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Fukurou Part 3
Fukurou – Here I go visit you again!
It’s time for “Bits & Bites” segment.

This morning while was working, this is what I posted in my Twitter.

I had been craving for it for almost a week.
TADAAA….This is what I had for my lunch today. TORI KATSU CURRY UDON
Fukurou Part 3 (6)

Fukurou Part 3 (7)
RM17.90. Their chicken is so crispy and their curry taste awesome. Not so spicy.

According to the waitress, they replaced us with Inaniwa Udon. I didn’t know why exactly they do so but they didn’t charged us any extra RM2, as what stated in their menu.

Besides Udon, we’re also ordered TORI TERIYAKI MAKI.
Fukurou Part 3 (3)

I was so so wanted to order this Tori Teriyaki Maki during my second visit to Fukurou (click here) but too bad, it was not available. But today, I was so surprised that there is no any sign of saying “Not Available” stick on this food. So, what I’m still waiting for? Fast fast order it then razz

Fukurou Part 3 (4)
Fukurou Part 3 (5)
Tori Teriyaki Maki; RM12 for 6

Our lunch for today

Fukurou Part 3 (1)
TTM is having Udon too – Tori Teriyaki Udon.

I don’t know why but both of us have bad experience when dining in Japanese Restaurant. Both of us work as an auditor and our job is to check and vouch those documents (such as invoices, cash bills, receipts and etc) whether our Client had been taken up any amount correctly or not (ok, I’m about to out of topic) but when the bill come, we suppose to check but we didn’t do so. We only realised that they overcharged us for 2 ocha while we just order 1 ocha when they gave us the change. This is not the first time experince because previously, we were facing this too in Wojamama, Asia City. We ate for 12 plates but they charged us for 13 plates. Well, I’m guess is our mistakes and careless too for not doing so.

So, next time be more caution and alert when paying the bill.

Oh ya! I still got 5 more entry (likely to be) for Japan trip. Thanks for those who drop by and comments. I really appreciate it. I was thinking of giving some small and tiny but it is honestly and sincerely gift away from me. Please stay tune!


The Rippling Blossom

If you are watching this Hong Kong drama series recently, you will be affecting to crave for sushi. Yes, it really has the power to make not only just me, but even my colleague also being seduced by this drama to make us keep non-stop to thinking about sushi. Lol~

No wonder last month I had non-stop for Japanese foods. Looks like drama has the power to affect my appetite. How about you?

Talking about sushi, thanks to Wojamama for keep sending sms regarding their RM2 Bonanza. Starting with their first stop at 1Borneo from 11 March until 13 March, then they moved on with their RM2 Bonanza at Lintas branch as their second stop from 14 March – 16 March.

We went Lintas branch last Monday because we both too obsess with sushi.

All sushi on the belt are RM2.
Total: 12 colourful plates

We didn’t eat much on that day because TTM had dinner at home later. But we would like to go again on the next day. Maybe because it is too cheap with just RM2 per plate, some of their foods are not that fresh. But who cares? RM2 only and you can eat until you can feel that your pants are so tight.

Too bad, we didn’t manage to go there the day onwards because we were rushing for our jobs. But then again, I had received 3rd sms from them again. Their last stop at Asia City branch which will be held from 17 March until 20 March.

This time around, 44 plates.

Surprised leh two of us can had that much? But don’t be fooled for that because I was not just being accompanied by TTM, but with my family too. Thanks TTM once again for belanja my family. (❤‿❤)

So, what are you waiting for? Today (20/03) is their last day of RM2 Bonanza at Asia City. Fast fast go there. No member card required. 🙂


1oth March – a shortie and chubby gal was born. That’s me by the way. Kekeke. Looks like this year my birthday is filled with lots foods. And now I feel like my blog is more towards foods too.
As for the lunch time on my birthday, here comes Japanese foods again. Kaze seems to be TTM favourite Japanese restaurant as we just went there last week, and now he wants to go there again. Once again, thanks for the birthday treat. (❤‿❤)

Kaze Japanese House – a cosy and tiny little place to have a nice foods
Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancake served with cabbage, prawn. And also futomaki.

Bento set – Futomaki, sushi, Tamago Yaki and lots more.

Even we only had that 2 meals as our lunch, we are absolutely can feel that our stomach is so full.

When we back to office, Lee Hung gave me something and told me that it is from the accounting department partner. I opened it and saw is “tau fu fah”.

Sweet, soft and nice “tau fu fah” from Accounting Department Partner.

