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>It’s been more than 2 years I had not received any X’mas card. Everyone was sending greetings via MSN, facebook and even e-mail.

But this year, I had received 2 from my collegemates. Thanks to Chris Chai Kai Wee and Hui Yin.

From Miri, Sarawak

From Muar, Johor

It means a lot to mean. Billion of thanks to both of you.
Muacks~ Love you both so much!


1st March 2010
This was the biggest surprise birthday celebration I ever had. Not only 1 surprise or even 2 but it was 3 surprises in a day. At first, I thought it was just a normal celebration which almost I had every year but it was totally out of my mind and I speechless for for few minutes. Tears almost falling out at that moment. Without thinking any further, I thought that this celebration is only between me and my best buddies but never thought they will invite someone special =p

Celebration at BB Cafe.

Thanks for the best ever birthday celebration

10th March 2010
Second cake from my Company; Chocolate Cheese Cake. Thumb up for this and I really damn love it. Cheese cake is not my choice but for this, I really can’t resist to take it

27th March 2010

At first, I thought that we gonna celebration Jon’s birthday as his birthday falls on the next day. But once, they took the cake, I saw my name. It was another surprise. They are celebrating 3 of us birthday; me, Jon and Steven. Really thanks to my college’s friend. W’ere having a delightful dinner at The Hut, Citymall.

>14th November 2009

This is one of the delayed blog. Yeah, I know! I always love to post the delayed blog and also love to upload all those delayed pics as well.

By the way, this post is 100% dedicated to all my fellow friends who had just graduated 2 months ago. So proud of you all…These are one of the main reason I left behind my job and leaving on a jet plane to KL…

Purplefish, Kai Wee & Ketam are busying searching for special and sweet gift for Meow Meow

Lots of flowers selling outside the college

Complete pic of me and my bestie

AAC coursemates

Superb duper miss the library

Congratulation to Meow Ling @ Eunice…Love ya always..

Congratulation once again to all my friends and wish you guys can move forward with a better path. Kinda missing study life but this is life where we should step forward in order for us to grow and learn.
Maybe if everything going well, by end of this year, I’m going there again to catch up with my 7 flowers and also my ex-roomate graduation. Wish you guys all the best of success and graduate with flying colour..

>This time around, it’s her turn. Today is her special day. Here, I wish her

“May your birthday be filled with love, joy and happiness and everything beautiful. Wish you successful with the job hunting. Please don’t give up. I will always support you in everything u do.”

Our first ever photo. Diploma convocation

The place where we always hang up together

Early Chritmas celebration at Sunway Pyramid

Genting trip

Shabu-shabu at Wangsa Maju

For your information especially for those who just recently read my blog, I had said it before and I’ll say it again. The month of August is my ji mui month. So most of this month post is especially dedicated to them. Yup, including you, Liong Sung. Hahaha…


It’s been second year that I knew her. We’re not really close during AAC time but I really can’t remember how I get to know you. But I remember our first date was watching movie at Pavilion. That time she was somewhere around Sungai Wang or Times Square and I was at Pavilion with Kai Wee. Somemore, heavy rain that time but she never ever want to break her promise to watch movie with me. She went through the heavy rain just to watch movie with me. That time, I feel so touching. From that day onwards, we start to get closer and closer.

She is really damn funny. Everytime I feeling down and sad, she was the one who raise me up. This remind of Josh Groban’s song. She shared and listen to all my love stories :P. I really miss the time I had with her and the others. Sometimes, I felt regret for not knowing her earlier.
Anyway, this time is the second time I wish her celebrate birthday after knowing her. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to celebrate with her. Last year, I was at UK. And this year, I’m back at hometown.

Message to Cutie Little Purplefish:

“Happy Birthday to you and really sorry this year no card and no present. However, sincerely I wish that peace your heart, health in your body, wealth in your life, joy in your home. May you always be blessed with there priceless treasures.”

Previous year BBQ at Kai Wee’s house

This year KK trip. Took at Kinabalu Park. Why my eyes so small? Feels like so sleepy

Advanced Diploma Convocation. Wish you can join this year.

Thanks for coming. My last visit to KL.

Unforgettable moments


The first time we met him was he was wearing blue sleeveless. At that time, we was choosing for the best candidate to become our class representative. At the end, he was choosen to become our class representative. Never thought that he and the course representative came from the same hometown and both of them can’t stop talking using their own dialect, Foo Chow dialect. For your information, you can only heard Foo Chow mostly in Sibu, Sarawak and some place in Perak.
His first responsibilities was to order text books on behalf for our class. In the order form, he written something that makes us won’t forget his silly nickname until now. “From, your “ke ai” class rep”, this was what written by him. Ke ai means cute or lovely. But his age is a little bit older than us. Hahaha. Already old but still pretend cute. (=.=”)

He can consider one of my best friend. He also part of my housemate when we studied at Sheffield. We always hang out together; sing k, watch movie, yam cha and lots more when we were in KL. He also can consider part of my ji mui. Hahaha.

