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There is one time where I was doing treatment and I was in deep damn boring. All the magazines are in chinese and I can’t read them. Too bad… At that moment, how I wish I had those smart phone especially iPhone to read blogs while doing those treatment. I was addicted with one of the S’pore famous blogger (U should know that) and I can’t stop reading her past blogs.

Today, with surprised, my dad’s friend brought us iPad. Not sure it’s a gift or my dad requested them to buy, but it was cool man~ Now I can bring along this iPad while doing my treatment.

I was damn shocked when I saw this box

Immediately, I grab it from my dad..Bad daughter xP

Learning how to use and look, that’s my blog from iPad



Guess what? Me and TTM are watching Tron: Legacy movie for free. Somemore, in 3D. Nowadays 3D movie are quite expensive. Luckily me coz TTM took me by surprised as he got those free movie voucher exchange for free movie ticket from his friend on the night before I depart to Taiwan on the next early morning. Yeah, we always hanging out together before I went for vacation or travelling.

Higher expectations end up with higher dissapointment. I thought this movie filled with lots of actions but too bad, it’s not.

Talking about cinema, it’s been a while or I can said it’s been long long time I had never watch movie at CP. Not that I don’t want but even TTM didn’t feel like want to go there for a movie. He rather pay extra or even drive extra miles away to 1Borneo insteaf of watching at the CP. He said their cinema is stink. Besides that, I do hate those people who likes to talk while the movie is on. Most of the time was watching at CP. Please respect the others. lah You are now watching movie at cinema, not UR HOME!! I don’t understand why these people can’t shut their mouth up. So many things to talk about. Want to talk then please go to cafe or even coffee shop to talk. Haiz.

I still remember there is one time my brother and I went to watch Harry Potter (forget Harry Potter no. what). Then, there is 2 gals who non-stop talking and discussing about how Harry Potter looks like from small until now. Until my bro seems like want to take the popcorn box and put into their mouth. U try imagine from the beginning of the movie these people talk talk talk until the end. Even I “sshhhhhhh” loudly but they pretend never heard that. What an unrespectful people!

Talking about movie, recently watched “Great Day” at Suria Sabah with TTM. A normal celebration for me and him together for 1 year. Another Chinese movie from Malaysia and I do love this movie. Laugh non-stop but in the mean time, it is so touching. I don’t want to become spoiler for those who haven’t watch yet but trust me, it is worth to watch.

This time around no more those idiot people keep talking behind us because we were sitting at the last row. Yeahoo!!!

Sign off and time for a sweet dream. Goodnite~


First, what will you see from the place where I spend more than 8 hours per day and 5 days per week?

Blue blue blue…

All in blue colour; calculator, mechanical pencil, pen knife, staple, ruler, paper punch and even computer mouse

For your information, blue is one my favourite colour.


Foods are everywhere…

In the drawer

And even the A4 paper box

No wonder my diet plan never works. Keep taking unhealthy snack most of the time (-_-)

>I starting my blog with this blogspot address:


But if you click that link now, it would appear this:

The photo that appears on this link is my very best friend. Include was his profile too.

How come ah? I wonder…

I change my blogspot adress once is to avoid someone from reading my blog. But when I want to change back, it turns into as what you saw as above.

Kind shock when saw that but at the mean time, I laugh non-stop.

That’s why I change my blogspot address to:


Anywhere, I love my current blogspot address as it represent me, myself and I.

Today is 11.1.11. Most of my friends post in facebook saying that it is special day.
So how was your day going on this special day?
For me, erm… Watching HK drama at TTM’s house as usual 😛


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Sponge Bob Square Pants!

But this one doesn’t looks like him.
Maybe it’s a new version of sponge bob!


My mission to lose another 5 kg had failed. I had been stucked for the same wieght for almost 4 months. Losing 5 more kg is the best ideal weight for my height which is less than 160 cm. xP
In deed, I’m not only fail to lose another 5kg but gained 2 more kg. What the heck??? What to do? Lots of celebration, hanging out and outing with friends. Celebrate my TTM birthday, another heavy dinner. What comes to worse case was I’m having 2 buffet steamboat in a week. And I’m eating like a people who had been starving for 1-2 months. Gosh~ Somemore, yesterday nite around 11 pm, eating cheese pizza at Upperstar with my *deariest*. Another very sinful foods… How can I resist when all of them are planning to share a 8 piece of pizza?

Looks like another 20 more days to the new year again. Wish I able to lose another 5kg, ooopsss, not 5 kg but 7 kg to get the ideal best weight. Haiz. Looks like I need to concern and take care of what I having now. Lol

Weighing scale…Oooo…weighing scale…
When can I have the ideal weight I want? xP


I saw a shoutout from my friend in facebook:

“Love is like a chewygum. It’s sweet at the beginning but tasteless at the end. But friendship is like a chocolate. It’s sweet till the end.”

I agree with this statement. In my real life, I love chewy gum by the way. Almost everyday, I will chew a least 2-3 tablets of chewygums in my mouth. However, I not really like chocolate as I have a worst nightmare ever after having chocolate. I easily get sick once I have chocolate.

Many things happen recently. Especially this year. The year of tiger, which is my own chinese calender year. Beginning of the year, the people I love the most in my entire life, left us. He always by my side since the day I born until that day he left us. He never scold me, beat me but he loves me more than other do. Everyone in my family know that I am his beloved granddaughter. Until now, I still can’t accept the fact and I still feel he still around me. However, I know that he want me to stay happy as always. My beloved grandfather, I miss you and I will always love you.

Anyway, he did not leave me alone by myself. I think he send something to me. Something special. Maybe its sound insane but for me, I know its something special from him. But recently, I start to feel like chewygum. I wish it could be like chocolate but maybe sometimes, its beyond my control. I had try my best to do everything I can but yet, what I can said is “HAIZ”. Tears keep coming out and sometimes I can’t find the reason why. Ever thought of giving up? YES, I did by the way. My heart is so fragile and I am the type of person who easily give up in everything including relationship. I don’t mean to complain but hardly to believe, I don’t dare to share my sadness with my family and friends and even including the main person.

Holy gosh! Tears is coming out again! Any solution to this? I still can’t find out yet. Maybe all I can do is just keep it inside my heart.


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