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On the second day of our trip, we went to the Window on China Theme Park or in Chinese known as 小人國 (I skipped the boring part of visiting one of the old streets) which is located in the area of northern Taoyuan area, right just next to the Taoyuan International Airport.

Window on China Theme Park is one of Taiwan’s amusement park and the main attraction is where they display miniature of historical buildings and famous international landmarks around the world. Window on China Theme Park is more similar to the one located in Shenzen but these 133 miniature landmarks are all perfectly presented on a 1 to 25 scale to the original building whereas the one in Shenzen showcases in a human-size scale models.

Window on China Taiwan 01
One of Window on China mascot – Lucky

Window on China Taiwan 02
Xiao Ren Guo direct translate means “small people country”

Window on China Taiwan 03
Miniature of Taichung port and harbour

Window on China Taiwan 04

Window on China Taiwan 05
Using my Canon Ixus 130 miniature effect

Window on China Taiwan 06
Airport and airplane

The miniature world is divided into 3 main sections;

1. Mini Taiwan / Mini China – Displays the all well-chosen famous buildings from Taiwan and China where you can experience the Taiwanese and Chinese culture based on the style and feature from the past and the present.

Window on China Taiwan 07

Window on China Taiwan 08

Window on China Taiwan 09

Window on China Taiwan 10

Window on China Taiwan 15
One of Taiwan’s famous monument, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Window on China Taiwan 11
There even display other miniature such as zoo. Can you spot the monkey hanging on the line?

Window on China Taiwan 12
And even kungfu panda was here too.

Window on China Taiwan 14

Loves this model of amusement park

2. Mini Europe / America – Display the beauty of European buildings and the amazement of American sights.

Can you identify any one of these landmarks?
Window on China Taiwan 16

Window on China Taiwan 17

Window on China Taiwan 18

Window on China Taiwan 19

Window on China Taiwan 20

Window on China Taiwan 21

3. Mini Asia – Features the vivid buildings and landscape of Japan, Korea, India and the Middle East.

Window on China Taiwan 22
I put this as my profile pic in facebook and my friend thought I went India. (==”)

Window on China Taiwan 23

Window on China Taiwan 24-1

Window on China Taiwan 24-2

Window on China Taiwan 25
My dearest family – mom and 2 lil bros

Window on China Taiwan 24
Did you spot coaster rail behind?

Besides miniature, there are many different exciting rides and adventures either on land or in water in this amusement park such as roller coaster, riverboat, bumper car and lots more. In addition, the popular cartoon and comic character, Doreamon Story House was also features here too which just being opened in two years ago. But I will share all of these in the next post or else my this post will be bulky with overload photos. So stay tune!

Window on China Taiwan 29

Ended my post with this. Wore this shirt which I bought from Wufenpu on the night before for NT$200

[Credit to: Window on China Theme park homepage & brochure]


Small Note: I always would like to create segment like #Sharing Saturday or even #Snapshot Sunday to share some of my hidden photo and trips which I never share before this in my blog.

Had you ever heard of this place before? If you never heard of it, don’t worry because I’m gonna share it here.

This post is specially dedicated to all those Harry Potter fans out there (doesn’t matter whether you fans of the books or movies but for me, it’s the movie I am chasing about), finally it comes to the end after after eight movies that spanned more than a decade.

Glenfinnan Viaduct is a railway viaduct located on the West Highlands of Scotland. It came to prominence in the Harry Potter films, the first being “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (the second series of Harry Potter), when the Jacobite Steam Train became transformed into the Hogwarts Express and was filmed crossing this viaduct.

Glenfinnan 1
Exactly at 3.15 pm, the Jacobite Steam Train will passby this viaduct.

Glenfinnan 2
Now waiting for it to transform into Hogwarts Express (Neh, I’m just kidding)

Glenfinnan 3
It also appears in two subsequent Harry Potter films, “The Prisoner of Azkaban” and “The Goblet of Fire“.

