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Posted on: May 16, 2011


Check out my ♥My Travel♥ page. Upload lots of edit photo which never seen before.

Now back to the post.

shibuya 01

Besides Harajuku (click here), Shibuya is also one of the most colourful and busy district packed with tons of Tokyo youngsters. It’s within walking distance from Harajuku but since Nicole and I had the unlimited railway pass, so we utilised it by taking the railway instead of walking.

Shibuya is a center for youth fashion and culture and it is popular for shopping and entertainment area. Shibuya is famous for its five-way scramble crossing, which just located once you step out from Shibuya Station.

shibuya 05
Scramble crossing [Pic credit to Nicole]

Too bad it’s raining and we can’t find the perfect spot to shoot the perfect pic to explain how is exactly scramble crossing looks like. So credit to google for the pic below.


Over a dozen major of Tokyo large department and fashion stores located at here too.

shibuya 06
Seibu, one of the largest department stores

shibuya 07

shibuya 09

As we moved on, we spotted this:

shibuya 02
Disney store.

shibuya 08

If you are planning to go Disneyland and in case unable to purchase online, it is advisable to purchase the admission ticket from here. Or else you might regret once you reach Disneyland.
shibuya 03
Look! Drop dead gorgeous looking model at the pink lorry.

What Shibuya notable for is Hachiko.

shibuya - hachiko
Hachiko Statue

This is one of Tokyo’s famous meeting points, which located just outside the station. I guess most of you know what is the story behind Hachiko. But unfortunately for me (NOT AGAIN!!!), I can’t found this statue because of the rain. Everyone is holding the umbrella and blocking this statue, I guess!!!

More Japan post to come: Mount Fuji, DisneySea and accomodation I stayed when in Japan.

[Credit to: Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Japan-Guide]

13 Responses to ">Shibuya"

>ah, hachiko. one of my fav. story 🙂

>tiara – when I read the full story from Wikipedia, my tears drop. Really a touching true story.

>i've watched the movie and i cant hold my tears..yea its really a touching story

>Another beautiful city on my wish list!

>wowwwww I expect longer entry btw..

>yeah Japan love the place..so wan go to Japan now…

>wow u travel alot..nice nice! btw the hong kong pics was taken with my sis camera, Canon(not sure bout the model though)

>that;s nostalgic for me? was in tokyo several times..love shibuya night life and I found the Hachiko statue 😀

>got your comments 😀 thanx..no problem we can exchange travelling ideas together.

>Yellow! I am here ^^ Thanks for dropping by and now I'm going to stalk you, haha.I always wanted to go Japan for a holiday… my japanese class is starting soon… hehe hopefully that will be enough to fuel my dream to go to Japan…Fridge magnet? hahaha

>Tity – You means the one by Richard Gere?Sailor – Shijuku is the best spot in Tokyo.Jfook – About Hachiko? Hahaha.. I guess you need to google it.M-Knight – I also love Japan too. Plan to go again.

>Jessy – Thanks for the reply. I really fall in love with your sis camera.of tr@vels – So envy u visited tokyo many times. Somemore, u managed to find hachiko statue. Shame on me.Daniel Chiam – It's good to have Japanese lesson before going there. They really have tough time when comes to English speaking

>Hello, happened that I was reading the story about Hachiko yesterday when I came to your blog…

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  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli
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