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>Itadakimasu in Japan

Posted on: June 14, 2011


Konnichiwa, everyone!

My Japan post almost comes to an end. However, still feel like something is missing if I don’t introduce and share with you the foods I had during my trip there.

As you know, most common and famous Japanese cruisine is like sushi, salmon, sashimi and so on. We are so lucky to live in a country that offers a very large variety of dishes and regional specialities. So when Nicole and I went to Japan, their foods are not a big deal for us.

If you plan to go Japan and want to have a fresh Japanese cruisine especially salmon, sashimi and even the expensive sea urchin, plan your journey to Tsukiji Fish Market (click here).

foods 05
How can you resist this and you might want order second bowl.

Besides the above, not forgeting to try the origin of where takoyaki from. Takoyaki or commonly known as octopus ball is a ball-shaped, pan fried dumpling made of batter. The best location to search for delicious Takoyaki would be non other than Osaka, as this is the city where it was first popularised from.

foods 03
Shinsekai is the spot where Nicole and I had this Takoyaki (click here)

And in case you are green tea ice-cream lover, you should try the tastiness and sweetness of this dessert in Japan. Not only matcha, they do have houjicha – Japanese roasted green tea ice-cream.

foods 08

foods 07
Now I feel like I want fly back to Japan just to have this.

I can’t have the above almost everyday during my 8 days trip in Japan or else it will burn a big hole in my pocket. Even the normal meal I had during my first night arrived in Japan which was Tori Kaarage (fried cutlet chicken) with rice, had cost me RM45 (click here).

foods 02
Tori Karaage

From there onwards, Nicole and I hunt for our dinner at 7-Eleven or even other 24 hours convenience store such as Lawson, Circle K Sunkus and even Family Mart. These convenience stores primarily sell foods including a large range of meals from sushi to bento and even spagetti. Honestly to say their 7-Eleven are far more better than the one we have in Malaysia. They even offer services to heat your cold foods.

Nicole and I won’t never miss a day to visit these convenience stores to get our meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love to buy their bento where sometimes a completely meal set with chicken, egg, potato, fish and even prawn together with rice.

foods 04

foods 06

foods 01

foods 09

Yummy yummy Japanese dishes as my dinner.

So next time if you got the chance to visit Japan and run out of idea where to have meal, let’s go to these convenience stores as they are everywhere and easily to allocate. I didn’t took any pictures of these convenience stores but you can refer to one of my post during my trip to Taiwan (click here).


14 Responses to ">Itadakimasu in Japan"

>Takoyaki…the original is always the best. Well wanna know my job? I'm a student believe it or not 😛

>japanese food….wow looks so delicious. But i tak minat sgt hehehe

>Itadakimassssu!!! ^_^

>of tra@vels – Sure I believe. Hahaha :)Leez – Klu bab2 seafood and raw materials, saya pun tidak ngam sebab perut tidak dapat tahan.whywhy – Itadakimassssu =)

>thats plenty of delicious food, the outstanding ones for me is the raw cuts and the ice-creams.

>all those food are making me drooling!! I'm a fan of Japanese food. 🙂 Wargh. Japan is the second in my 'must travel to' list. 🙂

>Walau~ You had so much food in your Japan trip!! OMG!

>Nava.K – The raw cuts are very fresh indeed. sweetandspicy – Make sure you hunt the foods I introduce when you are making your trip to Japan.Meitzeu – Many meh? 8 days trip oo.. Hahaha

>nice….makes me drooling…

>hi diane! received the parcel last week i think. i'm not sure as i wasn't at home since last week. by the way, thanks a lot!!! 😀

>virgo19 – Looks my picture can makes people drooling.. HahahaLM the Traveler – Yeap, especially on the bento and ice-cream.tiara – glad that you received it. I was damn worry that it might be lost. Hopes you like it 🙂

>singgah sini dan baca entry 😀

>Itadakimasu! LOL I am working in a Japanese company… sometimes they send their staff to visit Japan ;D Hope I'll get picked… then I can refer to your posts ;D

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