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The No.1 travel and tourism fair in Malaysia is back again! And this time around it is happening at Suria Sabah starting from today until this Sunday. So what are you waiting for? Spend some of your this weekend to hunt for your perfect vacation getaway with special travel package and offer whether inbound tour or even outbound tour from the travel agencies who took part in this fair.


In order to kill the time as I am unemployed currently, so I went Suria Sabah today to search for attractive bargains for my upcoming trips. Yeap, that’s right. Travel blogger is in action!








This is the travel agency which I joined for Taiwan trip.

And even this which I joined for Beijing tour back in year 2006.

Not only travel agencies, there are even a few hotels and airline companies participate for this MATTA fair.

Such as Firefly Airline

and Swiss Garden International Hotel.

Performance by the dancers after the official launched by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment.


Plenty of flyer, brochure and travel price list I took for my research.

Small Note: Goodbye to the first half year and say hello to the first half year. Holy gosh! Time pass so fast and I’m gonna leave soon!


Sabah Fest, a cultural extravaganza is happens again and this year happening at Magellan, Sutera Harbour. The State’s colourful cultural event will be held starting from today until 1st of May 2011.

Organised by Sri Pelancongan Sabah, it is open to the public and the entrance for handicraft and foods exhibition is FREE. Come and watch handicraft-making demonstrations by the respective ethnic groups and try out their traditional foods at the Magellan Grand Ballroom, Sutera Harbour from 10 am to 10pm.








Tonight, there will be a Premiere Show held at Magellan Grand Ballroom at 7pm. The 23rd edition of Sabah Fest will bring the highly-anticipated show with the themed “Papakang” – The Odyssey of Seven Brothers”, an one-hour musical theatre-style production based on a local folklore of the legendary Nunuk Ragang.

Normal walk-in rate: RM50 and student for only RM30. Come and grab the ticket to enjoy tonight show from this counter


Kadaiku & Sabah Tourism Board.

>Unlike most of my usual day on Saturday, yesterday could be consider one of my busiest day.



Woke up at 9.30 am because I promised my high school teacher to help her for the school co-curriculum activities. Until now, I’m still active with my Girl Guides Association by guiding and teaching those gals between 13 to 16 years old from different high school most of the weekend at the headquarter. So, my high school teacher request me to give speech and explain the stage to achieve the highest award in the Girl Guides Association. I’m quite nervous and I’m almost numb too because the last time I’m giving the speech in front of the audience was 2 years ago. Some more, no early preparation because I received the SMS from my high school teacher on Friday noon. Luckily, the speech end within less than an hour or else, I’m sure I’m barely breath.


After half an hour conversation with my high school teacher (since both of us had not met for almost 3 years), I went to find TTM as he plan to buy cloth for tonight annual dinner. Last minute shopping again~ We went Suria Sabah because I had discount voucher worth RM10 to spend at Trio Apparel Shop. Before begin to search for the cloth to suit tonight dinner’s theme, we went to have lunch. Guess where we end up to? Sushi Tei – which was my second visit but his first visit to have meal at there. Lol @_@. Both of us seems like addicted to have Japanese meals recently. So, proudly to announce that this is my 7th times to have Japanese meal for this month.

Love to have their dessert but I think is overrated. Maybe next time…

Tamago Mentai Mayo; cooked omellete with cod roe

Ebikko Tempura Maki

Inari Kani Mentai Mayo; cooked inari, crab meat with cod roe

Like most of the local Japanese restaurant, their sushi is based on colour code plate. White colour plate cost RM2, blue cost RM4, green cost RM6 and etc. However, there are few unusual sushi that can’t find in other Japanese restaurant such as Tamago Mentai Mayo and Inari Kani Mentai Mayo (as pic above) which I think the taste is so special and taste nice too in between.

Then after, reached home around 3.30 pm and preparing for the night. Tonight theme is “The Joy of Spring”, so must dress up something that related to the spring season.

I’m almost all in pink that night. My dress was pink, my scarf pink and even my earring was pink too. This dress I bought almost 5 years ago from my friend and wore for 4 times only.

The accessories to complete the dress code theme.


TTM fetched me around 5.15 pm because I need to arrive at Magellan by 5.30 pm. I’m one of the committee and also in charge of the programme rundown for the night with the help of my manager. It’s really tiring to stand in the position I was because there is so many things I need to manage in order to ensure that everything is going well with the programme that we plan and make sure everything is run smoothly.

