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>Note: Another scheduled post again and this will be my final post for this month!

Exactly 5 months after my Taiwan trip, now I’m on holiday again. Vacation! Travelling! Trip! Whatever you name it but what I know is I am going to shopping like mad but will not make myself shop till drop. wink

Which country this time around? Hint: I had been to this country before but just different city and I never blog about it.

Make a quick guess which country am I right now cool

Before signing off, I would like to wish every Sabahan

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan”.

>Mother’s Day celebration is this weekend. So how is your preparation to celebrate for the one who sacrifice everything just to provide the best and love for you?

Every year, my siblings and I will bring mommy for dinner and we also will buy a gift for her. Instead of doing the same celebration every year, I decided to bring my mom to Green Connection on last Monday, which was the replacement holiday for Labour Day. When she knew that I am going to bring her there, she is so exciting (like a litte kid). Hahaha…

The Green Connection is an aquarium and ec0 theme park of Sabah. In a nutshell, Green Connection offers eco-treasures of Sabah which featuring over 500 species of animals.



Green Connection is also a rescue centre for the endangered and rare marine animals of Sabah.



Start your journey by walk through the cave when you can see creepy creatures such scorpion, tarantulas and etc.


The turtle is so smart. Both of it stop swimming just for me to take photo of them.
Meet the Snakes Zone: Dare to grab the chance to take picture with the huge pythons.



The highlighted area will be the huge aquarium tank where you can see the rare of guitar shark, leopard sharks, sea turtle, bat fishes and even the ultimate underwater predator, SHARK!
Here is the guitar shark, leopard sharks and bat fishes.The everyone waiting moment.

The fish feeding time which took place exactly at 11.30 am (everyday).
This sea turtle is the star of the day. It caught everyone attention during fish feeding time. Do you know what is it name? Called it “Gangster”. Want to know why? Just heading to Green Connection and you know why.
It is so entertaining and fascinating.

“Say No to Shark Fins Awareness Campaign”

Do you know that actually shark fin does not bring any nutrition to human body but content mercury which may cause sterility in men if consumed in extremely large quantities. Shark fin may also harm pregnant woman too.
After the show, mommy and I continue to the other zone where you can touch and up close with the marine species.

Puffer fish or ikan buntal (in malay).

I called it “balloon fish”. By the way, this fish is not edible and don’t simply eat it if you go for fishing because it believed to be the second-most poisonous vertebrate in the world.

Green Connection is not just served as a center for you to get up-close and see the animals, there even got a “Science and Life Dome” where you can learn and play at the same time.

Not forgeting before leaving Green Connection, there is souvenir shop for you to grab unique and cute gift for your beloved family and friends.
T-shirt, soft toys, postcards, books and lots more is available in their Souvenir Shop.

Picnik collage
Mommy and I took a pic before we leave.
In conjuction with Mother’s Day, why not taking this opportunity to bring your mom and family and even friends to this informative and interesting aquarium and eco theme park.
“More than just an aquarium, not quite a zoo, and a discovery centre that’s fun for the whole family.” – The Green Connection.

Badan Sukarelawan Complex,
KM2, Jalan Tuaran,
Likas Sabah.

Opening Hours:
10 am – 6 pm (Last entry 4:30 pm)

Fish Feeding
11.30 am and 4.00 pm (Mon – Fri)
11.30 am, 1.30 pm and 4.00 pm (Sat, Sun and Public Holiday)

Ticket Price:
RM25 (adult), RM15 (child from age 2-16) and free for baby

How to get there:
Walk to Karamunsing complex.
Take Jalan Tuaran away from town, at 2nd mile turn left by Wisma Wanita.

For more info, please do check out their website The Green Connection.

Before I sign off, I would like to wish every mother on earth;

[Credit to: The Green Connection homepage, AquaticaKK homepage, MySabah.com, Wikipedia]

>1st February 2011

He is finally 50. Hahaha… So funny when everytime my friend asked me, “How old is your dad?” and when I start to do the maths, I realised my dad not yet reached the middle age. =p

OK, another post dated blog again. Initially, my dad’s plan was brought us to have dinner at his favourite restaurant nearby Hilltop but unfortunately, it closed. I keep requesting, “Dad, brought us to Hana leh” but he refused. Then, suddenly in the middle of nowhere, it popped into my mind and said, “How’s about having steamboat?”. All of them said, “What a great idea!”. Gosh, there goes my diet plan failed! But since my sister had never went to these cheap and worth steamboat, so I just go on with their plan. This is my fifth visit.