Glenfinnan 4
Loves the vivid colour of the sky and scenery.

Glenfinnan 5
One of the Harry Potter Film Location.

There are tons of Harry Potter’s movie screenshots but I just found two. Probably someday when I visit United Kingdom again, hopefully can spots all those Harry Potter film location.

So, have you watch the final epic of Harry Potter? I had watched it last Thursday midnight and I am gonna said this is most probably one of the final series filled with thriller and most importantly, it ends with good ending or else I’m gonna !@#$%^&* after all had been chasing for almost a decade.

[Credit to: Wikipedia, Moviesblog.mtv.com]


Date of Visited: 20 December 2010

Going Taiwan on Christmas Day is kinda fun but joining organised tour guide is kinda disaster. So, never ever join organised tour guide if you want to enjoy Taiwan trip to the fullest. However, because for this trip of mine which can consider part of family trip, so no choice but to join them.

Woke up as early as 3 am for the last minute packing and cooked some breakfast for my 2 lil brothers. There is only one direct flight from Kota Kinabalu to Taipei and this flight is only available at 6 am via Air Asia. The journey took us 3 hours and around 9 am, landed on Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Taiwan Day 1 002
My second visit on Taoyuan International Airport.

Taiwan Day 1 001
A warm welcome by Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit

After done with all the passport checking and luggage claimed, we went and met our local tour guide which will bring us around Taiwan for this 7 days trip. Our first pitstop was having lunch. Oh gosh! Luckily enough going for lunch first before start to go other destinations because I was super hungry at that moment. I don’t fancy ordering foods inside the cabin because I think it is not worth it. Cost more than RM10 for just a small plate of meal which exactly won’t fulfilled my empty stomach but for my 2 lil brothers, they were eating just like a prince.

Taiwan Buffet Steamboat

Lunch at Bar B.Q., which is typical steamboat and barbeque buffet style. Not much choices but I am not that picky when comes to food.

Here is the list of the places we went on the first day in Taiwan:


In Chinese means “nine portions“, is a mountain area of northeast cost of Taiwan. The roads to Jiufen are steep and narrow. I was wondering how the big bus that we are riding on could pass through these roads. Guess the driver must has highly professional driving skills.
1Taiwan 20106
The mountain view from Jiufen

1Taiwan 20104
Narrow alleys and streets for pedestrians only

1Taiwan 20103

But packed with various of local foods and snacks. This is where I found out the jumbo sausage is actually wild boar.

Taipei 101

Taiwan’s landmark skyscraper and served as a symbolic icon for Taiwan. Formerly ranked as the world’s tallest building from 2004 until 2010. Here is the ideal place for those who want to experience high end shopping.

Taipei 101-1
Christmas Tree standing outside the mall

Taiwan Day 1 005
Dazzling Swarovski Christmas tree in Taipei 101 Mall

Taiwan Day 1 003
Adorable advertisement board on a tourist bus

Taiwan Day 1 004

Wufenpu Fashion Area

This area is best known for wholesale garment market and the largest clothing line market in Taiwan. At here, you will see lots of bags contains of clothes lying on the floor and their clothes are definitely cheap. So for ladies who like to shop, I will recommend this place but the drawback of this place there is no fitting room; which similar to the pasar malam (night market).

Taiwan Wufenpu-1

Shilin Night Market

End our first night by visiting the most popular and bustling night market in Taipei. This night market is divided into two different sections; the food vendors which opposite of the railway station while the other side across the road is selling fashionable and accessories items.

1Taiwan 20107

[Credit to: Wikipedia, Wikitravel]


It is time for Taiwan.

Done with my Japan trip, now I am gonna share my travel adventures and stories around the sweet-potato-shaped island (said by Nateniale’s travel). Hope you don’t mind if I share your blog here.

A bit confused and puzzled where should I start from because among 3 of the trips I went in year 2010, this is the one and only trip which I joined organised tour guide. Kind regret for joining that and I am highly recommend that if can, you better travel by your own.

