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>I starting my blog with this blogspot address:


But if you click that link now, it would appear this:

The photo that appears on this link is my very best friend. Include was his profile too.

How come ah? I wonder…

I change my blogspot adress once is to avoid someone from reading my blog. But when I want to change back, it turns into as what you saw as above.

Kind shock when saw that but at the mean time, I laugh non-stop.

That’s why I change my blogspot address to:


Anywhere, I love my current blogspot address as it represent me, myself and I.

Today is 11.1.11. Most of my friends post in facebook saying that it is special day.
So how was your day going on this special day?
For me, erm… Watching HK drama at TTM’s house as usual 😛


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Sponge Bob Square Pants!

But this one doesn’t looks like him.
Maybe it’s a new version of sponge bob!


My mission to lose another 5 kg had failed. I had been stucked for the same wieght for almost 4 months. Losing 5 more kg is the best ideal weight for my height which is less than 160 cm. xP
In deed, I’m not only fail to lose another 5kg but gained 2 more kg. What the heck??? What to do? Lots of celebration, hanging out and outing with friends. Celebrate my TTM birthday, another heavy dinner. What comes to worse case was I’m having 2 buffet steamboat in a week. And I’m eating like a people who had been starving for 1-2 months. Gosh~ Somemore, yesterday nite around 11 pm, eating cheese pizza at Upperstar with my *deariest*. Another very sinful foods… How can I resist when all of them are planning to share a 8 piece of pizza?

Looks like another 20 more days to the new year again. Wish I able to lose another 5kg, ooopsss, not 5 kg but 7 kg to get the ideal best weight. Haiz. Looks like I need to concern and take care of what I having now. Lol

Weighing scale…Oooo…weighing scale…
When can I have the ideal weight I want? xP


I saw a shoutout from my friend in facebook:

“Love is like a chewygum. It’s sweet at the beginning but tasteless at the end. But friendship is like a chocolate. It’s sweet till the end.”

I agree with this statement. In my real life, I love chewy gum by the way. Almost everyday, I will chew a least 2-3 tablets of chewygums in my mouth. However, I not really like chocolate as I have a worst nightmare ever after having chocolate. I easily get sick once I have chocolate.

Many things happen recently. Especially this year. The year of tiger, which is my own chinese calender year. Beginning of the year, the people I love the most in my entire life, left us. He always by my side since the day I born until that day he left us. He never scold me, beat me but he loves me more than other do. Everyone in my family know that I am his beloved granddaughter. Until now, I still can’t accept the fact and I still feel he still around me. However, I know that he want me to stay happy as always. My beloved grandfather, I miss you and I will always love you.

Anyway, he did not leave me alone by myself. I think he send something to me. Something special. Maybe its sound insane but for me, I know its something special from him. But recently, I start to feel like chewygum. I wish it could be like chocolate but maybe sometimes, its beyond my control. I had try my best to do everything I can but yet, what I can said is “HAIZ”. Tears keep coming out and sometimes I can’t find the reason why. Ever thought of giving up? YES, I did by the way. My heart is so fragile and I am the type of person who easily give up in everything including relationship. I don’t mean to complain but hardly to believe, I don’t dare to share my sadness with my family and friends and even including the main person.

Holy gosh! Tears is coming out again! Any solution to this? I still can’t find out yet. Maybe all I can do is just keep it inside my heart.


Almost 2 years ago, it was in my “Wishing on a Wishing Star” list but from now onwards, it belongs to me. Finally, one of my dream come true. With joyfully, I had bought a new digital camera 3 weeks ago (which I should post this that time) after had being doing lots of research and surveying the price and function around KK (Karamunsing, Centre Point). Lots of model to choose from and cause me headache. However, this come to my attention as the price offered is much more cheaper compare to other place.
Let’s me introduce you my new baby, CANON IXUS 130

This is the latest model from Canon which came with 4 colours; Black, Silver, Orange and Pink. I choose black because black is always my best choice besides blue and purple. For more info, kindly please google from canon website. 😛

Besides that, I had also bought a new pair of Nike shoe on the same day. Sound crazy right?10 minutes before, bought a new camera and 10 minutes after, bought a new pair of Nike shoe. No credit card is being use as there is a credit card charges. (There goes another $ slip away from my bank). ORIGINAL Nike shoe! The reason that I bought this shoe is because I just noticed that there is no more sport shoe for me. Previously, I addicted to these USA casual shoe, Skeches where I had 3 pairs of that. Comfortable, gorgeous and nice looking pair of shoes.