Located at Taman Dixon, you will see it is totally crowded every night.

See, so many people and sometimes you even need to wait for a seat

You can choose 2 type of soup at a time as there has 2 compartments and my all time favourite would be chicken soup and tom yam soup

It’s boiling and now it’s time to put into the mouth.

Variety of raw foods. There is prawn, crab, meat, variety of fish products and lots more.

And if you are hungry while waiting for the soup to boil, there is ready cooked dishes like fried rice, chicken wings, roasted pork, fried wantan and lots more.

They even provide dessert such as ice-cream and variety of fruits.

The price list. But beware, for those unfinished foods will be charged RM5.00 per 100gram.
This is to avoid of wasting uneaten foods.

Steamboat buffer is always fulfilled your stomach with satisfaction. We are definitely full that night. A birthday celebration wouldn’t complete without birthday cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake – homemade cake by my sister.

“Happy Birthday to our beloved daddy”

With love,
Mom, Diana, Linda, William & Charles


Without noticing, today is the 15th night of this year Chinese New Year. During in office, I heard “dong chan” “dong chan” nearby my office. Looks like the office opposite of my working place got lion dance show. So kaya that boss. Moreover, early morning before I off to work, my mom asked me to come back early to have dinner tonight. I wish that my boss will give us an hour early off but too bad, seems like my wish not being granted.
Reached home, I smell my mom’s cooking. Really smell nice and makes me can’t wait to have dinner.

MY BABY CAMERE, let’s show what had you captured for dinner tonite:

Clockwise: Mixed veggie, Duck, Steam chicken, frieds and potato with chicken popiah.
Not forgeting steam fish.

Besides what’s on the dining table, let’s check out what’s behind the kitchen:

Chicken rice. This is the one that I smell when I stepped into my house

Lastly, crabmeat soup. Yummy yummy~

All cooked by my mom herself, without any help from anyone. But this year it is not as merrier as last year because my sister had went back to Singapore (she is the one who help my mom every year to prepare all the foods) meanwhile my 1st younger brother at Kuching for further stury. Wish both of them have wonderful and delightful dinner tonight.

Oh ya! I almost forgot. We even got dessert too.

Tadaaa… Super Ice-cream Potong Sweet Corn Flavoured.
It’s Sabah local products. If come to Sabah, it’s a must try.
I’m still in the process of recovery from my sickness but I can’t held myself.

Happy Chap Goh Mei, everyone and hope that you have your wonderful dinner with your beloved family. =P


Most of my colleagues are taking leave for this coming CNY (which soon to be come in next 2 days). But I’m not taking any leave as I am getting nowhere during this CNY. My sis just came back from Singapore and soon, my bro will be back from Kuching. Everyone is going back to their beloved home for reunion dinner on the night of Chinese New Year eve.
Reunion dinner is not all about having the wonderful and delightful dinner which served on the dining table but this is the moment where we spend our quality time together with our beloved family. Nowadays, most of the young people are so busy with their own time especially spend most of their time in career but never had the real quality time to have dinner with their family. So let’s take a break of those all pile of works and enjoy the moment during this Chinese New Year.
Here, I would like to wish all my beloved family members and dearest friends;
“Wishing You All A Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year on this Hippity Hoppity Bunny Year.

Can’t wait to get angpow. Angpow Mari-Mari~

>First and foremost, Merry Christmas to everybody especially to the bloggers! Wish you all have a wonderful and joyful celebration with your beloved family and friends. Well, it’s time for me to crap again. It’s been almost ages I never had the chance to crap. What had I been up to this few days?

P/S – This is lame and dull post. So if you feels irritating reading the story of my life, please don’t carry reading on =P

21st December 2009

4 days before Christmas…

In day time, everything seems normal. Working working, documents documents and clients clients. That’s my routine activities. At night having dinner with my 2 “gay” colleagues. Hahaha..If both of they found out, sure I unable to proceed on my onwards post. Just kidding. After dinner, shopping alone at City Mall due to last minute announcement of exchange gift with my colleagues on the next day. Too bad.. This day seems is not my day. I’m not in the mood as something happens. The feelings and emotions that I thought had gone away came back again in a sudden.

