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The Rippling Blossom

If you are watching this Hong Kong drama series recently, you will be affecting to crave for sushi. Yes, it really has the power to make not only just me, but even my colleague also being seduced by this drama to make us keep non-stop to thinking about sushi. Lol~

No wonder last month I had non-stop for Japanese foods. Looks like drama has the power to affect my appetite. How about you?

Talking about sushi, thanks to Wojamama for keep sending sms regarding their RM2 Bonanza. Starting with their first stop at 1Borneo from 11 March until 13 March, then they moved on with their RM2 Bonanza at Lintas branch as their second stop from 14 March – 16 March.

We went Lintas branch last Monday because we both too obsess with sushi.

All sushi on the belt are RM2.
Total: 12 colourful plates

We didn’t eat much on that day because TTM had dinner at home later. But we would like to go again on the next day. Maybe because it is too cheap with just RM2 per plate, some of their foods are not that fresh. But who cares? RM2 only and you can eat until you can feel that your pants are so tight.

Too bad, we didn’t manage to go there the day onwards because we were rushing for our jobs. But then again, I had received 3rd sms from them again. Their last stop at Asia City branch which will be held from 17 March until 20 March.

This time around, 44 plates.

Surprised leh two of us can had that much? But don’t be fooled for that because I was not just being accompanied by TTM, but with my family too. Thanks TTM once again for belanja my family. (❤‿❤)

So, what are you waiting for? Today (20/03) is their last day of RM2 Bonanza at Asia City. Fast fast go there. No member card required. 🙂


Gonna celebrate a day before my actual birthday with TTM because birthday is meant to be celebrate with my beloved family. Decided to have dinner at Suria Sabah but 2 options; either dining in Sushi Tei (2 of us are Japanese foods maniacs) or in Secret Recipe. Finally, he choosed Secret Recipe because of one and only reason, he never try have meal at there. Hahahaha…

Since I am the princess for that night, so I ordered whatever I want and he paid for the bill. Thank you, my dearest TTM. Everytime we went out for either lunch or dinner, we just ordered a drink and 1 main course. But this time around, we ordered from starter, main course until dessert.

Our Drinks

Ice Chocolate with cream. It is so tempting and now I know what should I order when visit Secret Recipe next time.

Our Starter
Mushroom soup.

Spring roll with Thai chilli sauce as condiment

My meal – Spagetti Chicken Meatball

His meal – Grilled BBQ Chicken

Our Dessert
Chicken Pie. When the waiter served this, me and TTM was like “Woah!!”
It is damn huge from what we expected.

Lots of foods we ordered that night 🙂

Last but not least, MY CAKE
Chocolate Indulgence Cake

Untitled-6 copy
Princess and the cake

Our night ends with movie. We watched “I Am Nunber Four” and you know what, it is my favourite English movie for the year 2011. It is better than Avatar. Wondering why many people think Avatar is better but I think “I Am Number Four” is more interesting and exciting. Not till, when I went back home and searching for the trailer from youtube to post in FB and telling all my friends that “I Am Number Four” is great movie, I noticed that the producer is Michael Bay. If you are Transformers fan, you will know Michael Bay as he is the director of that movie. No wonder most of the scene in I am No. 4 similar to Transformers. And now both of us impatient for the next sequel of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and also sequel of “I Am Number Four”


Not-to-miss movie for the year.

>22nd January 2011

Title: Homecoming

Venue: GSC Cinema, 1 Borneo
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 10/10
Comment: This would be added into one of my favourite movie of all time. You see the rate that I give, it is absolutely one of the funniest and “fantabulous” movie for the beginning of Year 2011. Great Day is funny too but not until you watch this.

This movie is regarding the meaning and the importance of reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve. The two main character of this movie is Jack Neo who playing as Ah Niu’s mother and also notable Singaporean actor, Mark Lee who is a Cantonese-speaking chef who can’t speak Mandarin well. The word of “fantabulous” is where mostly used by Mark Lee in the movie. It’s damn funny when he said that. The movie is rich with humour especially the plot between Jack Neo, Ah Niu and Malaysian multi-talented writer-director-comedian Afdlin Shauki all along the way from Singapore to Johor. Like the movie said “Laughing All The Way Home” is one not to be miss movie to watch with your beloved family and friends during this blossom cherry festival.

29nd January 2011

Title: The Green Hornet
Venue: Suria Sabah
Language: English and a little bit of Mandarin
Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure
Rating: 3.5/10

Comment: First ever English movie by Little Heavenly Taiwan King, Jay Chou but too bad, the movie is totally superb duper bad and lousy movie. This movie is based on iconic radio serial and comic book regarding the adventures of Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), a debonair newspaper publisher by day and a crime-fighting masked hero at night, along with his sidekick, Kato (Jay Chou).

A long anticipated movie from Jay Chou as this is his first ever movie in English but too bad, it ends with dissapointment. It begins with entertaining but there is one point, you will lose your focus like what I did.

Note: This is my own personal opinion and doesn’t means to offence. Please do leave your comment.


Guess what? Me and TTM are watching Tron: Legacy movie for free. Somemore, in 3D. Nowadays 3D movie are quite expensive. Luckily me coz TTM took me by surprised as he got those free movie voucher exchange for free movie ticket from his friend on the night before I depart to Taiwan on the next early morning. Yeah, we always hanging out together before I went for vacation or travelling.

Higher expectations end up with higher dissapointment. I thought this movie filled with lots of actions but too bad, it’s not.

Talking about cinema, it’s been a while or I can said it’s been long long time I had never watch movie at CP. Not that I don’t want but even TTM didn’t feel like want to go there for a movie. He rather pay extra or even drive extra miles away to 1Borneo insteaf of watching at the CP. He said their cinema is stink. Besides that, I do hate those people who likes to talk while the movie is on. Most of the time was watching at CP. Please respect the others. lah You are now watching movie at cinema, not UR HOME!! I don’t understand why these people can’t shut their mouth up. So many things to talk about. Want to talk then please go to cafe or even coffee shop to talk. Haiz.

I still remember there is one time my brother and I went to watch Harry Potter (forget Harry Potter no. what). Then, there is 2 gals who non-stop talking and discussing about how Harry Potter looks like from small until now. Until my bro seems like want to take the popcorn box and put into their mouth. U try imagine from the beginning of the movie these people talk talk talk until the end. Even I “sshhhhhhh” loudly but they pretend never heard that. What an unrespectful people!

Talking about movie, recently watched “Great Day” at Suria Sabah with TTM. A normal celebration for me and him together for 1 year. Another Chinese movie from Malaysia and I do love this movie. Laugh non-stop but in the mean time, it is so touching. I don’t want to become spoiler for those who haven’t watch yet but trust me, it is worth to watch.

This time around no more those idiot people keep talking behind us because we were sitting at the last row. Yeahoo!!!

Sign off and time for a sweet dream. Goodnite~

>Just came back from movie “The Tourist” at Suria Sabah with TTM.
It is our first movie for the Year 2011.

The movie acted by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Anglelina Jolie is awesomely gorgeous in the movie. I just can’t blink my eyes when watching her in the movie. The movie is not bad at all. Worth to watch as both are truly Hollywood A-list celebrities.

The other things that I amazed in this movie was the place of this movie being shot; which was in Venice, Italy. Venice is one of my favourite place when travelling around Europe.

Back to Year of 2008 where we took Gondola in Venice, Italy

Venice is one the place you must visit before you die.


Finally, I had watched the not-to-miss movie this summer, Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. Everyone especially my friends who had watch it, keep telling me that I should go and watch. All of them give positive response about this movie. Well, after watching it, it’s a really nice movie. And this time, I watch with my colleague. It was my first experience to go out with my colleague. Last year, for the first sequel Transformer, I watched with my big sis and big bro at KL. 3 of us watched at Imax, which is the largest cinema screen in Asia.
So luckily that I had booked earlier by phone reservation. If not, I’m gonna queue up and maybe can’t get a nice seat.

After finish with this action movie, we continue our weekend at City Mall. Having steamboat as dinner. At last, I had found another steamboat restaurant in KK. Thanks to you guys. This reminds me of my precious moments I had with my ji mui and friends at KL. The name of this “eat all you can steamboat restaurant” is Four Seasons Restaurant. Besides City Mall, it’s also located at Asia City.

