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OMG! What a surprised I had! I never thought after giving out my first ever blog tag away to the first lucky 51 followers a month ago, and now I am giving away again another second blog tag award for the additional 50 followers. This is also for my previous 51 followers of my blog.

51 + 50 = 101 FOLLOWERS!

101 DT followers
APPRECIATION AWARD for my 101 followers

Here is the name list of the additional 50 followers of mine

1. zay
2. Iz ONE nY
3. !Oh! Azizah
4. tiara dryden
5. e’na binut

6. Why Why

7. MosePA
8. Miki Aya
9. CH Voon
10. Sera Kadir
11. Mr. Abang2
12. Henshin

13. Hertina Bulating
14. embun
15. LuLuLaLaLengLeng
16. anne
17. wan T A N ho
18. Lady Anne
19. JIPP
20. dydue A’eN
21. January2601
22. Chan Qing Sheng
23. Encik Saat
24. irene_shane
25. Bieby Hayati
26. ask ZhYe
27. Noor Alyaa
28. aRlen
29. aikoakito
30. Noorizram Zaizee
31. kemang~
32. Ms eMie
33. eLvy Valerie
34. Aki
35. izra sofia
36. hairyeda_herman
37. honeyamour
38. Lady Mariah
39. JEN
40. samizul.net
41. CathJ
42. virgo19
43. izwan harjan shah kamarjan
44. Haryati Molly @ Tunung
45. Fafa Rayn
46. Noorizram Zaizee
47. SedapHinggaMenjilatJari
49. missDza
50. Pink Diva

To my first 51 followers, in case you miss out my first blog tag award, it’s as below. Actually is my mistakes/errors for do not inform you all. Now, I had sort out the name list and do check out those.

51 DT followers
Refer to my previous post (click here)
The namelist of my first 51 followers

1. kxpeace_gal
2. Quirky
3. Shu Cyan
4. Mei Tzeu
5. janpiyer jane
6. Glay David
7. Aly8
8. Eric3231559
9. Angel – et_cetera
10. AnnieMing
11. Sabahan Bloggers Club
12. Michelle Sung
13. germaine
14. Mohd. Izzuddin Fitri Bin Abd Aziz
15. Kris and Nadia
16. ♥MinChun 민천
17. Seha
18. Mitchell
19. Arif
20. byya – Traveller Atanomy
21. Captain C. & Beauty. Q
22. thebeybeh
23. HannaH AzhanA
24. Ariez Hazaril
25. Dave
26. sweetandspicy
27. Sailor
28. Kkzai
29. StellaClaire-Richard
30. Veanne – ~mEm0RiEs~
31. Armstrong
32. Deanona
33. Fadzmie Mohamad
34. TaufiqHadiifh
35. putra_chabee
36. SheNn
37. meichi
38. Afiqah
39. achie
40. Graxieparadise-ejm
41. pattyvenci
42. frecyllamAy
43. Devi da Lil’ Devil
44. aishah la bha
45. serendipity
46. myluv_carol
47. Kelly
48. echaRierie
49. David Hogan Jr
50. Kaoshi
51. the engienur

Thank you for following and reading my blog. I am so grateful and delightful to share every post of mine especially sharing on my adventure and experience travel around the globe. And not forgetting to those who always drop by and leave comments, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Hope you all like the above 2 blog tag awards.

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It’s cool to spend your public holiday by going for a trip; either inbound trip or outbound trip. But the next thing you know is that your holiday is over and you don’t have enough time to be slack on your bed because most of your time had been spending walking for non-stop during your trip.

This is my 4th trip after working life and once I came back from a trip, the next day I will start working without taking any extra leave. It’s quite tiring sometimes but for me, travelling is always within my blood and bone. It is my passion or I can said. “I was born to become traveler cool“.

Just returned from my holiday and guess who got it right where had I been to? Tiara Dryden, you are absolutely correct. Yes, I went to China for 4 days with my family – including my bro who currently studied in Kuching and my sis and even her boyfriend all the way from Singapore. I still remember my previous family trip was in year 2005 to Hong Kong together with my late grandfather. rolleyes

Anyway congratulation to Tiara Dryden as you might receive mystery gift. I will contact you later. This is my first ever real gift-away. razz For Jeff Chuah, don’t be dissapointed as I will do it again next time.

Will post more on my China trip.

It’s not the first time I’d been to China as I had been there and it was the greatest birthday gift from my dad. Went to Beijing and other cities in 2006 during my birthday.


Here this is: My first ever blog tag away for my 51 followers to show my appreciation for those who following my blog. And for this, here is a tiny and little but sincere “APPRECIATION AWARD” for the lucky 51 followers.

love003 copy

This blog tag award is created and designed by myself with the help from my assistant, Miss Adobe Photoshop. I love the stamp brushes (the plane, the luggage, the passport and the camera) which served what my blog is all about. No contest or requirement needed in order for you to get this blog tag award as long as you are one of my 51 FOLLOWERS!

Anyway, I will be more delightful when you are doing entry for this, please state what do you think about “DT in Da House – Pisces gal who blog about travel, foods & life. After that, kindly please link back to me by leave a comment. Who knows I might give-away again another blog tag award? But this is not compulsory. Just for fun!

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Once again:

thank u

Guess you miss out to become one of my 51 followers? No worry. As I still continue to do so. So what are you waiting for? Just click and become my followers. Cheers and have a great day!

  • ken: >so cool ah the miniature world.. gotta admire the precision and accuracy of the structures :)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli