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>Taiwan’s Night Markets & Food

Posted on: July 9, 2011


It is time for Taiwan.

Done with my Japan trip, now I am gonna share my travel adventures and stories around the sweet-potato-shaped island (said by Nateniale’s travel). Hope you don’t mind if I share your blog here.

A bit confused and puzzled where should I start from because among 3 of the trips I went in year 2010, this is the one and only trip which I joined organised tour guide. Kind regret for joining that and I am highly recommend that if can, you better travel by your own.

In that case, I decided start by introduce Taiwan’s Night Market and their Foods. That is what Taiwan popular for as one tourist destination and become the topspot among sightseeing foreign travellers recently.

According to a website, there are more than three hundred nights market in Taiwan. These markets offer enormous variety of authentic Taiwanese food, tasty snacks and drinks. What I believe is that xiaochi foods is the highlighted foods among most of the night markets. Xiaochi, translates in Chinese means “small eats” or finger foods.

Let me introduce some of the infamous night markets that I went during my winter trip in Taiwan.

1. Shilin Night Market, Taipei

“Shilin Night Market is rated #1 for all Taipei things to do !” – Yahoo Travel

This is the first night market I went on the first day arrived Taiwan. Can’t deny that it being ranked as no. 1 as it is often considered to be the largest and most popular night market in the city of Taipei. Shilin Night Market encompasses two distinct sections; the food market stalls opposite the Jiantan Metro Station and the durable goods market surrounding the Yang Ming Cinema on Anping Street, Dadong Road and Wenlin Road.

These Taiwanese sausage is huge and long. Sometimes it is wild boar sausage.

Iced lime jelly or known as Aiyu ping in Chinese




So many things to see, so many foods to try but unfortunately, we were only being given less than 1 hour to walk around such a huge night market. I even miss out the famous massive fried chicken cutlet which cost approximately around RM5. The queue was so long and I had only 5 minutes left before get it to the bus.

2. Fengjia Night Market, Taichung


“Low prices, all included” is the main feature of this market where it sells all kinds of cuisines, clothes and accessories. Also known as the Wenhua Night Market, this market is located next to Feng Chia University in Taichung’s Situn District along Wen Hua Road and Fuhsing Road. It extends along Wen Hua Road as far as the Chijian Night Market, making this area claimed to be Taiwan’s largest night market cluster.

The super duper long ice-cream


The boots is so damn cheap. Regret for not buying them because out of my size.

3. Liouho Night Market, Kaohsiung

One of the great night markets in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan.

Prepare yourself for the collection of snack vendors photos which I took from this night market.
(Caution: Make sure you are not review with your empty stomach)











I love this snack. This is basically the hot dog cover with bread.
Every night when visit the night market, sure I won’t miss this one.

4. Ximending, Taipei

Ximending is the source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture and has been knowned as “Harajuku of Taipei” or even “Shibuya of Taipei”. It is one of the most happening and bustling shopping district in the Wanhua District, Taipei.


In my opinion, it is better to shop other place before you shop here because some of the items are quite expensive. Nothing much to shop here because from the pic, you can see that on the day we arrived there, it rains heavily. I just bought myself a lovely and unique umbrella.



Besides the above four night markets, we also went to other 2 night markets which were not that so crowded such as Shinkuchan Night Market and Chung Hua Night Market.

Taiwan - Shinkuchan Night Market-1

Shinkuchan Night Market in Kaohsiung

Taiwan Night Market-1
Chung Hua Night Market on the Christmas eve.

However, due to recent foods and healthy issue, some of the night market’s drinks and shaved ice deserts tested positive for plasticisers. So beware of those foods where you visit Taiwan.

But for me, I just can’t get enough of their foods.
On my left hand side is the sausage cover by bread and on the other side is fried chicken cutlet.

Wish to visit TAIWAN again!

[Credit to: Taiwan’s Night Market homepage, Taiwan – The Heart of Asia homepage, Wikipedia and The Wall Street Journal]

14 Responses to ">Taiwan’s Night Markets & Food"

>The city looks awesome and the food choices….just wonderful!Cruise Pictures

>That sausage so huge! I wouldn't mind to have wild boar sausage, that amount… for dinner wakakaa. And I bet it would combine good with Aiyu ping :DOMgosh that icecream is so tall!I saw some kuih looks like Dorayaki hahaa.LOL eating sausage cover by bread and fried chicken cutlet at the same time ka ;D

>Sailor – Definitely it is. Loves this city and wish to visit again soon.Yi Han – Thanks for visiting. :)Armstrong – You're right. That is Dorayaki by the way. Nice to eat both sausage and fried chicken cutlet at same time. How I miss that foods now?

>so tempting by the ice cream.. must eat fast..if not collapse.. lol..

>the city life there so nice 🙂

>I plan to cancel my trip to Taiwan next year..after looking at your blog..and PHOTOS…..(damn) i'm going to change my mind..so many nice food…That GIANT sausage! slurppp…

>CathJ – The ice-cream won't melt immediately. Maybe due to the weather condition. ken – Yes, it is. The people is nice and friendly too.neTToboy – Why are you cancel your plan to Taiwan? Taiwan are the most topspot place for tourist currently. You should go. Hahaha

>cancel trip is always bcos of $$$ ;phave 2/3 trips coming up..have to give Taiwan a go..but I think I'll give other destination a go..Taiwan..HEAVAN OF FOOD!

>wow, amazing eateries in Taiwan…make me go hungry again…

>Thanks, Diana. Of course I don't mind that you share my blog. =)Now, I can't wait for my trip to Taiwan! The food looks great! Shall wait for your other posts on Taiwan…

>I wish one day I will visit Taiwan too…by looking at the pic its already make my mouth watering with the yummy food around and the night market seem calling me to grab one of the stuff goodness me. Thanks for sharing.

>neTToboy – Wah! Seems like you got so many trips to go. That's good. By the way, I can't visit your blog. Do you have any exact link so I can visit yours? Jeff Chuah – Taiwan is amazingly many eateries. Most of my friends said they gain weight when return from Taiwan trip.

>nateniale – Taiwan is filled with foods everywhere you go. Have a fun and enjoyable trip to Taiwan. Ms. Littlewing – You're welcome. Sharing is caring bah! Hahaha…

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  • ken: >so cool ah the miniature world.. gotta admire the precision and accuracy of the structures :)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli
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