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I guess that most of the bloggers had post about this and I hopes it is not too late for me to blog about it. For your information, this is my overdue entry again. Ooopsss, I did it again!

“At Boston Concept Restaurant, customers could savour more than 200 delectable choices of fusion delicacies that would definitely tickle and tempt your tastebuds…all at affordable prices.”

The yellow menu book and the “mahjong table”


I’d been to Boston 又一城, Karamunsing Capital for four times. This place was introduced by one of my deariest, Wawa and I think it is one good and comfortable place for you to hang out and having dinner with your beloved one, family and friends. One thing I like about here is varieties of choices from foods to beverages. Just one of the drawback is only few selection of desserts are available.

So, in here I would like to compile all my pictures which I took during my last 4 visits in 1 entry in order to avoid from you saying “Wah! Boston Again???!!!

Part I

First time went with my deariest. I was impressed with their appealing menu and caught my attention to visit for second times.

Kung Po Chicken Corn Rice

Spagetti Fried Seafood

Wonton Egg Noodles

Fish Fillet Baked Cheese Rice

Part II
Brought TTM to there for his special day – and this is his first visit (click here)

Chicken fillet baked cheese rice

Chicken Fillet with Sausage in Sizzling Hot Plate

Served together with crispy garlic bread and creamy mushroom soup


Part III

This round also involved birthday celebration which was my birthday treat razz by my family (click here) – their first visit too.

Sweet and sour fish corn rice

And finally the last visit

Part IV

Pic of Boston itself

I went yesterday night with my lil bro and TTM for dinner. Why no any pics of foods this time around? Actually during my first 3 visits, I didn’t manage t0 capture the first 4 pics (as shown above) and also their menu. For your information, the first 4 pics I just took yesterday before enter the restaurant. And when after finished ordering the foods and about to start taking the pics inside their menu, the waiter approached us and spoke politely “Sorry miss. You can’t take it”. OMG! or I can said WTH! I’m not gonna stealing any of your secret recipe and open my own restaurants. I just want take a few snapshots and share in my blog. So after the unfortunate incidents, no mood to take pics at all. sad

So, next time I will take snapshots using my hp twisted. Good idea leh…


Everytime when comes to think of the venue to celebrate deariest birthday, it makes all of us really headache. Where can we celebrate and organise birthday since we are so noisy and nasty twisted?

In conjuction with Wawa birthday which will be in next month, Jane and Pat suggest to celebrate at Q Bar since we plan to celebrate on Friday night. When I heard Q-Bar, I was like “Not Again!!“. I’d been to Q bar before but I am those who not really like to go to those closed-air space filled with lots of smoking and drink places.
Anyway, Q Bar is extraordinary different from other pub and bar. It’s not like the other normal bar. Trust me if you are finding something different in KK town.

Q Bar, which located at Gaya Street, along the same row as Tong Hing, Eden 54 Hotel, it is a straight-friendly gay bar. It is open daily at 8 pm. You’ll be more entertain if you go on friday as every Friday, there will be a drag show by the Q Girls. That’s the reason why we went on Friday night.

<span class=
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They don’t SING, but they do DANCE and PERFORM WELL!

They dance and perform like nobody. What amazed me was they even wear a very high heal shoe during their performance. If I’m wearing high heel and dance like them, sure I will fall down <span class=. I can see that night people at Q Bar are whistling and screaming once the music is turn on. Everyone is having their fun.

On that night, we even gave a big SURPRISED for the birthday gal;

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<span class=
She being invited to the stage. Syok or not, Wawa?

Untitled-2 copy
Does “she” resembles Rihanna?

The birthday cake


The Birthday Girl

We are gals and gals just want to have fun~ MORE FUN~

This Sunday is Wawa actual birtday. So my early wishes for her:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAWA! Wish you stay young and cute as always~ Don’t gila-gila “



All this while, I thought Fook Yuen only served their signature bread “roti kaya” and economy noodles and cooked foods. Not until my deariest brought me to another Fook Yuen branch located at Gaya Street, I was quite shocked when I realised they do serve dim sum.

Hey, how come the main shop at Damai does not serve dim sum?rolleyes

It was quite surprising to me also because dim sum had been always being labeled as “Non-Halal Foods” but when in Fook Yuen, it is halal food. Good news for Wawa because finally she can eat dim sum with us. twisted

Supper around 10pm++ for 2 person

Their dim sum are huge and only cost RM2.80 per steamer basket, which I think it is so cheap and reasonable than the non-halal dim sum.

Varieties of dim sum

My crazy *deariest*

So late at night and we’re still eating like having breakfast or even dinner
Feeling so sinful neutral

Besides this branch, the other Fook Yuen branch located at Karamunsing Capital do serve dim sum too.



After Sailors’ Cafe, Wawa was craving for Mango with sago while Pat was craving for avocado. So, we decided went to Fruits Monster as the night is still young. For us, the night always young one. Looks like a surprised from my deariest when in Fruits Monster.

Sweet and adorable cupcake from non other than Boutique Cupcake

Thanks to my cute, pretty, lovely, sexy and smart but crazy deariest

The ladies and the cupcakes

See how crazy and madness we are? Playing with the cream and loud non-stop for that night.

To My Dearies:

Wawa, Pat Foo, Shing Wei and Jane. Thanks for the celebration. Every year, you all sure won’t miss out to celebrate my birthday. Really glad to have you as my crazy deariest. I love You. You love Me. We are Happy Family. =D


Wawa ever suggest to have “Ladies Night” at Sailors’ Cafe which located on the 2nd floor of the back building of Millenium Plaza. So last Sunday, I brought them there for my ideal weekend. =D


Reminds me of Popeye, the Sailor’s man. Puuupuuu IMG_2533 IMG_2553 Sailors' Cafe Love the cafe’s decoration

When I stepped into this cafe, I love the feel that the cafe brought into me. It gives me an inspiration to open my dream cafe, maybe… in future. I love the interior and decoration within the cafe – from the huge teddy bear (I so into bear bear recently) to the photo frame hanging on the wall. Most of the photo are the photo of the sea which makes you feel like you are sailing in the middle of the sea.


5 of us ordered the same drink – Shaved Ice Lemon Tea with Sour Plum



Pasta Carbonara with bacon



Burrito with Chickens



My meal – Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce and frieds

At first, I plan to order Tom Yam Fried Rice, but Pat comment that I should order something that is Italian foods but I didn’t. Mainly because I want order grilled chicken chop but from what I saw in the menu, only grilled lamb is available and I DON’T EAT LAMB. However, maybe because I talked to loud, the friendly staff informed me that they do have grilled chicken chop by the way. So pai seh lah.



Dessert of the Day – Sailors’ Banana Split. 3 scope of vanilla ice-cream with banana, orange and green apple.


Pat & Shing Wei


Me & Wawa


Wawa just had her mouth operation recently, so she wear mask. But what caught our attention was check out her T-shirt!

My deariest and I decide to visit Sailors’ Cafe again for our another round of “Ladies Night” as the place is so comfort to hang out with. Between, the price is so reasonable. Imagine, total cost for that night dinner – 5 main meals, 5 drinks and a dessert just cost RM80. The portion even so huge. A great cafe to hang out with your family and friends around KK town.


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