Never thought at last, he had made his final decision, which was to work far far away from Malaysia. He is leaving Malaysia to work in Russia for 3 years contract. Me and the other ji mui is gonna miss him so much.

I’m totally forget that he is leaving on 15th August (which was yesterday). Until I saw his personal message in MSN, I was damn shocked. But thanks God, I was giving a chance to say goodbye to him. In personally some more. What a surprised again to receive his phone call saying that he was in KKIA. So luckily that my house is nearby KKIA. We able to talk for few words before sending he off.

Anyway, at this time, I think he should reach Russia by now. With sincerely, I wish you best of luck and have a fortune career in Russia. Enjoy your life in Russia and keep in touch, my “tai lo”.

Yam cha geng

Life at KL

At Scotland

At Norfolk Park, Sheffield

At Sheffield City

Sending he off before departure to Russia

>Nothing special but with them, everything seems so wonderful and fun…

Our second round at BB Cafe after had our dinner at Upperstar

The ladies nitez

Specially for them..Almost 10 years friendship and more to go…


During my last visit to KL, I can’t miss my special moments hanging out with this few buddies and fellow.

Having dinner with my “zhu”nior hostel at Times Square. All came except for the last right hand side pic, Ah Bear. Incomplete without you.

Then, continue with second gathering session with my classmates and coursemates of AAC. Quite little bit dissapointed coz we can’t have our yam cha at our old place, Zati Manis because of raining. So we change to Old Town. I wish the next visit to KL, our yam cha location will be at Zati Manis.

My West Ji Mui. I miss you all.

My yam cha geng.
1st pic: Tommy, Liong Sung & Soo Por. Non-stop talking about “kao lui”
2nd pic: Hoong Ping and Jason. Non-stop talking about banking.

Sometimes, please bear in mind with me as I love to post blog about what happens long long time ago. As these few days, I really miss all the moments I had during my study at TARC.


Finally, I had watched the not-to-miss movie this summer, Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. Everyone especially my friends who had watch it, keep telling me that I should go and watch. All of them give positive response about this movie. Well, after watching it, it’s a really nice movie. And this time, I watch with my colleague. It was my first experience to go out with my colleague. Last year, for the first sequel Transformer, I watched with my big sis and big bro at KL. 3 of us watched at Imax, which is the largest cinema screen in Asia.
So luckily that I had booked earlier by phone reservation. If not, I’m gonna queue up and maybe can’t get a nice seat.

After finish with this action movie, we continue our weekend at City Mall. Having steamboat as dinner. At last, I had found another steamboat restaurant in KK. Thanks to you guys. This reminds me of my precious moments I had with my ji mui and friends at KL. The name of this “eat all you can steamboat restaurant” is Four Seasons Restaurant. Besides City Mall, it’s also located at Asia City.

Choose what you want to eat

Our new and youngest colleague, Johnny & Zhee Hui

DT, Erica, Sui Lee and Angliea. Behind is bahaya guy, TMD
At last, photo of me & Erica

Really having a nice day with you all. Before I end, I dedicate this blog to Erica. She is leaving soon to continue her study at Kuching. Gonna miss her.


If a sun-drenched paradise is your idea of a perfect getaway, head down to Manukan Island. Here, you will find all kinds of tropical bliss in this second largest island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Reserve. Just a 15-minute boat ride from the Marina Jetty of Sutera Harbour Resort, Manukan Island is very accessible yet beautifully remote.

Manukan comes with clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. Blessed with a long stretch of white sandy beach promising hours of sea, sand & fun! The water surface is compensated by the rich and colourful marine life that you can find underneath it. Really, people come to Pulau Manukan for the diving and snorkeling. Guests can choose to stay in one of the single or double storey chalets. All chalets overlook the South China Sea and a spectacular sunset is almost a daily affair.

This is my 4th batch of friends that I brought them to Sabah’s little paradise. If anyone of you who come from Peninsular Malaysia or anywhere to KK, I will never hesitate to bring you to KK island. My zhu zhu, Siew Yen and her friends came from Kuching for few days vacation at KK. So, I decided to bring them to Manukan Island as it’s been ages I never went to that island.

Pulau Manukan, a spectacular island

Beautiful blue sky with blue sea

You can even get closer with the tropical fishes

My zhu zhu, Siew Yen

The thing must do before we leave, a group photo with the signboard stated “Pulau Manukan”

After discussing with my dad, I told him that I would love to snorkelling in few island that I interest with; such as Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik. But this plan will begin after my ACCA exam, which will be held next month in the mid of June. So, do you want to join me?

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