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>20th July 2008

This was the second day of our London Trip. Wake up early morning to have our breakfast provided, which was English Breakfast; bread, egg, sausage, ham, frieds and orange juice. Although it just like every ordinary breakfast provided by our own local Malaysia hotel and nothing extraordinary, but it’s better than nothing, right?

We start our tour with visiting Pollock’s Toy Museum. Unfortunately, it was closed when we were there. Maybe it was too early for us to reach there. So we move to next destination.

We visit few museums once again. London really gots lots of museum which you can’t missed out.

The first museum we visited on the second day was British Museum. It was located nearby Holborn Station. I really love this museum compared to the other museum which I had visited. It’s a recommend must-visit museum.

British Museum is a museum of human history and culture. Its collections, which number more than seven million objects, are amongst the largest and most comprehensive in the world and originate from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginning to the present.

Entrance of the British Museum

Standing at Great Court

Its divide into few departments such as Ancient Egypt and Sudan, Greek and Roman, Middle East, Asia and etc. Due to lack of time, my friends and I are able to visit few departments only. If I had the chance to visit London again, British Museum will be in my top list.

Next, we heading to Museum of London. Once again, we unable to sight around this museum and we only manage to quick and fast view around.

With Gladiator

Now, we go into the most interesting and the world well-know places. Just stopby half of your day at Westminister station or Waterloo Station and you will be able to see most of the famous landmarks of the world.

First, start with London Eye.

London Eye, which also known as Millenium Eye is the biggest ferris wheel in Europe. It is one of the most popular tourist attraction. If you want to take a ride, I would recommend you to early booking thru online as if you plan to buy on the spot, you need queue up for 3-4 hours. No kidding!

Second, Big Ben. Big Ben actually is the nickname for the great bell of the clock and is often extended to refer the the clock tower. It’s just nearby London Eye which you can see it on your left hand side.

Big Ben behind me from London Eye location

Big Ben and Palace of Westminister

After that, we were heading to the landmark where we used to sing this landmark where we were small. But before I introduce that place to u, here are some pics of the building and places that is so interesting and amazing.

Seems like a ship in Pirates of the Carribbean

The place where we had our dinner. Damn expensive. Cost 15 pound per person

Here it comes.

“London Bridge is falling down. Falling down. Falling down.”

Yup. This is the landmark which you can’t be miss. Like they said, if you don’t visit this landmark, then you never come to London.

By the way, the bridge behind is not London Bridge. Most of the people had mistakenly referred this bridge as London Bridge but it was not. There is a really London Bridge exist but it seems like a normal bridge and it’s just next to this bridge. The name of this bridge is Tower Bridge.

Night view from the Tower Bridge. A night to remember

Last chapter of London Walker is next.

>19th July 2008

This trip had been past for almost 1 year and now only I had the available time to upload it.

This is our first ever backpack trip during our study in Sheffield. Transportations, accommodations and everything are under our arrangement. Journey from Sheffield to London took almost 4 hours. UK bus driver is very punctual. If the time for bus departure is 8 am, 8 am they will drive off straightly at time. So don’t be late. No excuses will be accepted if you are late.

Once we reach, we’re heading to our hostel. It’s a budget hostel. So, can’t expert much from it. Anyway, for me, if there is bed and toilet provided for me, I will appreciate it so much. The name of our hostel is Stonebridge Hostel. Good thing about this hostel was breakfast provided. So we won’t worry much about what and where breakfast we should look for. But the bad new was, it’s too far away from London city. It tooks us almost 40 minutes from hostel to reach London city.

5 of us inside the hostel

My first experience sleeping on double decker bed. Saw the bathroom attached behind?

Outside view of the hostel we stayed

Address: 16 Hillside, London, NW10 8 BN

Most of the places we visited on the day we reach London city was museum. Most of the museum in London is FOC. No entrance fees being charged.