What to do? Nowadays, things are easily damage and won’t last for a very long time. Some more, the latest model is not my favourite type. Therefore, end up of buying Nike shoe. For your information, this is the first time I bought Nike shoe.

Using my new darling to take a snap pic of new sport shoe

There goes another end of my crap+ing story. One important thing that I would love to announce is tomorrow is Malaysia’s National Day. Ok, sound a bit lame. But I just love it because it’s the perfect and fine day for me cto sleep whole day. Happy Holiday to the whole Malaysian.


It caught my eye when I was window shopping during my college life in KL. It was so cute with the Scottist terrier logo on the bag. And now, I wish to own it at least one (Yup, at least one is enough for me) so badly…

It’s trademark.. Scottish terrier logo.. Freaking cute and I’m lovin’ it..

Kinda interest with handbag recently *wink*wink*

It’s a been a while that I am MIA. A bit update of my current storyboard. Just reach home after having a lovely dinner with my TTM at Suria Sabah. Thanks for the treat. Wish to order a large meal but unfortunately my stomach not allow. 😛

>Feeling so tired.. Sometimes, not even sleep well and will woke up in the middle..
Wish to have a wonderful date with TTM but seems he is so busy… Too bad for me…
To be continue tomorrow…

>For him, hopefully…
For her, the sweetest sin…

>First and foremost, Merry Christmas to everybody especially to the bloggers! Wish you all have a wonderful and joyful celebration with your beloved family and friends. Well, it’s time for me to crap again. It’s been almost ages I never had the chance to crap. What had I been up to this few days?

P/S – This is lame and dull post. So if you feels irritating reading the story of my life, please don’t carry reading on =P

21st December 2009

4 days before Christmas…

In day time, everything seems normal. Working working, documents documents and clients clients. That’s my routine activities. At night having dinner with my 2 “gay” colleagues. Hahaha..If both of they found out, sure I unable to proceed on my onwards post. Just kidding. After dinner, shopping alone at City Mall due to last minute announcement of exchange gift with my colleagues on the next day. Too bad.. This day seems is not my day. I’m not in the mood as something happens. The feelings and emotions that I thought had gone away came back again in a sudden.

But thanks to my lovely and funny collegemate, hostelmate and also housemate in UK, call up for yam cha. Yeah, I damn love yam cha. Everytime when I’m not in the mood, he always there for me. Really thanks to you, Tsun Hin aka Vincent. We were non-stop talking regarding our working environment. He talks his and I talked mine. Feelings so envy of his career but mine also not that bad at all.

22nd December 2009
3 days before Christmas…

Early morning, I’m quite worry regarding my 6 days annual leave as I am the only staff who haven’t being approved by my boss. Is it she not satisfied with my performance or what? Will my annual leave being forfeited? I don’t wish these to be happen. Indeed, I still not in the mood. I’m really having a bad hair day by the way. But everything going well around 4.30pm when my boss told me that she had approved my 6 days annual leave. Besides that, I’m also successfully claimable of my 3 days study leave for my previous attempt during June sitting. Yeah! Feeling relief at last.

In the night, it’s movie time. Watched The Bodyguard & Assassins with my “Wrong Hole Gang” at 1 Borneo. Thanks guys for cheers my day! It’s one of the sadness and pityful movie I had ever watched. I cried non-stop at the climate of the story.

23rd December 2009

2 days before Christmas…
Today is my first day on leave. But I’m still going back to my office as we are having luncheon as well as exchange gift. Actually, I’m back to work like normal day. Sounds insane right? Well, I had to complete and finish all my tasks before I am officially on leave. During night time, having a catch up moments with my best buddy. Yeah, Matt is back from Melaka! A lil ladies talk at Frenz cafe. It’s feels great to meet up with my best buddy from high school.