In that case, I decided start by introduce Taiwan’s Night Market and their Foods. That is what Taiwan popular for as one tourist destination and become the topspot among sightseeing foreign travellers recently.

According to a website, there are more than three hundred nights market in Taiwan. These markets offer enormous variety of authentic Taiwanese food, tasty snacks and drinks. What I believe is that xiaochi foods is the highlighted foods among most of the night markets. Xiaochi, translates in Chinese means “small eats” or finger foods.

Let me introduce some of the infamous night markets that I went during my winter trip in Taiwan.

1. Shilin Night Market, Taipei

“Shilin Night Market is rated #1 for all Taipei things to do !” – Yahoo Travel

This is the first night market I went on the first day arrived Taiwan. Can’t deny that it being ranked as no. 1 as it is often considered to be the largest and most popular night market in the city of Taipei. Shilin Night Market encompasses two distinct sections; the food market stalls opposite the Jiantan Metro Station and the durable goods market surrounding the Yang Ming Cinema on Anping Street, Dadong Road and Wenlin Road.

These Taiwanese sausage is huge and long. Sometimes it is wild boar sausage.

Iced lime jelly or known as Aiyu ping in Chinese




So many things to see, so many foods to try but unfortunately, we were only being given less than 1 hour to walk around such a huge night market. I even miss out the famous massive fried chicken cutlet which cost approximately around RM5. The queue was so long and I had only 5 minutes left before get it to the bus.

2. Fengjia Night Market, Taichung


“Low prices, all included” is the main feature of this market where it sells all kinds of cuisines, clothes and accessories. Also known as the Wenhua Night Market, this market is located next to Feng Chia University in Taichung’s Situn District along Wen Hua Road and Fuhsing Road. It extends along Wen Hua Road as far as the Chijian Night Market, making this area claimed to be Taiwan’s largest night market cluster.

The super duper long ice-cream


The boots is so damn cheap. Regret for not buying them because out of my size.

3. Liouho Night Market, Kaohsiung

One of the great night markets in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan.

Prepare yourself for the collection of snack vendors photos which I took from this night market.
(Caution: Make sure you are not review with your empty stomach)











I love this snack. This is basically the hot dog cover with bread.
Every night when visit the night market, sure I won’t miss this one.

4. Ximending, Taipei

Ximending is the source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture and has been knowned as “Harajuku of Taipei” or even “Shibuya of Taipei”. It is one of the most happening and bustling shopping district in the Wanhua District, Taipei.


In my opinion, it is better to shop other place before you shop here because some of the items are quite expensive. Nothing much to shop here because from the pic, you can see that on the day we arrived there, it rains heavily. I just bought myself a lovely and unique umbrella.



Besides the above four night markets, we also went to other 2 night markets which were not that so crowded such as Shinkuchan Night Market and Chung Hua Night Market.

Taiwan - Shinkuchan Night Market-1

Shinkuchan Night Market in Kaohsiung

Taiwan Night Market-1
Chung Hua Night Market on the Christmas eve.

However, due to recent foods and healthy issue, some of the night market’s drinks and shaved ice deserts tested positive for plasticisers. So beware of those foods where you visit Taiwan.

But for me, I just can’t get enough of their foods.
On my left hand side is the sausage cover by bread and on the other side is fried chicken cutlet.

Wish to visit TAIWAN again!

[Credit to: Taiwan’s Night Market homepage, Taiwan – The Heart of Asia homepage, Wikipedia and The Wall Street Journal]


Instead of reading newspaper, I always start my morning by log in to this Travel with MSN Malaysia website (besides facebook and my blog). And I saw one of this latest article which caught my attention. So, I decided to share with you all here. Consider part of my job right, as a so-so travel blogger.

Select your travel destinations by your star signs.

Whether or not indulging in horoscope is your cup of tea, it’s interesting to find out what your star signs have to say about your holiday destinations. We have carefully handpicked these horoscope locations in Malaysia to give you some travel insights into each Zodiac sign.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Adventurous and eager, the Aries never holds back; their courageous and dynamic traits are what make them always ready for action!

>>WHERE: Lata Kinjang, Perak

This majestic fall is one of the tallest in Malaysia! Only a fraction of the falls can be seen from the North-South Expressway while the entire cascade of waterfalls actually flows from 850m above. This trip will make a perfect one for the eager and dynamic Aries as getting to the falls itself requires a steep half an hour climb from the stalls where you can park your car at; the rushing waters and crisp air will be a wonderful award after the strenuous climb.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Material possessions and everything fine and beautiful never fail to attract the Taurus; they are noted for their strength and sensuality, they also appreciate fine linens and clothing.

>>WHERE: National Craft Complex, Kuala Lumpur

Perhaps the idea of spending the day creating batik at the Craft Village here will be enticing for the creative Taurus who enjoys making things with their hands. Traditional handicrafts such as sculptures, pottery, wood carvings and ceramics can also be attained at the Karyaneka Craft Boutique. The Craft Museum, on the other hand, highlights Malaysian textile heritage and displays traditional Malaysian handicraft.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

A Gemini is curious and mentally active; fun to be around, a Gemini also make good light hearted social encounters. The other one out of two distinctive sides of a Gemini would be the contemplative, more serious and indecisive one.

>>WHERE: Mulu National Park, Sarawak

Opt for cave or forest activities – take on the world’s longest tree-based Mulu Canopy Skywalk to learn more about life in the forest canopy; alternatively, explore the extraordinary limestone and bat caves. The outgoing and communicative Gemini will also enjoy overnight group expeditions comprised of longboat rides and jungle trekking; versatility as part of a Gemini’s trait will shine through here. Expect spectacular scenery and an eye opening experience amidst 52,000 hectares of equatorial rainforest.

Cancer (June 21 – Jul 22)

A Cancer is sensitive and sentimental as well as intuitive. Their love is protective and while this love can become smothering, it can also be nurturing.

>>WHERE: Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, Sandakan

These highly intelligent Orang Utans are an endangered Malaysian wildlife species that can be found in Borneo – devoted and empathetic Cancerians may find the rehabilitation efforts at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre engaging. Amidst 5529 hectares of rainforest here, there is a board walk that leads to a viewing gallery and feeding platform. The more explorative Cancerian can also apply for a permit from the Forestry Department to trek 5km through a mangrove forest.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Leos are dramatic and outgoing; they take the spotlight and are of a warm spirit. Fiery and creative, Leos are leaders whose charms could be hard to resist.

>>WHERE: Sungai Klah Hot Springs, Perak

Rest assured that the self-assured Leo will be surprised at the number of activities available at this natural hot spring. Apart from being able to boil eggs in wire baskets at a designated part of the spring, board walks, water reflexology, traditional massages and private Jacuzzis are also available. The magnetic charm of a Leo will make this trip a memorable one – be it with friends, lover or family.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Virgos are dedicated creatures; delicate and gentle, they manifest a great sense of caregiving. Their competence and intense focus on current passions could be highly rewarding.

>>WHERE: Pulau Pemanggil, Johor

Famed for its abundant marine life and clear sea waters, this remote island is also known for deep-sea fishing and diving. There is also a massive and sacred boulder known as the Batu Buau which lies in the middle of the island. The analytic and gentle Virgo will enjoy fishing here! It will be worth the travel just to be able to spend a few days basking under the glorious sun, quietly fishing in the midst of an unpolluted sea.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

The Libra seeks balance in every aspect of life. Sociable and peace loving, this sign enjoys being in the company of others. Libras have winning personalities and are effective strategists.

