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Take a break for a while from my travel blog and giving someway to my personal life blog. Well, here I would like to announce today is my LAST day of working! I am free from the hectic daily life, no more work overload, feeling of stress and tension. Not forgeting, no more of keep counting down the time to passby to lunch time and off working hours.

It took 3 months for me to waiting for this day. I had tender my resignation letter 3 months ago, as what stated in the letter of offer due to my position.

But, it kinda a mix feelings when I’m about to leave because this can be consider as my second home. Imagine in 24 hours, I had spend at least minimum of 8 hours in office. Not yet including the 1 hour for lunch time where sometimes I bring lunch box and having at office.

Starting as a freshie level to a semi-senior level, it is the most priceless moment that had completed part of my life. Not forgeting too, this is the place where I met my current bf by the way=P. Well, the reason behind I resigned is not because I get a better offer but it’s too further my study. Kinda complicated to explain but what I know besides becoming a full-time or part-time student (myself also confuse on this part), now I can even chase my biggest dreams in my life. Yeap, travel again around the globe to satisfy my wanderlust.

My seat in office. Next to me, it’s my bf’s seat.

My messy table.

The laptop that I used. Nice leh the design? My boss replaced old laptop with this when I came back from Hong Kong trip. I was damn surprised that time.


Besides my bf, only my 2 boss and HR department knew today was my last day. I lied to my other colleagues that tomorrow is my last day. Therefore, today no farewell celebration for me. Actually according to what I stated in my resignation letter, tomorrow is exactly my final day of working but I utilised my final day of paid leave to replace it. Sorry to all my colleagues for not telling you all the truth.

I went office early today just to snap some photo. Therefore, some of the light not yet on.




Exactly 2 years and 4 months, now it’s time to bid goodbye to my first ever Company I’m working with. Not bad working with this Company that offer lots of activities such as company trip, company dinner and even some sports acitivities including badminton, futsal and bowling. Gonna miss there!

Feeling kinda sad too as I’m gonna leaving KK soon! Sob sob


Recently, Vietnam seems to be one of the place to visit by most of my family and friends. My parents just went Vietnam last Monday and too bad, I can’t join because it was uncle and aunties tripconfused.

Good things, they brought me sourvenirs from Vietnam.

All are not mine. I can only choose 1 from it. Which do you think is nice?
Another keychain and fridge magnets to add in my collection. Someday, I will show you my collectionlol
Finally I had made up my mind of which to choose from. Thanks daddy and mommy!

Not forgeting, my best friend, Andrew had also been to Vietnam last month for 2 weeks. So cool man! How I really wish to join him? However, even thought I can’t join him for the trip, but a lovely and warm postcard from him during his trip there. THANKS Andrew!

Another collection into POST-THE-CARD (click here)

Lastly, I would like to end this week entry by announcing SUSHI KING is BACK with their RM2 Bonanza Promotion again!

sushi king bonanza rm2

There are few bad comments on their sushi which is not fresh and their rice are not so sticky, but with the price of just RM2, I just don’t care (although I am one of them who complaints about the rice) to stuff my stomach with the cheap sushi and satisfy my craving and addiction on Japanese foods.

This promotion starts tomorrow for Sabah and Sarawak and ends till 21 April. Exclusive for card holders only. Don’t miss it.

>I was on my way back home and suddenly i received SMS from Vincent.

“Hey, u gt heard that tsunami wil come 2 kk? japan thr gt tsunami js nw, macam wil affect sabah here”

What a damn shocking news when I read that while driving. [Warning: Don’t read SMS while driving. It’s dangerous]

Thenafter, I heard from Hitz.fm saying that,

“Penang will not be hit by Tsunami. I repeat. Penang will not be hit by Tsunami”

OMG~ Seems like tsunami is back again after this natural disaster hit Aceh, Indonesia and other nation few years back ago. And right now, Japan is hit by earthquake and tsunami.

The beautiful city of Japan I took last year.

Let us pray for Japan and all of the places affected by the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake that happened on 11/3/2011. Is this sign that the Earth is actually dying? The end of the world? I have no clue. Only God knows 😦

Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others.
Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan. [Source from google.com]

Hopes that Sabah will not being affected by this. Not forgeting, other nations too.


A top, a belt and a sandal which I grabbed last Sunday while shopping with my Queen =D

What a lovely day I had when accompany my mom for shopping together on most weekend. Well, you tell me which lady doesn’t like to shopping, right? Both of us shop from the head to the toe but we never shop till we drop. Just too bad, sometimes the clock tick tock too fast and the shopping hour is so limited as my mom need to go back home early to prepare dinner.

