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>Kan I said I will go eat Japanese foods for the fifth time? LoL!

During lunch, me and TTM had no idea what and where to eat so, we ended up eating Japanese foods again. When we browsed the menu, we noticed that the price had increased. TTM ordered Beef Teriyaki after I showed him that it’s Kaze new menu. Meanwhile, I plan to order their maki because I’m still on diet. Don’t want eat too heavy meals.

Tamago Maki

Tamago Yaki

Tamago from Kaze is so sweet, soft and mostly its delicious too

Kani Kama Maki

I loves Maki so much. Now I’m craving for maki again~


As today I plan to search for screen protector for my iPad at Karamunsing, we decided to have our dinner somewhere nearby. Without any doubt, my first choice will be definitely Miso Japanese Restaurant. This elegant Japanese Restaurant caught my attention when me, TTM and his friend were having lunch at Mint Peppermint, Karamunsing Capital last Wednesday. Damn likey likey Japanese foods recently. By the way, so far I’m having Japanese foods for the 4th time.

The first three round that I had were also in this month of February. First round was at the newly opened Sushi Tei, Suria Sabah with my deariest. Second round with my family at Sushi King, City Mall. Still remember on the day of this year Valentine’s Day – which I’d had dinner at Recipe House, Damai. Maybe there will be fifth round before end of this month. [=.=]

Back to Miso. Let’s the picture do the talking.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (2)

This reminds me of the current drama which I watch lately in Astro on Demand.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (3)

The creative and unique ambiance of the restaurant

Miso Japanese Restaurant (12)

Their black book menu
Miso Japanese Restaurant (4)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (5)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (15)

Starting with appetizer
Miso Japanese Restaurant (10)

Miso Japanese Restaurant (6)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (7)
California Maki (Vinegared rice with cucumber, crabmeat stick, omelette, mayonnaise and fish roe). This is my favourite.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (8)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (9)
TTM’s meal; Oyaku Jyu (Simmered chicken and egg with sweet and sour sauce). He asked me to made decision for his meal, so I ordered this.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (11)
My meal; Chicken Soup Ramen

Miso Japanese Restaurant (13)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (14)
Another maki again, Tori Teriyaki Maki (Vinegared rice with cucumber, Teriyaki chicken and mayonnaise fish roe). It’s so huge that I can’t put it into my mouth for the first bite.

Our dinner ends with dessert.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (16)
Cold barley dessert with peanuts and beancurd. It’s so refreshing and sweet.

Overall, the foods are excellent and tasty. Especially the Maki. There are variety of Maki and I almost can’t made up my mind which to choose from for our dinner. Besides Inari, Maki is also my all-time-favourite when comes to sushi. So, how much we pay for tonight dinner? It cost us RM72.60 for 2 people. With the attentive services and also not forgeting to mention that the appetizer and dessert are complimentary, it is worth every ringgit you pay. But I’m still consider whether to come back for second visit, unless I hit jackpot.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (1)

Miso Japanese Restaurant
Location: F-0-5 & F-0-6, Karamunsing Capital, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Opening hours: Monday – Fri : 10.00 am – 2.30 pm, 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Saturday – Sunday : 10.00 am – 11.00 pm

Before I end my post, there is something I would like to post my shoutout for today.

Karamunsing Capital is the current place for food hunter. Lots of new restaurant opened and lots of foods to try. Can’t wait to try all of them! =D”



Sushi Tei – an international Japanese sushi restaurant chain, originated from Singapore are now located in Suria Sabah. Yeahoooo, this means that there are more selection of Japanese restaurant to choose from are now available in Kota Kinabalu. Honestly to say that I love Japanese foods more than Italian foods, even though I don’t eat those raw one like sashimi, salmon =p. But, I’m damn love sushi especially Inari.

Located at Ground Floor, nearby Voir

Their signature open-kitchen allow to us to see their chefs culinary skills

The big menu

At first, I thought this is one fine and wealthy Japanese restaurant as this is the first international Japanese restaurant chain in Kota Kinabalu. But from the menu, I realised that the price range for sushi can range from RM2 for Tamago sushi to RM10. However, I saw sea urchin sushi for RM42. OMG ==”… 2 sushi for RM42!!! But when I think back, this is one rare Japanese foods you can find in KK. For ala carte, you can choose from RM10.90 and more on some of the premium dishes.

Ocha which cost RM2 per cup. Good thing is it’s refillable

Cutie Wawa with her ocha

Now it’s time for “ITADAKIMASU”:

My all time favourite; Chicken Katsu Don

Ten Don;

Yakitori Don; grilled chicken with rice

Their foods are taste nice and smell nice too especially Yakitori Don. Too bad we didn’t order sushi as most of us had eaten a bit before this. Their services are excellent and attentive too. At first, we thought that we might need to wait for so long as there is a long queue. I was a bit worry cause our movie will be show in 1 hour plus. However, we were being given a seat within 5 minutes.

Drawback of this restaurant was there is a long Japanese Kaiten (conveyor belt) but just a few sushi was display on top of it. So all you need to do is by ordering yourself.

Anyway, I would like to have a try on their sushi especially their Futomaki and California Maki.


3 days consecutively non-stop visiting Japanese Restaurant. All of the Japanese Restaurant were around Damai. Even on Mother’s Day, we suggest to have dinner at Fukurou which located at Damai too.

When we reached Fukurou, we had already knew that it was totally full house. Somemore, they’re not allowed for advanced booking.. Too bad.. Well, they have to be fair and square. First come, first serve.

Kawaii neh~

Now, I proudly to introduce all the foods that we have

Chuka Iidako, Chuka Kurage, Chuka Wakame

Shake Atama Teriyaki

Shake Sashimi

Ninnku Yaki Meshi.. In order word, is Garlic Rice. This is my dad favourite’s rice

Cha Soba

Tori Katsu

Salmon fish

Ebi Tempura

My meal, Tori Katsu Curry Udon. Taste not bad. Could go and have a try

California Maki. Until now, I still miss the taste

1 pic is never enough as it is so tasty

As usual, dessert will be served. But I think Kaze’s dessert taste much better.

My recommendation: This is one of Japanese Restaurant that you can go and have a try. The rate is 4/5. The foods were tasty and the services were friendly. No matter how busy they are, always served us with a smile :). This is what called a worthwhile 10% service charges.


Another Japanese Restaurant in Damai… This restaurant is really hidden and not much people know about this place including me. I knew it when one of my colleague told me that he and his family having dinner at there. So, I decided to have lunch at there. Miyabi is non-halal japanese restaurant.

The ambience of the restaurant

Potato salad, ordered by my colleague

My main course (forget the name :P) but it is pork with curry

I would like to take more photos but my colleagues are too hungry. By the way, Miyabi doesn’t not serve as tasty as Kaze. Especially my main course. The pork is not that tender and its hardly for me to bite it. Seems like haven’t cook yet. Therefore, the rate is 2/5. Sorry Miyabi!

P/S: This is my own opinion. You can go and have a try. I wouldn’t mind if you guys could leave a comment of Japanese Foods. I’m damn crazy about Japanese foods!


Its located at Damai, besides Yoyo. Although it’s very small and can fit not more than 20 people, but the foods they served makes me want to go again and again.

Promotoion for take away! I will try this one day~

Creative menu which written by hand


Potato Nuggest. Its serves with 4 pieces by the way but my camera skill is so lousy 😦

The main course, Chicken Katsu Don.. It’s my second times for having this

Lastly, the dessert..Pudding

Now it’s my turn to review their foods. The foods were fine especially the main course, Chicken Katsu Don. It’s makes me want go there for the 4th time. However, the rate that I will give will be 4/5. This is because the foods were served around 20-30 minutes. So, if you running out of time like my lunch hour is only 1 hour, I think is not advisable to have lunch at there. Besides that, not much choices for sushi. They did not served my favourite sushi, INARI! Luckily there are still California Maki available.

Anyway, the other reason I will still go there because it’s cheap. NO SERVICE CHARGES by the way. Therefore, if you order main course t0gether with ocha (green tea), the average price is around RM12.


My family and I were supposed to have our dinner at Nishiki but because it was turned out to be full house, therefore we ended up having our meal at Nagasaki. It was not my first time to have meal at Nagasaki as I had it before for lunch.

Eating with my family for Japanese foods was awesome. Why? Looks at the picture below and you will know why.

Fresh salmon

Baby octopus


And more foods

Now you know why it was so awesome. We were having teriyaki chicken, jellyfish, sushi and more. Before we left, they served us with dessert.

Pandan jelly and it taste sweet

I am definitely craving for Japanese foods recently. My next station will be Nishiki; which turns out to be full house, Miyabi (Damai), Japanese Dreams Foods (Centre Point), Umai Fine Japanese Cuisine (D’Juction) and Usagi Japanese Restaurant (Karamunsing).

Before signed off, I would like to wish all my friends “HAPPY LABOUR DAY”. What a holiday which I was looking for…

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