>>WHERE: Longhouse Tours, Sarawak

There are 27 different ethnic groups in the Sarawakian rainforest; some of the tribal groups being the Dayak, Iban and Bidayuh. Communal longhouse dwellers are welcoming and well known for their hospitality; the Libra will enjoy their welcoming traditional dances and ceremonial songs. A number of places for consideration – The Skrang River, the Lemanak River, Batang Ai and Annah Rais.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Scorpios are passionate; they exude certain intensity but maintain a cool exterior. Beneath the exterior, however, lie deep and active emotions that a Scorpio may not want to express. Scorpios make great leaders and are resourceful.

>>WHERE: Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

2,500 feet above sea level, Colmar Tropicale is a view of north-eastern 16th century French buildings. The passionate and penetrating Scorpio would love soaking in the ambience while being entertained by jugglers, bands and snake performances over an authentic French meal at Colmar Square – that which lies in the middle of the village.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

The Sagittarius has a natural tendency towards travel, adventure and philosophy; they hold a broad-minded approach to life and are always on the lookout for deeper meaning – a seeker of knowledge and wisdom.

>>WHERE: Gua Tempurung, Perak

Gua Tempurung is a magnificent world of stalagmites and stalactites; there are many spectacular rock formations here, some given names in accordance to the shape it takes – First Lady, Zorro eyes, Dainty Foot Lady amongst the many. The traveller trait in each Saggitarius will know how to appreciate the beauty of one of the longest caves of Malaysia. Choose from a variety of cave tours or expeditions according to desired difficulty and length.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Capricorns set high goals for themselves and hold to professionalism; they also maintain traditional values and attain self-satisfaction from personal accomplishments. These independent creatures are serious minded and practical.

>>WHERE: The Armed Forces Military Museum, Negeri Sembilan

Honoured with a Merit Award under the “Best Tourist Attraction” category by Tourism Malaysia, this museum is informative as well as interactive. Experience a showcase of tanks, vehicles, canons and artefacts dated from 1933. Capricorns will be able to provoke and harbour expanding thoughts through experiencing the Malayan Communist Party’s underground tunnel and the Pepper Ghost illustrations.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

This intellectual air sign is shy yet energetic; they are quiet and eccentric deep thinkers that hold interests in concepts and ideas.

>>WHERE: Pulau Dayang Bunting, Kedah

The direct translation of the island’s name is “Island of the Pregnant Maiden” and behind this name lies the legend of how a man named Mat Teja fell in love with a beautiful fairy princess by the name of Mambang Sari; the princess gave birth to a son whom died shortly after, Mambang Sari then blessed the lake by putting her child to rest there. The imaginative yet eccentric Aquarius will experience rejuvenation as they take time out amidst legend and nature.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

A Pisces is spiritual and gentle; this fish sign creatures are affectionate and perhaps the most understanding of all signs. Besides being accepting and emotionally expressive, a Pisces also has a strong and vibrant presence.

>>WHERE: Mabul Island, Sabah

A Pisces would thoroughly love this beach getaway. Set aside off the south-eastern coast of Sabah, this little fishing village is now also a popular diving spot. Go prepared with water proof camera casings for underwater shots of the marine life; note also that it is possible to explore the entire island on foot!

This article was by Travel with MSN Malaysia (click here)

I not sure whether it is accurate or not but I am certainly love with the answer for my horoscope. Mine is the last one, Pisces. Pisces is the icon of fish and guess that fish loves to swim. Hahaha…Hope you all enjoy reading this article.


Guess who read my blog previously would know that I had left Sabah recently to further my study. Yeap, currently I am back again to Kuala Lumpur to complete my professional papers which I had abandoned for 1 and half years. I not sure how long it takes but anywhere guess this is my new chapter of life for the second half year in 2011.

Initially I booked Air Asia promo airfare from KK to KL less than RM50 but I changed my ticket to the next day onwards and it costs me more than RM200. Well, I’m not flying with Air Asia but with Firefly. My first ever flight with Firefly.


However, first time experience ends up with bad impression. The queue was so long and I think it took more than 5 minutes per passenger to check in. More worst than Air Asia.