Choose what you want to eat

Our new and youngest colleague, Johnny & Zhee Hui

DT, Erica, Sui Lee and Angliea. Behind is bahaya guy, TMD
At last, photo of me & Erica

Really having a nice day with you all. Before I end, I dedicate this blog to Erica. She is leaving soon to continue her study at Kuching. Gonna miss her.


Title: Pink Panther 2

Date: 8th February 2009

Venue: Growball Cinemax, Centre Point

Genre: Hilarious

Rating: 9/10

Comment: As funny as the first movie. A not-to-miss movie and must go and watch!

Last weekend, it’s an non-stop outing for me. Saturday morning, I went out with my Tarcian friends to have breakfast. After breakfast, they brought me to visit new TARC Sabah Branch. I’m quite envy when I saw the close relationship between the lecturer, admin staff and ex-students. At night, went to my long time friend’s house, Linda for “bai nien”. We were having steamboat as our dinner and hard to believe that, it was my first experience to play mahjong after the dinner. I never play mahjong before and it is quite fun. I fell like I want to play mahjong now. Hehehehehe….

Then, on Sunday, I went out again with my BFF. As describe above, we watch Pink Panther 2. This movie remind me of my Summer Europe Trip where it has been taken at Paris, Rome and Vatican City. Before movie, we having Sushi as our lunch. This was my previous programme that I have with my ji mui back in KL.


Venue: Sushi King, Warisan Square

Wawa’s Tori Teriyaki Don

Shing Wei’s Okonomi Yaki

Pat Foo & Linda’s Huge Unadon Double

Lastly, my Spicy Jigo Ramen. At last, I can taste a bite of this…


Holy gosh! I said it before and I said it again. Times really fly without wings. Another 31 days had just slipped away through my fingers. How I wish I could turn back the times? I watched a movie during CNY. This movie was by Andy Lau and the title is Wait Till You’re Older. I think most of you had watched it before and yes, I had watch few times too. Only at that moment, there is few phrase that I learn from that movie.

“Life is a passage. Too bad, it is just one-way trip. Good thing is there’s no need for us to return”

By the way, what had I done for the past few days?

A morning for me? Sometimes when I woke up, the clock strike 1 minute pass 12. Hehehe…I am not a morning gal coz I sleep late at night. The earliest time I woke up was around 10 something unless I have appointment with my mom or friends. After woke up, do all those daily morning things. Should I need to mention it? After that, come down from room and wait for brunch. What is brunch? Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch. That’s all for my morning session.

It’s depends. If I’m not goin out, I will stay at home and dating with my laptop. Doing 2 things at the same time. In front of my laptop and watching Astro sometimes. Sometimes, I felt can’t live without my laptop. Most of the time, I will edit photo using 3 software; Adobe Photoshop, Photoshine and Neo Imaging. Downloading movies, drama and music. Or even sometimes I become driver. Fetch my brothers from school. Erm…I think almost everyday doing the same thing. Nothing special..

Dinner time! After that, TV Time! Non stop watching from 7 pm till 3 or 4 am sometimes. I am television fanatic. I still remember when I was in secondary school, everyday is a must to watch tv. If not, I can’t sleep. I just loves Hong Kong drama series. Recently, Singapore drama series got my attention.

I had already answer your question, purplefish! She asked me before and here, more details for her.

A silly ~dianateo~

I miss my room at Sheffield and I miss my “pisces”

>25th December 2009 (Christmas Night)

Title: Diary of the Death
Venue: Growball Cinemax, Centre Point
Genre: Horror
Rating: 3/10
Comment: I’m really dislike zombie movies. Honestly, I really scare of watching zombie movies compare to ghost movies. Many viewers said this movie is suck and it is true. The story is about group of young students were filming a horror movie for their own but at last, they run into real life zombies. Conclusion, this movie no conclusion.

26th December 2008

Title: Ip Man
GSC Cinema, 1 Borneo
Genre: Action, Biography, History
Rating: 9/10
Comment: What I know, this movie is about Bruce Lee’s master. So, if you are action movie lovers, then this is worthwhile to watch. Donnie Yen really fight well

Title: Yes Man
Venue: GSC Cinema, 1 Borneo
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 9/10
Comment: It is really funny when see the changes from “No” to “Yes”.

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