So, what is my best ideal weekend? Besides shopping, my best ideal weekend is enjoy relaxing at home by sleeping continuously. Before I start to work on Saturday, if the time do not reach till 10am, I won’t wake up one. Its a big NO for me! Unless I had appointment with someone. But now, too bad I can’t lying more longer on my bed on Saturday because I need to work. =(

Wonder why there is only 2 days in weekend and now my weekend seems like not enough because of the half day working on Saturday. Apart from that, I keep wondering why there is only 7 days per week and not 8 days per week, so that we can have 3 days off on weekends. Here goes my day dreaming again. Lol~

For a working individual like me, every weekday is like a mathematics to me. Starting with Monday, sure non-stop countdown to reach till Friday or in my newest case, Saturday. Seems like everyday will countdown for the day to past by with my colleagues.

Let’s back to the story. I also love to spend my weekend by dating. Yeah, baby! Even me and TTM always meet each other and even sometimes almost 7 days a week but we never really had the real time for the just 2 of us only. So, weekend is the best time by hanging out, watching movie and etc. *wink*wink*

Not forgetting, having the wildest moment with my crazy deariest on weekend is the best moment to get rid off all the pressure, tension and stress that I had for the past 5 days. In deed, they are truly and madly crazy deariest I ever had in my life. Sharing the madness laughter and also funny but sexy stories. You go, gals~

What irritating me the most is sometimes, my weekend distract by something which I’m not interest with anymore. How can I shopping with my mom when I need to do something between 2pm – 4pm? Every Sunday, it’s my family day where my family and I would have breakfast together. Or I can said brunch together. So, most probably our brunch ends around 12 pm and we will do whatever we want. My dad will either sleep, watch TV or read newspaper meanwhile my 2 lil bros will playing game. Then, my mom and I will go for shopping. With the inconvenient time, how can I shopping if like that? My mom is a busy woman. She is only free on Sunday as she need to work on Saturday too.

Sometimes, I even asked to apply leave purposely just to attend few events which I don’t think is important in my life currently. As standing in my current age, the most important now is to have a stable career and in the stage of building strong and stable relationship. But, I just don’t get it why that related party doesn’t try to understand and tolerance with my current situation? Even when I’m seriously sick, I still being forced to attend or join whenever she asked to.

The main problem within myself is I don’t know how to say “No” to that related party that I don’t feel like I want join or attend anymore. Haiz. Don’t know why it seems like so hard for me to open my mouth and tell that party honestly regarding what I feel. Hopefully one day I hope that party will understand.


Finally, the day that I’d been waiting had arrived. My ACCA exam day! Can’t wait to end at 6.15 pm and from there onwards, I’m back to my normal life. Working, hanging out with friends, and etc. I’m so excited that my miserable life will be ends soon but at the same time, quite stress, tension and breathless when thinking will I able to answer with confidence and smoothly.

“Best of luck and success to myself and to all my friends who are attempting ACCA papers”
Feel asleep when everytime seeing the notes and books…

Current PM: I had try my best to avoid but seems that I had been addicted too much

>For your attention, it’s been a month I had been working. Actually previously I had wrote a post about my first week of my working life and environment but due to some technical problem, all the stories I written accidentally gone. Because of that, I lazy to write for one more time.

Here, I would like to simplify my working life stories. My position is audit assistant. What I do? Audit, just simple as that. Talking about my colleagues. I really blessed with helpful and funny colleagues. At first I was worried but after that, I shouldn’t worry at all about coz Angliea was there. The person in charge to teach me was a trainee. Her name is Erica. She is kind, nice and most importantly talkative like me. That’s good. Both of us non-stop talking. By the way, today is her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, ERICA ESTHER. Hope someday I could take photo of you and me.

But I don’t know why I feel the pressure wherever I step into the office. I realised I’m not suitable to become auditor. Not strict enough. Sometimes I felt the dilemma between two different kinds of people. Haiz..Experience is what I need right now. When I figured it out, I not just facing the dilemma feelings at offfice, I even felt in my volunteer association. This is life. We got no choice. Do we?

Currently, I really felt like that is no time available for me. I busy with 3 different of things in my life. Working, study and volunteer in my association’s activities. Talking about my study, I haven’t sign up for my exam sitting. Many things to think about. This haven’t settle yet, occurs another kind of problem. “Life is sucks.” It wasn’t said by me, was by my best ji mui, Liong Sung. 😛

-dt- and dearest Guci. She loves being taken snapshot


At last, I had made up my mind and accept the offer from medium size company instead of working at Big 4. Honestly, who does not wish to work at Big 4? However, it is worthless for me to keep on waiting from one of Big 4 to call me and at the end, I lose 2 companies from my hand and continuously become jobless.