But ooo (there is always a but), one thing I can praise Firefly was they gave me to choose which seat I prefer. This is the one I like if compare to Air Asia. Sure I’ll choose window seat. I always love window seat. Firefly is almost alike Air Asia where if you want to reserve seat, you need to pay extra. Luckily I didn’t do so when online booking but I’ll never thought they gave me to choose during check-in counter.

Loves the view at the back.

Firefly signature colour – ORANGE

Once reached KLIA, I took KLIA Express to KL city. Oh my! My last ever on KLIA express was about 2 years ago.



After 2 and half hours flight with Firefly, half hour ride on KLIA express, half hour journey from KL central to the place I am heading to by Putra LRT, and 4 minutes of ride by taxi, finally I reach the place I am gonna to stay for the next half year. Holy gosh! Carrying more than 35 kg luggage all along the way really almost choke me to death.

TADAA!! Very spacious and plenty of spaces.

A table and small cupboard were provided. The second door on left is actually bathroom.

The bathroom.

The place I am staying currently was actually my friend’s house. But I can’t disclose where is the actual place I am staying for safety purpose. All the facilities is being provided including internet connection. That’s great so that I can update my blog more frequently. Not forgetting to mention that there’s even a swimming pool.

Guess I can swim when I was so freaking free.

Talking about my study, I just signed up for 3 courses today and it will be commencing on this Thursday. Hey wait! Today is Monday and I have 2 slack days of doing nothing. Looks like I’m gonna sing “The Lazy Songs” by Bruno Mars. Hahaha…


Anyway, I promise that I will be back with my travel tales and stories once everything is settle. Have a great day everyone! Now, what should I do next after done with this post? Sleep? Eating? Facebook+ing?


The No.1 travel and tourism fair in Malaysia is back again! And this time around it is happening at Suria Sabah starting from today until this Sunday. So what are you waiting for? Spend some of your this weekend to hunt for your perfect vacation getaway with special travel package and offer whether inbound tour or even outbound tour from the travel agencies who took part in this fair.


In order to kill the time as I am unemployed currently, so I went Suria Sabah today to search for attractive bargains for my upcoming trips. Yeap, that’s right. Travel blogger is in action!








This is the travel agency which I joined for Taiwan trip.

And even this which I joined for Beijing tour back in year 2006.

Not only travel agencies, there are even a few hotels and airline companies participate for this MATTA fair.

Such as Firefly Airline

and Swiss Garden International Hotel.

Performance by the dancers after the official launched by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment.


Plenty of flyer, brochure and travel price list I took for my research.

Small Note: Goodbye to the first half year and say hello to the first half year. Holy gosh! Time pass so fast and I’m gonna leave soon!


Take a break for a while from my travel blog and giving someway to my personal life blog. Well, here I would like to announce today is my LAST day of working! I am free from the hectic daily life, no more work overload, feeling of stress and tension. Not forgeting, no more of keep counting down the time to passby to lunch time and off working hours.

It took 3 months for me to waiting for this day. I had tender my resignation letter 3 months ago, as what stated in the letter of offer due to my position.

But, it kinda a mix feelings when I’m about to leave because this can be consider as my second home. Imagine in 24 hours, I had spend at least minimum of 8 hours in office. Not yet including the 1 hour for lunch time where sometimes I bring lunch box and having at office.

Starting as a freshie level to a semi-senior level, it is the most priceless moment that had completed part of my life. Not forgeting too, this is the place where I met my current bf by the way=P. Well, the reason behind I resigned is not because I get a better offer but it’s too further my study. Kinda complicated to explain but what I know besides becoming a full-time or part-time student (myself also confuse on this part), now I can even chase my biggest dreams in my life. Yeap, travel again around the globe to satisfy my wanderlust.

My seat in office. Next to me, it’s my bf’s seat.

My messy table.

The laptop that I used. Nice leh the design? My boss replaced old laptop with this when I came back from Hong Kong trip. I was damn surprised that time.