1. Science Museum

This museum is located on South Kensington, London and is a major London tourist attraction. The Science Museum is made up of a number of galleries, for example:

Corliss Stream Engine, telling the stories of British Industrial Revolution

Apollo 10 Command Module

Lockheed 10A

2. National Museum

It’s just beside Science Museum. One thing I love about London is all the attraction places are nearby. However, we only able to sighted around for less than half hours coz they were about to close that time. In this museum, I able to feel the Japan’s earthquake. Scary leh?

3. Victoria & Albert Museum

4. Royal Albert Hall

I think most of you must heard of this building before as our own local sensation No.1 Singer in Malaysia, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza held her successful solo concert here. She is the first Asian pop singer to have a solo performance there. The Beatles and The Rolling Stone also ever performed at this building which recognised as one of the UK’s most treasured and distinctive buildings, recognisable the world over.

5. Hyde Park

This is one of the place that I’m really love to visit once I saw the signboard. Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

The person I’m really love to meet if her royal highness is still alive.

Another reason I love about UK is we can sleep and lay down in the park. Compare to Malaysia, I’m totally speechless


More stories will be post soon…

Our first ever backpack trip to London

Upclose with the A-list Hollywood stars

Red devil place where worldwide watcthing them


One and only road trip in UK

Not forgeting the continous of Europe trip to Germany, Republic Czech, Amsterdam and lots more to come

So stay tune with me!


Too tired with yesterday Whitby Trip. This is the 1st time I felt tired with the trip that I joined. Fuuuuh!! Never been so tired even London trip which takes 3 days. Maybe this feel days not enough sleep. However, need to wake up early coz going to Liverpool today!

For this trip, there are 2 persons I would like to thanks to. First, is my KTAR hostel friend, Mei Tzeu for letting me stay with you during my stay in Liverpool. Her hostel in Liverpool was known as Marybone. Thanks to your housemates too for the wonderful and delicious dinner. Sorry for troublesome you especially during sleeping time :P.. Second, is to Adam coz accompany me for this whole trip..Thanks so much to both of you
First and foremost, what Liverpool famous for?
Liverpool Football Club..Nehhh…I’m not interested with it but I also went there to search for sourvenir coz Liverpool famous for that. As usual, keychain is my best selection as sourvenir.

Besides Liverpool FC Official Club Store, we also visited Albert Dock which being requested by my friends to this place if going to Liverpool city. This place is one of Liverpool’s most important tourist attractions and a vital component of the city’s UNESCO world heritage Maritime Mercantile City. As well as being the number one tourist attraction in Liverpool, it is also the most visited multi-use attraction in the United Kingdom outside of London with in excess of four million visitors per year. Amongst the many attractions at the Albert Dock are the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Tate Liverpool.

The Beatles Story Exhibition is also located at Albert Dock. Should I said more about this group? You should know better than me :P..

Last but not least, this is the main reason I went Liverpool for..”Superlambananas”.. They will only been display till end of this month, if not wrong..However, so sad that I unable to take more with them coz insufficient of time..Haiz.. Anyway, they are so creative and each of them are different from others.

A collection of Superlambananas


The sea, the harbour, ship, dracula not forgeting fish & chips..
Yes, everything mentioned by the senior, friends and lecturer are here…

As usual, all of us wait in front of hub and the journey takes about 2 hour and 15 minutes..

Nothing much to see as most of us were searching which restaurant are famous for their fish & chips. Finally, under Zen advise, we choose “MagPie Cafe”. Option: Dine in or take away. And we choose take away as dine it takes lots of time and it’s huge (as described by my housemate who dine in). We sit nearby seaside while enjoy our view.

Next, we climbed the 199 stairs.. It’s must be very very very high…No, we were wrong.

By the way, I getting lazy to described bout our journey at Whitby coz most of it was what we always done when we visit other places like take pic of building, landscape, etc.. So, let’s picture desribe more about our visit to Whitby..Just one thing that we unable to search for is Dracula.. =.=”

Talking bout sourvenir, I can’t find the perfect keychain to describe Whitby.. So I just bought some special sweets and postcards. 😦
Tomorrow activity:
Liverpool, here I come

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