24th December 2009

Christmas eve today. Everything going well until I play a game. I changed some of my friends’ plan. Sounds like I a drama queen, right? Sorry guys but I’m not in the that mood. But everything also not going well as what I planned. That time, I feels like I’m riding a roller coaster. But thanks God, everything is back to normal.

Yup, at night dinner with my “TTM”. Thanks for the dinner although at first both of us plan to eat at Upperstar or Brass Monkey but ends up eat at small but famous noodle cafe shop. After that, I moved on the next plan which was my favourite. Yes, it is time for movie again. This time around with my college mate at 1B once again but another movie which was Sherlock Holmes. I’m getting more and more impress with Robert Downey Jr.’s acting. After the Iron Man, he never failed to act perfectly in every movie; Tropic Thunder especially. I just can’t wait for Iron Man 2 to be on screen next year.

25th December 2009
It’s Christmas. Where did I do the countdown? Inside the car…Sounds funny? I know you guys out there must be laughing now. But I really having a wonderful and sweet feelings by the way.

In the day time, shopping at Centre Point with my family but ends up hanging out with my 2 best buddies, Shing Wei and Pat Foo. Both of them planned to watch Alvin but unfortunately it’s full house. So, we went to having a lady talk again at Hong Kong Restaurant, Warisan Square.

In the night, having dinner again with my “TTM” again at Nagasaki. Yes, our Christmas dinner! It’s my first time experience having dinner at there. However, I still prefer Wagamama if for choices of bento. Then continue catch up with my colleague, Lee Hung at Ren Ai and watching movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. They are totally adorable and awesome.

26th December 2009

A day after Christmas…

Gathering with my collegemates at K Box, Waterfront to celebrate Phui Loo aka Aloe Vera birthday who falls on that day and also early celebration of Apple’s birthday who falls on 31 December.

It’s feels like the time we were having fun in hostel

At nite, it’s “Ladies Night”. Four of us; Wawa, Shing Wei and Pat Foo, who were my high school best buddies as I mentioned before having dinner and movie together at 1 Borneo. It’s not complete picture without Matt and Linda. Hopefully we can meet up during next year Chinese New Year. After the dinner, we watched Jay’s movie; “The Treasure Hunter”.

27th December 2009

Second days after Christmas

Let’s us skip the daytime story coz I’m in bad mood again! Recently, my emo keep on and off. I’m easily get angry without knowing why. But thanks to “TTM” for cheering up my day. I’m spend almost half of my day in Sutera. I’m feel relax everytime I at there.

Blue sea, blue skies. Took it when chatting with him. Damn love this pic

At night, dinner time with “TTM” where he brought me to have chicken chop. Later, went to meet my best buddies, Wawa and Shing Wei at Lintas. Fuh!!! Almost everynite, 2 outings at 1 night.

Exactly 1 week non-stop outings with my friends. Well, it’s really tiring but I really having a wonderful time with them. Indeed, it was month of celebration and new year 2010 is coming soon. Hardly wait to celebrate this coming holiday.

Once again, may your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have yourself a very little Christmas.


Another 2 fragrances had been add on into my fragrance collections. I just can’t get enough of fragrances. These two are the few items from my-wishing-list of Christmas presents for the year. I just bought them from Body Shop and they were worthwhile as sales is going on everywhere. *wink wink*

Aqua Lily
I owned this previously and it was my first ever fragrance from Body Shop. It was recommended by my hostelmates who love and obsessed of Body Shop products. When the first I smell, it caught my attention as I love the smell of lily. Fyi, lily is my favourite flower. I had these 3 bottles which I also bought it when I was in UK. And now, it is the 4th bottle.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

This is my second fragrance from Body Shop. It’s kind of lovely with a beautiful layout on it. It’s smell nice and a bit of oriental. It is not too overpowering and you will feel fresh when u put on it.

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