Besides MC, the drawback of becoming programme runner was the foods that we eat were less than other. I think yesterday night I had missed out one of the dishes but luckily that is not my favourite dishes. Not only that, I think I had not done well because in the middle of nowhere, there is few programme needed to be changed without any notification. A schedule of the programme rundown had given to me but I lost it in somewhere else.

Anywhere, thank God! The dinner was over exactly at 10 pm and all the programme was successfully implemented, although not in the way we want it to be. Hopefully most of them enjoy the night together with all the lucky draw prize that given away.


More picture and details of my Company Annual Dinner 2011 will be in the next post. I don’t want to make this post to become a superb duperb long post.


“Get ready because tomorrow gonna be the night you’ll be remember forever.”

Well, I means my colleague and I. Tomorrow is the night for our Company Annual Dinner which will be held in Magellan, Sutera Harbour. Previous year, our dinner was held in Kampung Nelayan. This year annual dinner could be consider more grand compare previous year because the lucky draw gift is more luxury and expensive if comparing previous year annual dinner. Most of the prize was suggest by my manager cum our Advisor for the Company sports club.

So, what’s the grand prize for tomorrow event? Let’s start from the least to the top.

5th Prize – 5 x iPod Shuffle

Comes with 5 different colours and they are absolutely adorable

4th Prize – 2 x iPod Nano

2 colours; Silver and Red

3rd Prize – Canon Ixus 130

Comes with 4GB memory card, a pouch and handphone ornament

2nd Prize – Canon Ixus 130 with tripod

A complete set of camera. Its almost the same with 3rd prize but this come along with the tripod

Finally, save the best for the last. The grand prize for tomorrow night event is:
iPad with 16GB~OMG~

Looks like my manager loves Apple Company production because most of the prize are i items.

So, which want I wish to get on tomorrow night? The Grand Prize? But I already had one which bought by my dad last month. Or should I wish for the 2nd and 3rd prize? Hey, that’s my baby which I’m currently bring her here and there. Initially, the plan for 2nd prize was Sony Cybershoot and 3rd prize is Canon Powershoot but don’t know why at the end, comes with different end results.

In between, we even held “Best Dress” competition based on the theme which suggest by one of my colleague; “The Joy Of Spring”. So, I guess tomorrow night everyone is fighting to the end to get the best dress award which worth RM300.

Anyway, wish me luck for getting those grand stuff. Stay tune for Annual Dinner 2011 post. Goodnite~


1st March 2010
This was the biggest surprise birthday celebration I ever had. Not only 1 surprise or even 2 but it was 3 surprises in a day. At first, I thought it was just a normal celebration which almost I had every year but it was totally out of my mind and I speechless for for few minutes. Tears almost falling out at that moment. Without thinking any further, I thought that this celebration is only between me and my best buddies but never thought they will invite someone special =p

Celebration at BB Cafe.

Thanks for the best ever birthday celebration

10th March 2010
Second cake from my Company; Chocolate Cheese Cake. Thumb up for this and I really damn love it. Cheese cake is not my choice but for this, I really can’t resist to take it

27th March 2010

At first, I thought that we gonna celebration Jon’s birthday as his birthday falls on the next day. But once, they took the cake, I saw my name. It was another surprise. They are celebrating 3 of us birthday; me, Jon and Steven. Really thanks to my college’s friend. W’ere having a delightful dinner at The Hut, Citymall.

>14th November 2009

This is one of the delayed blog. Yeah, I know! I always love to post the delayed blog and also love to upload all those delayed pics as well.

By the way, this post is 100% dedicated to all my fellow friends who had just graduated 2 months ago. So proud of you all…These are one of the main reason I left behind my job and leaving on a jet plane to KL…

Purplefish, Kai Wee & Ketam are busying searching for special and sweet gift for Meow Meow

Lots of flowers selling outside the college

Complete pic of me and my bestie

AAC coursemates

Superb duper miss the library

Congratulation to Meow Ling @ Eunice…Love ya always..

Congratulation once again to all my friends and wish you guys can move forward with a better path. Kinda missing study life but this is life where we should step forward in order for us to grow and learn.
Maybe if everything going well, by end of this year, I’m going there again to catch up with my 7 flowers and also my ex-roomate graduation. Wish you guys all the best of success and graduate with flying colour..


It’s been ages I haven’t being invited to someone’s birthday party celebration. Most of the time, we bought a cake and celebrate the birthday boy/girl at place we can hang around together such as coffee station, mamak stall or fast food restaurant.

