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It’s cool to spend your public holiday by going for a trip; either inbound trip or outbound trip. But the next thing you know is that your holiday is over and you don’t have enough time to be slack on your bed because most of your time had been spending walking for non-stop during your trip.

This is my 4th trip after working life and once I came back from a trip, the next day I will start working without taking any extra leave. It’s quite tiring sometimes but for me, travelling is always within my blood and bone. It is my passion or I can said. “I was born to become traveler cool“.

Just returned from my holiday and guess who got it right where had I been to? Tiara Dryden, you are absolutely correct. Yes, I went to China for 4 days with my family – including my bro who currently studied in Kuching and my sis and even her boyfriend all the way from Singapore. I still remember my previous family trip was in year 2005 to Hong Kong together with my late grandfather. rolleyes

Anyway congratulation to Tiara Dryden as you might receive mystery gift. I will contact you later. This is my first ever real gift-away. razz For Jeff Chuah, don’t be dissapointed as I will do it again next time.

Will post more on my China trip.

It’s not the first time I’d been to China as I had been there and it was the greatest birthday gift from my dad. Went to Beijing and other cities in 2006 during my birthday.

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