating: 3/10
Comment: I’m really dislike zombie movies. Honestly, I really scare of watching zombie movies compare to ghost movies. Many viewers said this movie is suck and it is true. The story is about group of young students were filming a horror movie for their own but at last, they run into real life zombies. Conclusion, this movie no conclusion.

26th December 2008

Title: Ip Man
GSC Cinema, 1 Borneo
Genre: Action, Biography, History
Rating: 9/10
Comment: What I know, this movie is about Bruce Lee’s master. So, if you are action movie lovers, then this is worthwhile to watch. Donnie Yen really fight well

Title: Yes Man
Venue: GSC Cinema, 1 Borneo
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 9/10
Comment: It is really funny when see the changes from “No” to “Yes”.

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  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli