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Sabah Fest, a cultural extravaganza is happens again and this year happening at Magellan, Sutera Harbour. The State’s colourful cultural event will be held starting from today until 1st of May 2011.

Organised by Sri Pelancongan Sabah, it is open to the public and the entrance for handicraft and foods exhibition is FREE. Come and watch handicraft-making demonstrations by the respective ethnic groups and try out their traditional foods at the Magellan Grand Ballroom, Sutera Harbour from 10 am to 10pm.








Tonight, there will be a Premiere Show held at Magellan Grand Ballroom at 7pm. The 23rd edition of Sabah Fest will bring the highly-anticipated show with the themed “Papakang” – The Odyssey of Seven Brothers”, an one-hour musical theatre-style production based on a local folklore of the legendary Nunuk Ragang.

Normal walk-in rate: RM50 and student for only RM30. Come and grab the ticket to enjoy tonight show from this counter


Kadaiku & Sabah Tourism Board.


On a one fine and sunny day after our working hours, without notice both of us heading to Sutera Harbour to have lunch. TTM said at there, can enjoy the windy and cooling air and also the nice and gorgeous sea view. Don’t believe it? I will prove it with my last photo of this entry.

For those who are not Sabahan and not been to Sabah before, Sutera Harbour is resort that provides a spectacular array of activities from its luxurious five-star accomodation, championship golf course, marina and recreational facilities.


This is the place where we had our dinner; Marina Cafe & Bar.


So, what we had for our lunch? Once again, let’s the picture do the talking for me. THANK YOU, PICS 😛

Ice Lemon Tea. TTM loves this drink and he said it’s taste different and special from other places.

Chocolate Eclair; Trio Chocolate Eclair with chocolate flavoured ice-cream.
[Cost: RM20]

Pineapple Fried Rice; Fried rice with salted fish paste and pineapple cubes served in a pineapple bowl. [Cost: RM28]

Finger Sandwich with French Frieds [Cost: RM34]

Hawaii Pizza; Ham, pineapple, onion, avocado , sour cream and Mozarella Cheese [Cost: RM52]

But I didn’t like it rolleyes… Pizza Hut taste better than this.

And now is the time for you to review my final pic:


The spectacular and breathtaking view from the cafe.
You can even enjoy the uninteruppted view of evening sunsets.
But from the pic, it seems like cloudy and going to be rain. Wonder why now KK keep raining and it seems like raining for 365 days? Everyday sure raining one. Not fun leh


Everytime when comes to think of the venue to celebrate deariest birthday, it makes all of us really headache. Where can we celebrate and organise birthday since we are so noisy and nasty twisted?

In conjuction with Wawa birthday which will be in next month, Jane and Pat suggest to celebrate at Q Bar since we plan to celebrate on Friday night. When I heard Q-Bar, I was like “Not Again!!“. I’d been to Q bar before but I am those who not really like to go to those closed-air space filled with lots of smoking and drink places.
Anyway, Q Bar is extraordinary different from other pub and bar. It’s not like the other normal bar. Trust me if you are finding something different in KK town.

Q Bar, which located at Gaya Street, along the same row as Tong Hing, Eden 54 Hotel, it is a straight-friendly gay bar. It is open daily at 8 pm. You’ll be more entertain if you go on friday as every Friday, there will be a drag show by the Q Girls. That’s the reason why we went on Friday night.

<span class=
<span class=
<span class=
They don’t SING, but they do DANCE and PERFORM WELL!

They dance and perform like nobody. What amazed me was they even wear a very high heal shoe during their performance. If I’m wearing high heel and dance like them, sure I will fall down <span class=. I can see that night people at Q Bar are whistling and screaming once the music is turn on. Everyone is having their fun.

On that night, we even gave a big SURPRISED for the birthday gal;

<span class=
<span class=
<span class=
She being invited to the stage. Syok or not, Wawa?

Untitled-2 copy
Does “she” resembles Rihanna?

The birthday cake


The Birthday Girl

We are gals and gals just want to have fun~ MORE FUN~

This Sunday is Wawa actual birtday. So my early wishes for her:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAWA! Wish you stay young and cute as always~ Don’t gila-gila “



If a sun-drenched paradise is your idea of a perfect getaway, head down to Manukan Island. Here, you will find all kinds of tropical bliss in this second largest island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Reserve. Just a 15-minute boat ride from the Marina Jetty of Sutera Harbour Resort, Manukan Island is very accessible yet beautifully remote.

Manukan comes with clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. Blessed with a long stretch of white sandy beach promising hours of sea, sand & fun! The water surface is compensated by the rich and colourful marine life that you can find underneath it. Really, people come to Pulau Manukan for the diving and snorkeling. Guests can choose to stay in one of the single or double storey chalets. All chalets overlook the South China Sea and a spectacular sunset is almost a daily affair.

This is my 4th batch of friends that I brought them to Sabah’s little paradise. If anyone of you who come from Peninsular Malaysia or anywhere to KK, I will never hesitate to bring you to KK island. My zhu zhu, Siew Yen and her friends came from Kuching for few days vacation at KK. So, I decided to bring them to Manukan Island as it’s been ages I never went to that island.

