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>My Personal Entry

Posted on: April 13, 2011

>Something personal…

Really personal things about me…

But I still like to share it here…<span class=

DT in Da House – Pisces gal that blogs about travel, foods & life. Don’t you think that the blog title is way much long? I can’t think of any special blog title so at the mean time, I stick with this. <span class=

About travel, yes I did introduce some of places I’d been during my trip in year 2010.

About foods, I did promote and share it in my last few entry.

But regarding my life, it seems like ages I had not post this.

This week, it’s definitely gonna be hectic and chaotic week for me. I’m not talking about all those chasing and rushing deadline in my working life but it is related to my own personal life. Due to my parents are going for vacation for almost a week. Not ALMOST a week, but actually A WEEK!

So, what’s all the big deals when parents are not around?

Here I list out for your reference:

Had to wake up as early by 5.30 am or else my lil bro is gonna late for the school. Most of the time I woke up around 6.30-6.45 am but for this week, I’m think I soon to be a China panda to work.

Doing all the housework; wash the clothes, wash dishes, and make sure all the doors are lock which all the time done by my mom neutral. You can see, how lazy am I?

Not forgeting, preparing breakfast and dinner too for my lil bro. Seems like this week no OT for me or else my bro will be starving cause I cook very slow.

That is still not the worst case scenario. The worst ever is cleaning my little Guci “poopoo” (if you know what I means).

However, this is the time for me to improve my cooking skills. Cook everything I want by add this and that. Hahaha twisted

So, after I send my parents to airport, stopby supermarket for a while to buy all those groceries for a week, it is time to start to cook.

Guess what time I start to cook? 4.30 pm =P. Like what I said, I cook very slow. Need to prepare everything before start to cook leh.

Cut all into small and tiny little one

Finally, I’d finish cook around 7.15pm. It took almost 3 hours for me to finish 2 dishes, 1 soup and spaghetti.

Bolognese sause spaghetti

Orange chicken. My first time ever of cooking this

For this dish, in order to cook the sauce, I did use the real orange. Peel the orange myself without any help of blender. And also with no help of any orange drink base. Yes, I mean it. OK! I lie. At the end, I need to add the orange drink base because I added too much water. =P

I guess 3 oranges still not enough for the sauce

Veggie and egg with oyster sauce

Lastly, corn soup with crabmeat stick.

There you have it… Meals for 3 person

Almost all being sapu habis especially the orange chicken. Never thought that it will finish by just 1 night as I thought maybe will leftover and I plan to keep some for my lil bro lunch. Some of my colleagues don’t believe that I can cook and doubt about my cooking skills. sad

Anyway, now I am doing just fine. Learn to be more independent (not MORE, but EXTREMELY). I guess that mom’s job is not that easy. Many things need to be more particular and concern about.

Can’t wait for my parents to come back. Wondering what will they buy for me smile

OMG~ This another entry for “Bits & Bites”

3 Responses to ">My Personal Entry"

>ur "work" look delicious…drooling now….haha

>You don't need a talent to cook, you just need to learn how to cook delicious food. But your cooking seems pretty OK for me.

>Our's Story – really? hahaha.. i cook once in a blue moon. but thanks for ur compliment.Sabahan Bloggers Club – thanks for drop by and comment. yup, you are right. I don't need a talent but learning plays important role for me to improve.

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