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Early as 6 am I woke up this morning. It’s been so long long long time I never wake up as early as today. It’s also my reactive participation back after been an ages since I’m lost from that world.

Today is Lord Baden Powell birthday. Who is he by the way? He is the founder of Scout Movement. Few years later, he set up Girl Guides Movement with his wife, Lady Olave St Clair Soames. The coincidence between both of the lovely couple was both share the same birthday which falls on 22nd February. Today the Scouting movement and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts celebrate this day as World Thinking Day.

Previously, almost every year Sabah Girl Guides Association celebrated this meaningful date at Istana Negeri. Recently, they had changed the celebration location at Wisma Pandu Puteri as it is much more fun as many activities can be conducted by different district.

Stalls sell lots of handicraft, foods, t-shirt and lots more

Horse riding from Kota Belud

Cutie brownies are dancing together…

As well as guiders

Ice-cream! Ice-cream! Who wants ice-cream? Adorable ice-cream boy

Good thing about the events was I never thought I will meet someone that I had not met for so long times. First was my primary school Brownies guiders, Ms Liew. I met her last year at the same event and this year, she’s there again.

Ms Liew, my primary school Brownies Guiders

The second person is totally out of my expectation. Why I was so shocked is because never thought she joined Girl Guides Associations. She was my computer teacher back in secondary school. Thanks to her too for helping me in one of my Queen’s Guide Challenge which was Computer Badge. Luckily, she still remember me.. Thanks to Girl Guides too for reunite both of us…

Ms Sharon Dodih

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