Next week, will officially become my first day of working. Yesterday, when I was at my dad’s office, suddenly vision of my new environment life, I was quite nervous. Working life is totally different from study life. Instead of calling your friends as classmates or coursemates, next week onwards will address them as colleagues. The person who guide you previously, you call he/she as lecturer or tutor, now those words are no more come out from your mouth and need to change to call as “Boss” or even senior.

I worked before but it was a short period as it was 3 months industrial training. That time I was quite lucky coz I got few classmates and coursemates work together under the same company. Now, I gonna go with my own. Luckily, I met one of my TARCian friend at there. She is Angliea.

Next week onwards, no more late sleep, no more late wakeup. I hope I can adapt that as I us to sleep late and wake up late.

Before I end, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to my pretty classmate, Hwee Ying. Here, wish you success in your business and pretty as always.

Hwee Ying & I at lawatan ke High 5


All my nerves nervous like hell and freeze like living in iceberg”

Today, 2pm, somewhere around nearby Port View Seafood Restaurant, this is my first time formal interview. Lots of questions being asked. Hopefully can get this job.

Funny pix from my ji mui, makes me feel relief 😀


It’s been so long long long that I had to made the hardest decisions. Making decision, it is the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do. Even the harder decision need to make by Guci either where she need to hide when we want to catch her. Sometimes at night, it is hard for me to fall asleep. Feeling like insomia is coming back to my side. These decisions are critical as they will affect my future.
First, where should I work? I think I had talked about this before in my previous blog. I had asked lot of opinions from my fellow friends; is it better for me to stay back at home or go back KL for work? Of course, there are strength and weakness between these 2 choices, or else I won’t be thinking for damn long. Well, let’s start with Kota Kinabalu. As most of my friends said, it is better to stay at home which filled with lots of love and warm heart dearest family. Besides that, I can even get the chances to gain lots of saving as accomodation provided, foods being prepared, transport also included. All seems so perfect but I feel like exploring something new and challenging will be less compare in KL. How if I choose Kuala Lumpur to start my working life? Gosh! Saving will be less. Accomodation self payment, transport not included and not provided so need to take public transport such as LRT and Rapid KL which crowded with people, and not forgeting most of the time will be craving foods outside which is not healthy. But from this, independent is what I earn, more challenge is what I will face and gain more experience. Working is no need the thing I need to consider. My ACCA class is also one of the reason behind.

Second, my third convocation, SHU convocation. It was a huge shock to my friends when I told them that I want to join because before I get my result, I had already made up my mind that I will not join SHU convo due to some reasons. Even after receive result and even some of my friends persuade me to join them, I also reject it. Until recently I received mail from SHU that I haven’t giving any answer whether I will join or not. From that point, I felt like if I didn’t join, maybe someday in future, when I holding one of my friend’s SHU convocation picture, I will regret and blame myself that time for not joining. Thanks to Angliea too for your advise. She said “This is one of in a lifetime”. I just remember that time would not turning back for us. I’m glad that my dad also support me to join.

Fuuhhhh!!! It is really hard to made decisions but I think I had already got the answer in my hand.

Life is something that we can’t predict. It wants us to make decision but never give us the final answer.

Guci is sleeping under the chain again


Gonna start a new chapter again on this new year. Did I make a list what I wanna do, what should I do or what would I do this for this year of 2009? Nope. I am a person who will do something without writing a list on a memo. Coz I am a person who is hardly tend to achieve what had I planned. This year new year eve celebration kind of dull and lame. At first, I had planned to celebrate my friend’s birthday and after that, we plan to go clubbing. Ermmmm…I’m not those type of gals who like to hang out in those type of places but sometimes need to enjoy myself and open my eyes widely. But this year, I didn’t make it. Just chilling at home, watching the new Hong Kong drama series. The funny thing was my puppy, Guci sitting beside me and watching with me. Hahahaha..
Till now, I still can’t find my direction. I still making choices of my future. Should I stay at my home sweet home or proceed over to KL? Recently I found myself in abnormal condition. Well, I means was I very easy get angry. Sometimes even get frustrated.
Now, just chill out at home. Wait for my friends to call me and date me for movie. I really obsessed with movies recently. Plan to find part time job like cashier, or work at supermarket. If my mom know this, sure she will bising-bising again. By the way, congratulation to my friend, Aaron Lim for your further study of Master back in UK. While chatting with you, I felt like I miss UK life. Suddenly, Netto, H&M, Primark, KH, Moor Street flow in my mind. I had planned with my friend that if I unable to pass my ACCA within this 3 years (touchwood, touchwood), then I will continue study Master in UK.

Primark, not at Sheffield but at Wales..

P/S: My life in UK especially on the trip and Europe trip will be post soon. Really miss those days. Have a great day to blog readers.

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