Besides my bf, only my 2 boss and HR department knew today was my last day. I lied to my other colleagues that tomorrow is my last day. Therefore, today no farewell celebration for me. Actually according to what I stated in my resignation letter, tomorrow is exactly my final day of working but I utilised my final day of paid leave to replace it. Sorry to all my colleagues for not telling you all the truth.

I went office early today just to snap some photo. Therefore, some of the light not yet on.




Exactly 2 years and 4 months, now it’s time to bid goodbye to my first ever Company I’m working with. Not bad working with this Company that offer lots of activities such as company trip, company dinner and even some sports acitivities including badminton, futsal and bowling. Gonna miss there!

Feeling kinda sad too as I’m gonna leaving KK soon! Sob sob


Before I went Hong Kong for summer holiday, I received message via MSN from Nicole asking whether I interested to go Japan with her or not. At that moment, I had another plan to travel to Australia with my mother and siblings for December holiday.

So I was thinking, if I choose to go Japan, I might need to apply more leave and of course might leads to unpaid leave, which means my montly salary will be deducted. But when reconsider again, when will I had this golden opportunity since most of my friends are recently busy working and lacking of money, therefore unable to travel with me. After thinking for almost 2 weeks, finally i said “YES” to Nicole and there goes two little ladies backpacking by their own. Oh yeah! I would like to stress here that Nicole and I are actually luggage draggers, not backpackers. Hahaha..

Before going to Japan, plenty of preparation need to be ready before enter Japan. For example, during application for visa, I need to go photo studio to take picture with white background. Not only that, lots of requirement needed just to apply such a small piece of visa such as letter from your company, full itinenary of the trip, a photocopy of fixed deposit and so on. Even Nicole had to contact her sister in Singapore in order to get the Japan Rail Pass. That’s why some people prefer to follow organised tour guide to avoid the troublesome requirement.

Some of the readers asking me how much had I spend for this trip. Well, including transportation, accommodation, foods and not forgeting madly shopping, roughly around RM5k – RM6k. But before this, I had compared with organised tour guide where it costs RM5-6k for the tour package. That price not yet included your shopping ooo…

Started to make entry post on 14 December and just ended it recently on 22 June, it took me half year to finish positing of this Japan trip. So, for those who just recently read my blog, here is my Japan trip itinerary because I don’t blog consecutively.

Day 1 (26 October 2010)
5 Different Airports in 24 Hours
First Night Dinner at Osaka

Day 2 (27 October 2010)
Kyoto City Tour

Day 3 (28 October 2010)
Osaka at Daytime
Osaka at Night Time

Day 4 (29 October 2010)
Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street
Akihabara Electronics District

Day 5 (30 October 2010)
Tsukiji Fish Market
Harajuku & Takeshita Dori
Shibuya – Another Shopping & Entertainment District of Tokyo

Day 6 (31 October 2010)
Lake Kawaguchi of Mount Fuji
Tokyo Tower, the Looks alike Eiffel Tower

Day 7 (1 November 2010)
Tokyo Disneysea

Day 8 (2 November 2010)
Japan Transportation & My Last Day in Japan

Extra Features:
1) J-Hoppers & Fukushima
2) Tokyo House Ikebukuro

japan with nicole-1

dt japan


This afternoon, I received message from my bestie that she are leaving to Japan for 3 months for the training purpose. What a great opportunity she has! How I wish I got this opportunity too? To dearest Matilda, have a safe trip and enjoy your life there. Wish to visit you but now is summer season in Japan. Must be damn very hot!


Attractions? Checked. Accommodation? Checked. Foods? Checked. And now end my final post on my adventurous autumn Japan trip by sharing a bit regarding Japan railway and public transportation network.

Frankly to say that the actual period I had in Japan was actually 7 days, not 8 days because Nicole and I spend our last day mostly on the Shinkansen and Kansai International Airport.