Oreo Cheese Cake and Chocolate Moist Cake. Thanks to Lee Hung and Foan 🙂


Around 3pm, Angliea intercom me and informed me that someone with the title “Datuk” came from the Company which I was in charge of doing their audit want to discuss with me regarding their account. I was so nervous so I intercom my manager and informed him too regarding this. So, he decided went to the 7th floor to see what’s happening. But within a few minutes, he came up and told me the Datuk want find me, not him. I was so curious why that Datuk want find me for. I was so rushing to the 7th floor in order not to let that Datuk wait for me.

However when I reached 7th floor, I couldn’t find that Datuk and suddenly I saw a box writte my name of it with a candle. OMG~ Another surprised from Company secretary department. My manager and them are putting prank of me. This is really a shocking and surprised birthday I ever had.

Thanks Angliea for the fruit tartlet. It is really so delicious.

Before I went back home, here comes my final cake of the day. Why this is the final cake? How’s about cake from my family? It suppose to be good news as my mom had specially made cake for me but too bad, it dropped to the floor, before I manage to have a look on it. Too bad…

Durian Cheese Cake by my company. Thanks Sui Lee for recommend this.

Although no cake from my family, its still Ok because they treat me dinner at Boston, Karamunsing Capital. TTM joined us for the dinner too mrgreen.

Sweet and sour fish corn rice

So, that’s the story of Shortie birthday for the year 2011.

I would like to say MILLION THANKS to all my beloved friends, cousin and family for the birthday wishes via either SMS, FB, ip message or even phone call. Guess I received lots of birthday wishes this year. Thanks to FB. Kekeke~

You see, kan I told you my birthday is filled with lots of foods surprised

To Shing Wei: If you are wondering what’s my birthday gift from him, erm… Nothing~ Well, of course I’m not getting any at this moment. Maybe soon…

>I took another half day leave again last Tuesday, just to fetch her…

That is Kai Wee, my very best friend when we studied in KL. She just came back from Taiwan (refer previous post). She is damn hungry when reached KK and craving for Japanese foods. So, I brought her to Wojamama, our own Sabah Japanese restaurant in 1Borneo.

My face is so chubby. How to reduce the chubby face? Any clue?

Sushi (forget the name xP)

Tori Curry Don. Only RM9.90 during happy hour (2.30 pm – 5.30pm)


Thanks Kai Wee for belanja me. Yesterday you asked me what I want for my birthday. Ok lah, this consider as my birthday treat. Thanks so much and hopes to see you soon. xP

During her Taiwan trip, Doraemon theme park is closed due to the termination of the contract with 1 of the theme park. So, she took this chance to take with this big big Doraemon which we saw outside Wojamama.

Courtesy pic from Kai Wee.

So envy that Kai Wee went Taiwan during the spring season. The sakura blossom during that time. Even when I was in Japan last year, never got the chance to see sakura as the period I went was autumn season.


Starting from this month until the end of August, we need to go back office and working on every Saturday. So, today is our first day of working on Saturday for this year but we only work for half day.

Me and TTM start our “Japanese food hunting” for this month at Fukurou Japanese Restaurant as our lunch. You see, he is really addicted with Japanese foods. Although Fukurou is so near to our office, but he never had the chance to have meal there. Finally, he decided to have lunch at there.

Opposite of Wisma Damai Point, where we work
Most of their foods are not available. I was so desperate to order Tori Teriyaki Maki but too bad.
At the back of the menu, they even included the nutrition information

As for today lunch, both of us intend not to order heavy meal and just order sushi and maki.

From clockwise: Mushi Ebi Sushi, Tuna Mayo Sushi, Tamago Maki, Kani Kama Sushi and Shake Sushi.

California Maki; RM10 for 6

Korokke Moriawase; RM12.90 per dish and 30% off for members

Ebi Tempura Crepe Maki; RM12 for 6 pieces. The omellette taste so sweet and delicious. Thumbs up for this.

Ocha; either hot or cold cost RM1.50 per cup

Finally, their dessert served FOC =D
Good news for the members! 30% of for their new menu for this month ONLY.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and apply as the member to enjoy the great promotion.
P/S – I am not being pay to promote this. =P But I am really enjoying their foods.

>Unlike most of my usual day on Saturday, yesterday could be consider one of my busiest day.



Woke up at 9.30 am because I promised my high school teacher to help her for the school co-curriculum activities. Until now, I’m still active with my Girl Guides Association by guiding and teaching those gals between 13 to 16 years old from different high school most of the weekend at the headquarter. So, my high school teacher request me to give speech and explain the stage to achieve the highest award in the Girl Guides Association. I’m quite nervous and I’m almost numb too because the last time I’m giving the speech in front of the audience was 2 years ago. Some more, no early preparation because I received the SMS from my high school teacher on Friday noon. Luckily, the speech end within less than an hour or else, I’m sure I’m barely breath.