But thanks to my lovely and funny collegemate, hostelmate and also housemate in UK, call up for yam cha. Yeah, I damn love yam cha. Everytime when I’m not in the mood, he always there for me. Really thanks to you, Tsun Hin aka Vincent. We were non-stop talking regarding our working environment. He talks his and I talked mine. Feelings so envy of his career but mine also not that bad at all.

22nd December 2009
3 days before Christmas…

Early morning, I’m quite worry regarding my 6 days annual leave as I am the only staff who haven’t being approved by my boss. Is it she not satisfied with my performance or what? Will my annual leave being forfeited? I don’t wish these to be happen. Indeed, I still not in the mood. I’m really having a bad hair day by the way. But everything going well around 4.30pm when my boss told me that she had approved my 6 days annual leave. Besides that, I’m also successfully claimable of my 3 days study leave for my previous attempt during June sitting. Yeah! Feeling relief at last.

In the night, it’s movie time. Watched The Bodyguard & Assassins with my “Wrong Hole Gang” at 1 Borneo. Thanks guys for cheers my day! It’s one of the sadness and pityful movie I had ever watched. I cried non-stop at the climate of the story.

23rd December 2009

2 days before Christmas…
Today is my first day on leave. But I’m still going back to my office as we are having luncheon as well as exchange gift. Actually, I’m back to work like normal day. Sounds insane right? Well, I had to complete and finish all my tasks before I am officially on leave. During night time, having a catch up moments with my best buddy. Yeah, Matt is back from Melaka! A lil ladies talk at Frenz cafe. It’s feels great to meet up with my best buddy from high school.

24th December 2009

Christmas eve today. Everything going well until I play a game. I changed some of my friends’ plan. Sounds like I a drama queen, right? Sorry guys but I’m not in the that mood. But everything also not going well as what I planned. That time, I feels like I’m riding a roller coaster. But thanks God, everything is back to normal.

Yup, at night dinner with my “TTM”. Thanks for the dinner although at first both of us plan to eat at Upperstar or Brass Monkey but ends up eat at small but famous noodle cafe shop. After that, I moved on the next plan which was my favourite. Yes, it is time for movie again. This time around with my college mate at 1B once again but another movie which was Sherlock Holmes. I’m getting more and more impress with Robert Downey Jr.’s acting. After the Iron Man, he never failed to act perfectly in every movie; Tropic Thunder especially. I just can’t wait for Iron Man 2 to be on screen next year.

25th December 2009
It’s Christmas. Where did I do the countdown? Inside the car…Sounds funny? I know you guys out there must be laughing now. But I really having a wonderful and sweet feelings by the way.

In the day time, shopping at Centre Point with my family but ends up hanging out with my 2 best buddies, Shing Wei and Pat Foo. Both of them planned to watch Alvin but unfortunately it’s full house. So, we went to having a lady talk again at Hong Kong Restaurant, Warisan Square.

In the night, having dinner again with my “TTM” again at Nagasaki. Yes, our Christmas dinner! It’s my first time experience having dinner at there. However, I still prefer Wagamama if for choices of bento. Then continue catch up with my colleague, Lee Hung at Ren Ai and watching movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. They are totally adorable and awesome.

26th December 2009

A day after Christmas…

Gathering with my collegemates at K Box, Waterfront to celebrate Phui Loo aka Aloe Vera birthday who falls on that day and also early celebration of Apple’s birthday who falls on 31 December.

It’s feels like the time we were having fun in hostel

At nite, it’s “Ladies Night”. Four of us; Wawa, Shing Wei and Pat Foo, who were my high school best buddies as I mentioned before having dinner and movie together at 1 Borneo. It’s not complete picture without Matt and Linda. Hopefully we can meet up during next year Chinese New Year. After the dinner, we watched Jay’s movie; “The Treasure Hunter”.

27th December 2009

Second days after Christmas

Let’s us skip the daytime story coz I’m in bad mood again! Recently, my emo keep on and off. I’m easily get angry without knowing why. But thanks to “TTM” for cheering up my day. I’m spend almost half of my day in Sutera. I’m feel relax everytime I at there.

Blue sea, blue skies. Took it when chatting with him. Damn love this pic

At night, dinner time with “TTM” where he brought me to have chicken chop. Later, went to meet my best buddies, Wawa and Shing Wei at Lintas. Fuh!!! Almost everynite, 2 outings at 1 night.