Shinkansen  (2)

What is Shinkansen by the way? Shinkansen, the first bullet train, is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan. Running at the speeds of up to 300 km/h, Shinkansen is known for punctuality and it will depart exactly on the scheduled time. So ,don’t expect for Shinkansen to wait for you.

Shinkansen  (3)
Shinkansen  (4)
Aerodynamic nose of the fabled Shinkansen

JR (2)
The journey from Tokyo to Kansai International Airport took us 3 hours by Shinkansen

Shinkansen  (9)
The number on Shinkansen indicates whether the truck is reserved or non-reserved.

Similar to airplanes, most of the Shinkansen offer seats in two different type of classes; ordinary or enocomic class and business class or known as green car class. Due to Nicole and I are Japan Rail Pass holders (will talk about this later), we can only reserved the ordinary class. However, no matter what class it was, for me the seat is so comfortable and so spacious compare to the airplanes. Hey what! I’m almost forgot that everytime I on board, I had no problem with the tight legroom space because I am shortie by the way. Anyway, it is not a bad sign to have the Japan Rail Pass because we can reserve the seat for free.

Shinkansen  (6) copy

Look at the picture at the upper right, Shinkansen offer a generous amount of foot space. Even their number are being numbered and lettered in the same style as on airplanes.

Shinkansen  (10)
The safety guideline.

japan transportation03
We knew that we were almost reach airport when we saw Hep Town.

JR (3)
Finally reached Kansai International Airport, which closer to the city of Osaka.

Japan’s public transportation network leades the world in terms of efficiency, safety and comfort. Most of the places especially the attractions can be reached by taking the public transportation including Mount Fuji. However, when seriously look into their railway line, it is awesomely so complicated and complexity. On the first day we arrived, we were almost lost and confused for 10-20 minutes when we plan to buy ticket to the guest house from Kansai International Airport by using their ticket machine. At the end, we gave up and we went to the ticket office to buy the ticket instead of using the ticket machine.

Don’t believe? Look at the map of the railway line on the top of the ticket machines below.

JR (4)
Not only one

JR (1)
But there are two. Really makes both of us scratched our head.

Talking about that Japan Rail Pass, Nicole recommended to buy it as we plan to visit more than one region of Japan. If you plan to visit Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and even Osaka besides Tokyo, then you need this as it offers an incredibly economical way to travel throughout Japan. This pass gives an unlimited travel on almost all trains of the nationwide network of JR lines, including the Shinkansen as well as on many JR bus lines. We can simply travel at anytime we want without reserve any ticket and like what I said before, we can even reserve the seat for free.

However, this Pass can only be purchased outside of Japan before the visit. It is not for sale inside Japan itself. Nicole bought this pass from Singapore by the way. There are two types of Japan Rail Pass and each of these types is available for either 7 days, 14 days or 21 days.

Japan Rail Pass 01
My name and details on Japan Rail Pass

Kansai Airport (2)
We spend our last at Kansai International Airport, Japan’s second largest airport.

Kansai Airport (1)
For this trip, we took Jetstar where departed from Singapore and transit to Taiwan before reach Japan.

IMG_1183 copy

Finally, that’s the end of my Autumn Adventurous Japan trip with my university housemate, Nicole. It was really one of the amazing and wonderful trip I had. Before this, both of us had been travelled many places during our further study in Sheffield, United Kingdom including the trip of 20 days around Europe. It was a sudden invitation from her to ask me to go Japan. Honestly to say, that moment Japan was not in my current travel list but I am truly not regret on the decision I’d made to travel with her. Lots of exciting experience I had including lost in the middle while try to find the locations and not forgeting too the language barrier we encountered.

Hereby I would like to thanks to Nicole for the invitation and thanks to for doing all the planning and booking the accommodation. Well, she is the host for this trip. THANKS NICOLE!! Can’t wait for our next trip.

[Credit to: Japan-Guide.com, Japan Rail Pass homepage and Wikipedia]

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