After half an hour conversation with my high school teacher (since both of us had not met for almost 3 years), I went to find TTM as he plan to buy cloth for tonight annual dinner. Last minute shopping again~ We went Suria Sabah because I had discount voucher worth RM10 to spend at Trio Apparel Shop. Before begin to search for the cloth to suit tonight dinner’s theme, we went to have lunch. Guess where we end up to? Sushi Tei – which was my second visit but his first visit to have meal at there. Lol @_@. Both of us seems like addicted to have Japanese meals recently. So, proudly to announce that this is my 7th times to have Japanese meal for this month.

Love to have their dessert but I think is overrated. Maybe next time…

Tamago Mentai Mayo; cooked omellete with cod roe

Ebikko Tempura Maki

Inari Kani Mentai Mayo; cooked inari, crab meat with cod roe

Like most of the local Japanese restaurant, their sushi is based on colour code plate. White colour plate cost RM2, blue cost RM4, green cost RM6 and etc. However, there are few unusual sushi that can’t find in other Japanese restaurant such as Tamago Mentai Mayo and Inari Kani Mentai Mayo (as pic above) which I think the taste is so special and taste nice too in between.

Then after, reached home around 3.30 pm and preparing for the night. Tonight theme is “The Joy of Spring”, so must dress up something that related to the spring season.

I’m almost all in pink that night. My dress was pink, my scarf pink and even my earring was pink too. This dress I bought almost 5 years ago from my friend and wore for 4 times only.

The accessories to complete the dress code theme.


TTM fetched me around 5.15 pm because I need to arrive at Magellan by 5.30 pm. I’m one of the committee and also in charge of the programme rundown for the night with the help of my manager. It’s really tiring to stand in the position I was because there is so many things I need to manage in order to ensure that everything is going well with the programme that we plan and make sure everything is run smoothly.

Besides MC, the drawback of becoming programme runner was the foods that we eat were less than other. I think yesterday night I had missed out one of the dishes but luckily that is not my favourite dishes. Not only that, I think I had not done well because in the middle of nowhere, there is few programme needed to be changed without any notification. A schedule of the programme rundown had given to me but I lost it in somewhere else.

Anywhere, thank God! The dinner was over exactly at 10 pm and all the programme was successfully implemented, although not in the way we want it to be. Hopefully most of them enjoy the night together with all the lucky draw prize that given away.


More picture and details of my Company Annual Dinner 2011 will be in the next post. I don’t want to make this post to become a superb duperb long post.


Gosh~ This month I’m really having Japanese foods like mad. This is the 6th round just for this month. But I don’t know why I never get bored with Japanese foods even if I eat almost everyday. Looks like they had put the spell on me.

There are reason behind why I plan to have Japanese foods again for the 6th round.

TADAAA…. Sushi Voucher from WoJama Japanese Restaurant

Did you saw the expire date? That’s why I must immediately fully utilise it. I received this voucher from my dad. My family went WoJamama branch located at Lintas last month with my relatives who came from Brunei. And they ate up until the foods cost RM450+++…Wah!! 7 people for RM450. They must be eating a lot. But too bad I didn’t join cause I already promised to have dinner with TTM that time. WoJamama is so stingy ooo… A bill cost RM450+++ must give at least 4 sushi voucher worth RM50 but they just gave 1 to my dad. Usually, when you ate RM100 and above, they will give you a RM50 sushi voucher. So, they should give more mah….

By the way, this is the 5th time I’m receiving this voucher from them and there is once, I totally forget about it and there goes my sushi voucher …… This time around, I keep reminding myself or else, I would !@#$%^&*.

Me and TTM visited WoJamama branch at Asia City because according to the terms and condisions stated in the voucher, it is only valid in Asia City and 1Borneo. 1Borneo is a bit farer from the place we stayed and worked, so we decided to have at Asia City. TTM was having their bento and I plan just to have the sushi. No more heavy meals for me again. (==lll)

Inari – sweet beancurd sushi. This is my all-time-favourite sushi which I keep mentioned in my blog.

All Wojamama sushi is half price if using the voucher.

Our dinner for the night.

The dinner. The voucher. The member card.

>Kan I said I will go eat Japanese foods for the fifth time? LoL!

During lunch, me and TTM had no idea what and where to eat so, we ended up eating Japanese foods again. When we browsed the menu, we noticed that the price had increased. TTM ordered Beef Teriyaki after I showed him that it’s Kaze new menu. Meanwhile, I plan to order their maki because I’m still on diet. Don’t want eat too heavy meals.