And today, is the big guy birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Jason Kung. I knew this guy through selling text books to him and his classmate during at TARC. Never thought he also orang Sabah bah!

Birthday boy with his big and huge birthday cake

It’s us again. Recently, we always hang out together.

Thanks for the invitation, Jason. He is going to KL next week Sat for moving the next step of life. All the best and best of luck in your career. Wish you find a better and great job at there.

>15th March 2009 at Shangri La Hotel

This is my third graduation/convocation. What I can said was I almos regret for not joining this graduation. I’m really want to thanks so much for few people who encourage me to join. They said if don’t join, maybe in future I will regret. Thanks to my parents, Pei Fen, Mei Tzeu.

My KL ji mui

Never ending friends

My CF group members, Cindy, Hui Ann and Renee

Once again, thanks to you, Chai Hsia for always attend my convo. Thanks for everything

U know what? I’m starting to miss them. Feels like want to cry

This post is specially dedicated to few people.
  1. Yong Siang – So sad that he had tranfered from Johor to Sabah for his management training. So he can’t attend as the air ticket fare is too expensive. Anyway, want to inform him that everyone miss him.
  2. Vincent Lee Tsun Hin – This fellow been so long never met him. He must totally busy with his KPMG work. Tsun Hin, if you saw this, you sure will regret for not joining graduation.
  3. Lee Sin Lian – My flatmate during my stay in UK. This lovely pretty housemate is still at UK with her sister. I wonder how is her now.

Lastly, to Mr Wong Soo Por and Mr Lee Jin Chern. Why both of you didn’t come? Really so sad. Everyone was searching for both of you.


8th November 2008

Today is the most important not just for me, but my mom too. She had been waiting for this day for so long. She is the one who arrange all for me which makes me feel glad and blessful to have mom that keep supporting in everything I do especially in my study. Wake up at 5.30 am for early preparation coz the registration is from 7 am till 8 am. I scare if late, can’t join the convo. We wait for taxi outside the hotel but need to wait for almost half hour coz too early. Not much taxi that time so me and my mom decide to go Sungei Wang there to take taxi. Believe it or not? The driver ask for RM20 from there to TAR College. WTH!! But my mom said OK..Coz she really scare I unable to reach there on time coz I still need to go hostel to take my gown. That’s my mom. When reach hostel, I just realize something. The visit time is from 7.30 am and I reach there at 7 am. Somemore, my cousin was at hotel, not at hostel so no one can’t help me take my formal shoes and gown. I damn nervous that moment. Luckily the hostel guard was very kind to let me enter or else I’m really in dead meat.
It’s quite funny for us to wear gown with th red hood on it. While waiting to enter hall, it’s so hot..

Before enter the hall..Everyone said “Cheessse..”

The gown was so thick. I really can’t wait to enter the hall, take the certificate roll and get out of the hall. So lucky that Kai Wee sit just nearby or else I will be dead boring. Non stop chatting with Sharon, Kai Wee, and the people beside me and behind me. Hahahaha…Talk for almost 2 hours just realised is our turn to go to the stage. Really damn nervous. When times come, all I can do is SMILE!! Yes, SMILE!! So glad that I didn’t pengsan or fell down on the stage.

This is the moment where all of us waiting for. FINISH!! The ceremony is over. We thought that it will end around 12 pm but it ends earlier at 10.30 am. Wah!! Really very fast. The moment that every student (i think so) wait for was taking unforgetable photos with family and friends.

My family: My aunt, cousin, 2nd aunt and my mom

AAC students

Glad that our diploma Business Law lecturer, Mr Julius come
Yeah, lots of photos but still not satisfied with it. Because I didn’t manage to take some of the photo with my classmates, coursemates and even my AFA friends. This time I also didn’t take photos in front of library, my favourite place. Haiz..So sad..
However, I’m glad that….

Adeline and Marina come from far far far away just to attend the convo. Adeline from Melaka and Marina from Kelantan. Thank so much!! Love u both!!

My hostel juniors..Thanks for the flowers!!

For this convo, I got 2 wishes. I know that second wish won’t come true coz it is impossible but I really glad till like nobody worlds when all my ji mui come especially purplefish. I received sms from her the night before convo that she can’t come coz need to send her mom to airport. I was damn sad till I not really had the mood that time. It was a really a great shock and suprise to see her there and u know what? I shout like a mad dog. But I really happy. Thanks so much for coming.

  • ken: >so cool ah the miniature world.. gotta admire the precision and accuracy of the structures :)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli