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>Gift From Vietnam and Sushi King RM2 Bonanza

Posted on: April 17, 2011


Recently, Vietnam seems to be one of the place to visit by most of my family and friends. My parents just went Vietnam last Monday and too bad, I can’t join because it was uncle and aunties tripconfused.

Good things, they brought me sourvenirs from Vietnam.

All are not mine. I can only choose 1 from it. Which do you think is nice?
Another keychain and fridge magnets to add in my collection. Someday, I will show you my collectionlol
Finally I had made up my mind of which to choose from. Thanks daddy and mommy!

Not forgeting, my best friend, Andrew had also been to Vietnam last month for 2 weeks. So cool man! How I really wish to join him? However, even thought I can’t join him for the trip, but a lovely and warm postcard from him during his trip there. THANKS Andrew!

Another collection into POST-THE-CARD (click here)

Lastly, I would like to end this week entry by announcing SUSHI KING is BACK with their RM2 Bonanza Promotion again!

sushi king bonanza rm2

There are few bad comments on their sushi which is not fresh and their rice are not so sticky, but with the price of just RM2, I just don’t care (although I am one of them who complaints about the rice) to stuff my stomach with the cheap sushi and satisfy my craving and addiction on Japanese foods.

This promotion starts tomorrow for Sabah and Sarawak and ends till 21 April. Exclusive for card holders only. Don’t miss it.

8 Responses to ">Gift From Vietnam and Sushi King RM2 Bonanza"

>So nice! you got cute stuff from vietnam.. Hee~looking forward for your post about your collection.. ^^

>Hi Germaine! Thanks for your comment~ I love keychain and fridge magnets so much and I will buy it everytime I go travel.I will post it soon but not too soon. Do keep reading my blog. Muacks~

>Follow you girl 😀 I love to follow a blog when post about traveling, food or life.. Thanks for visiting me btw ;D

>Vietnam – one of the items on my wish list. 🙂

>Congratz! New Wasaber. Follow all the Wasaberss to stay connected among Wasabers. ;)Oops! Logo WSB tidak kelihatan. Sila lekat ya. TQ!-krew WSB

>hi diana! 🙂 first time to ur blog! very interesting to see what u do in your life 😛 omg i looked at ur first pic of all the souvenirs and the ones that u chose are exactly the ones i would choose too! mana tahu same bday ppl also got same taste…

>whoaa! i want it!

>Mitchell – Thanks for visiting and following my blog :)Arif – Vietnam is also one my current travel list.Zurina – Thanks for accepting me as Wasaber. The logo i dah lekat :)Maying – my twin cousin. thanks for drop by my blog. hopes to visit you soon in perth.thebeybeh – do follow my blog and i might give away a mystery gift

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