Pulau Manukan, a spectacular island

Beautiful blue sky with blue sea

You can even get closer with the tropical fishes

My zhu zhu, Siew Yen

The thing must do before we leave, a group photo with the signboard stated “Pulau Manukan”

After discussing with my dad, I told him that I would love to snorkelling in few island that I interest with; such as Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik. But this plan will begin after my ACCA exam, which will be held next month in the mid of June. So, do you want to join me?

>This will be final trip of my ji mui in Sabah. At first we plan to overnight at Kundasang yesterday night, but due to some problems, so we postpone it and just make it for a day trip. Thanks to my dad’s driver to drive us all the way to Kundasang.

First stop is at Strawberry Farm & Hotel. Quite dissapointed with the strawberry cause it is too small. Next stop is Agro T Nursery, where you can see, feel and touch all the plants and flowers being planted.

After that, we’re heading to one of a place that visitor should stopby when going Kundasang. This place is Poring Hot Springs.

Lunch time! We stopby Ranau area to have our lunch. I’m not really sure where and what to eat at Ranau, so we just simply have our meals to fill our hungry stomach.

Finally, this is the place where everyone searching for, Kinabalu National Park. That’s our last destination before heading back to KK. This is one of the first national parks in Malaysia and most popular tourist spot where if you want to climb the highest mountain in South East Asia, you could start from here.

Big and huge rafflesia but it is fake one.


This is my first time to visit Sabah local traditional village. It was also one of my brave attempt drive to there without a map beside me. Thanks for the signboard near Putatan. I saw signboard somewhere around highway to Lido-Luyang but I was lost. So, don’t trust that signboard which near Petronas.

So, what is Monsopiad? Monsopiad Cultural Village, the traditional village us a historical site in the heartland of the Kadazandusun people and it is the only cultural village in Sabah built to commemorates the life and time of the legendary Kadazan and head hunter warrior, Monsopiad.

Before we had the chance to look around, need to go to the reception counter and sign in. At first I thought it was free but it was not. So, here a tip for you. If your student card is till valid and available, please bring it with you as only cost RM20. If not, it will cost RM45. Much differences, right? After register, there is tour guide to explain all the places and bring us around.

Tour guide, Rose

Zhee Yee is paying attention to what Rose said

Full of explanation being brief by Rose and she bought us to the main and popular house which known as “House of Skull”. I’m not dare to take those photos as is not encourage by my religion. So, please forgive me for the photo. However, I manage to take a snap of the skull of Orang Utan.

We reach exactly at time. Time for performance. Here, audience had the chance to watch Sabah traditional dance and also dance along with them.

Performance Hall

Papar Dance

Limbai Dance, Bajau traditional dance

A warrior came out from no where

Zhee Yee being selected to use the sumpit and there was a funny scenes in between

Dance along

Group photo

A cute little monkey cup


Zhee Yee aka Purplefish and Meow Ling arrived KK at midnight. Both of them having supper at my home, eating maggi mee! Hahaha.. You really can’t imagine how hungry are both of them?

Pulau Gaya, is the first trip. It was one of the enjoyable moment that I had because my hometown BFFs are joining us. The more the merrier, right. Wawa, Pat Foo, Linda and Matt are joining us but so sad that Shing Wei was busy with her assignment. If not, it will be another perfect picture.

We gather at Sutera Harbour and my father drive us there. It’s been so long I never experience snorkelling. And this time, must grab this chance.

Pulau Gaya is one of my dad’s favourite island that he will bring any visitor for swim, snorkelling and even jet-ski. Sadly for this time visiting, my dad unable to pull down his jet ski due to some problems occured.

My hometown BFF

My KL ji mui

Anyway, we were really enjoy so much and having our day as the weather is fine and clear. Unlike the trip during year 2006, the rain keep pouring and spoil the happy mood. Glad that the guard at that island were so kind to help my friend that can’t swim well and catch some sea creatures for us to see. Lots of sea creature he captured at that moment.

Nemo. Did you saw it?

I’m just love snorkelling….

Before we left, not forget to have a snap-shot as unforgetable memories

My dad’s ship…MY ONE

Say Sayonara to Sutera Harbour…

>3rd – 4th November 2007

This trip was organized by Sabah and Sarawak Students Society of TARC together with Askar Wataniah. Well, it was my first time trip after had been joining Sabah and Sarawak Students Society for almost 4 years. Anyway, most of my hostel friends joining this trip as well as my 2 best friends, Kai Wee and Liong Sung. It’s must be very enjoyable with them.

We had to wait the bus for early morning. As usual, I can’t sleep well in there is any events or activities in the next day. Can consider insomnia..We wait in front of the hostel guard house at 5.30 am. Early rite? But the bus start at 7am. Gosh!! We reach Penang around in the noon. I damn love the accomodation provided. Staying in the apartment attached with swimming pool. Cool man!

This is the first photo being edited by me. Not really nice but I will not give up.
Pic: Group photos in front of the swimming pool.

On the second day, being tortured. Our activity was climbed Bukit Bendera. Climbed? Yup, climb. But there is a cable car. So funny right? Anyway, it was a good experience. We had been climbing for 4 hours. Hiking inside the forest. It’s been so long I had not hiking since I studied at TARC. During my secondary time, every year I will going to hike with my friends and Girl Guides society. Although it’s tired, quite fun anyway

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