Exactly 1 week non-stop outings with my friends. Well, it’s really tiring but I really having a wonderful time with them. Indeed, it was month of celebration and new year 2010 is coming soon. Hardly wait to celebrate this coming holiday.

Once again, may your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have yourself a very little Christmas.

>It’s kinda weird to consider KL trip as my holiday as previously during my study, KL could be consider as my second home. ^.^. I’m damn miss my KL life now but I had to face the truth. Well, KK still the best!

Anyway, this trip could be consider as the best holiday I ever had for this year, even though it’s not overseas trip. Meeting my besties, my friends, my mates and lots more means lots of meaning to me. Not forgeting, to taste a bite of my favourite foods at there.

This is the best pan mee I ever taste. You can’t find this in KK.
Previously known as Lorong Pan Mee. This is spicy dry pan mee

Ok! Looks ordinary but mouthwatering every time I think of this!
My favourite nasi lemak of all times! I will never find this in KK.
This cause me FAT but i damn love it!

If you been to Wangsa Maju, should not miss this crunchy and crispy chicken chop rice!
What favour you can have; thai, lemon, bbq, sweet and sour, salad and etc.
What more can I said? Thumbs up

This is the X’mas decoration for the year in Pavilion!
How I wish this year my X’mas celebration could be?

This is the simplify post of my KL trip and I will post more of it.

Anyway, today is one my colleagues birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Teh! Please admit that you are 22 years old liao. Yup, he is still young and not like what you think! Why calling him as uncle? Hahaha…

>This time around, it’s her turn. Today is her special day. Here, I wish her

“May your birthday be filled with love, joy and happiness and everything beautiful. Wish you successful with the job hunting. Please don’t give up. I will always support you in everything u do.”

Our first ever photo. Diploma convocation

The place where we always hang up together

Early Chritmas celebration at Sunway Pyramid

Genting trip

Shabu-shabu at Wangsa Maju

For your information especially for those who just recently read my blog, I had said it before and I’ll say it again. The month of August is my ji mui month. So most of this month post is especially dedicated to them. Yup, including you, Liong Sung. Hahaha…


It’s been second year that I knew her. We’re not really close during AAC time but I really can’t remember how I get to know you. But I remember our first date was watching movie at Pavilion. That time she was somewhere around Sungai Wang or Times Square and I was at Pavilion with Kai Wee. Somemore, heavy rain that time but she never ever want to break her promise to watch movie with me. She went through the heavy rain just to watch movie with me. That time, I feel so touching. From that day onwards, we start to get closer and closer.

She is really damn funny. Everytime I feeling down and sad, she was the one who raise me up. This remind of Josh Groban’s song. She shared and listen to all my love stories :P. I really miss the time I had with her and the others. Sometimes, I felt regret for not knowing her earlier.
Anyway, this time is the second time I wish her celebrate birthday after knowing her. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to celebrate with her. Last year, I was at UK. And this year, I’m back at hometown.

Message to Cutie Little Purplefish:

“Happy Birthday to you and really sorry this year no card and no present. However, sincerely I wish that peace your heart, health in your body, wealth in your life, joy in your home. May you always be blessed with there priceless treasures.”

Previous year BBQ at Kai Wee’s house

This year KK trip. Took at Kinabalu Park. Why my eyes so small? Feels like so sleepy

Advanced Diploma Convocation. Wish you can join this year.

Thanks for coming. My last visit to KL.

Unforgettable moments


By the way, these celebration happens almost 2 weeks ago. This shows that I really don’t have the time for blogging. ACCA is coming soon..Arggggg!!!

Let’s skip that boring part. This month is celebration of my 2 KK best buddies, Patricia and Matilda.. Both of them not born on the same date but due to scare that some of us will be busy with working and study, so let’s celebrate at 1 time.

We meet each other at Upperstar, Damai. I supposed to suggest went to KK branch one. This is because I spend most of my time in Damai. But nevermind, I damn lazy to be organiser. It’s also been so long I didn’t managed to hang out with them since the last day where we went to island to celebrate my birthday.

Unfortunately, Mat was busy with her VIVA. So, she unable to join us in Upperstar. To give her a big surprise, we went to her house. Sorry for the interruption between you and your dear dear, Matt!! Hehehehe… By the way, thanks for your good hospitality.


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