Tamago Maki

Tamago Yaki

Tamago from Kaze is so sweet, soft and mostly its delicious too

Kani Kama Maki

I loves Maki so much. Now I’m craving for maki again~


As today I plan to search for screen protector for my iPad at Karamunsing, we decided to have our dinner somewhere nearby. Without any doubt, my first choice will be definitely Miso Japanese Restaurant. This elegant Japanese Restaurant caught my attention when me, TTM and his friend were having lunch at Mint Peppermint, Karamunsing Capital last Wednesday. Damn likey likey Japanese foods recently. By the way, so far I’m having Japanese foods for the 4th time.

The first three round that I had were also in this month of February. First round was at the newly opened Sushi Tei, Suria Sabah with my deariest. Second round with my family at Sushi King, City Mall. Still remember on the day of this year Valentine’s Day – which I’d had dinner at Recipe House, Damai. Maybe there will be fifth round before end of this month. [=.=]

Back to Miso. Let’s the picture do the talking.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (2)

This reminds me of the current drama which I watch lately in Astro on Demand.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (3)

The creative and unique ambiance of the restaurant

Miso Japanese Restaurant (12)

Their black book menu
Miso Japanese Restaurant (4)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (5)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (15)

Starting with appetizer
Miso Japanese Restaurant (10)

Miso Japanese Restaurant (6)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (7)
California Maki (Vinegared rice with cucumber, crabmeat stick, omelette, mayonnaise and fish roe). This is my favourite.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (8)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (9)
TTM’s meal; Oyaku Jyu (Simmered chicken and egg with sweet and sour sauce). He asked me to made decision for his meal, so I ordered this.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (11)
My meal; Chicken Soup Ramen

Miso Japanese Restaurant (13)
Miso Japanese Restaurant (14)
Another maki again, Tori Teriyaki Maki (Vinegared rice with cucumber, Teriyaki chicken and mayonnaise fish roe). It’s so huge that I can’t put it into my mouth for the first bite.

Our dinner ends with dessert.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (16)
Cold barley dessert with peanuts and beancurd. It’s so refreshing and sweet.

Overall, the foods are excellent and tasty. Especially the Maki. There are variety of Maki and I almost can’t made up my mind which to choose from for our dinner. Besides Inari, Maki is also my all-time-favourite when comes to sushi. So, how much we pay for tonight dinner? It cost us RM72.60 for 2 people. With the attentive services and also not forgeting to mention that the appetizer and dessert are complimentary, it is worth every ringgit you pay. But I’m still consider whether to come back for second visit, unless I hit jackpot.

Miso Japanese Restaurant (1)

Miso Japanese Restaurant
Location: F-0-5 & F-0-6, Karamunsing Capital, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Opening hours: Monday – Fri : 10.00 am – 2.30 pm, 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Saturday – Sunday : 10.00 am – 11.00 pm

Before I end my post, there is something I would like to post my shoutout for today.

Karamunsing Capital is the current place for food hunter. Lots of new restaurant opened and lots of foods to try. Can’t wait to try all of them! =D”



Sushi Tei – an international Japanese sushi restaurant chain, originated from Singapore are now located in Suria Sabah. Yeahoooo, this means that there are more selection of Japanese restaurant to choose from are now available in Kota Kinabalu. Honestly to say that I love Japanese foods more than Italian foods, even though I don’t eat those raw one like sashimi, salmon =p. But, I’m damn love sushi especially Inari.

Located at Ground Floor, nearby Voir

Their signature open-kitchen allow to us to see their chefs culinary skills

The big menu

At first, I thought this is one fine and wealthy Japanese restaurant as this is the first international Japanese restaurant chain in Kota Kinabalu. But from the menu, I realised that the price range for sushi can range from RM2 for Tamago sushi to RM10. However, I saw sea urchin sushi for RM42. OMG ==”… 2 sushi for RM42!!! But when I think back, this is one rare Japanese foods you can find in KK. For ala carte, you can choose from RM10.90 and more on some of the premium dishes.

Ocha which cost RM2 per cup. Good thing is it’s refillable

Cutie Wawa with her ocha

Now it’s time for “ITADAKIMASU”:

My all time favourite; Chicken Katsu Don

Ten Don;

Yakitori Don; grilled chicken with rice

Their foods are taste nice and smell nice too especially Yakitori Don. Too bad we didn’t order sushi as most of us had eaten a bit before this. Their services are excellent and attentive too. At first, we thought that we might need to wait for so long as there is a long queue. I was a bit worry cause our movie will be show in 1 hour plus. However, we were being given a seat within 5 minutes.

Drawback of this restaurant was there is a long Japanese Kaiten (conveyor belt) but just a few sushi was display on top of it. So all you need to do is by ordering yourself.

Anyway, I would like to have a try on their sushi especially their Futomaki and California Maki.

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