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>Monaco – Final Post

Posted on: April 28, 2011


In case you miss out my Monaco Part 1 post, then click here for more info and understanding.

Cont: We visited Monte Carlo, which is one of Europe’s leading tourist resort. It is one of the four areas of Monaco, is the principal residential and resort area. At here, we catch a glimpse on a few, ok, not a few but lots of luxury cars. Frankly to tell you, really a lots lots lots of luxury and expensive cars during our tour to Monte Carlo.

monaco 01-1
monaco 10
monaco 10-1
monaco 10-2
monaco 05-1
monaco 04-1
monaco 10-3
monaco 10-4
monaco 06-1
monaco 03-1monaco 02-1
~dt~in Monaco
If you are fans or love to watch the fastest circuit-racing car, you will know that Monaco is also one the street circuits where Formula One Monaco Grand Pix will be host annually.

monaco 09

monaco 10-5
This is the Ferrari car I saw at Monaco. Brrooommm, broooomm……. Smart and elegant car by the way.

Now is time for me to test you:
If Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, then which country is the SMALLEST country in the world?

That’s is my second and final part of Monaco. Do follow me for my next destination. razz

10 Responses to ">Monaco – Final Post"

>Jaw dropping looking at the :O those are super cool sport cars! btw.. follow my blog, diane! 😛

>Oh my… how many countries you travel a year? *envy

>Nice cars!*drop dead*Seriously.Btw, already followed you, Wasaber! :DFadzmie's Latest Entry : EMEL 1MALAYSIA: PERLU ATAU TIDAK?

>Gorgeous!!! Too bad I can't afford to own them… Can stare at them only unless I married with their handsome prince:D

>OMG !!! that's a paradise for sport's n luxurioussss car !!!!…btw i can't wait for Formula 1 Monaco grand prix 🙂

>Sweetandspicy – Already follow your blog :)Eric – How many countries I travel a year? Last year 4 countries :PFadzmie – Thanks for following meLugman – All are really luxury and expensive cars.Kelly – Hi, there! If i am millionaire, my money sure go to travelling. hahahaTaufiq – Glad that my post attract F1 lovers like you 🙂

>lambo…* drools

>oh my lord, Monaco? It's beatiful there…Vatican city d smallest country…

>A lot of awesome cars! Damn.Ooo I saw my dream car, Lamborghinis! Been loving the car since I first met it in Need for Speed 2 LOL.

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  • ken: >so cool ah the miniature world.. gotta admire the precision and accuracy of the structures :)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli
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