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>McD Free Breakfast Again!

Posted on: April 12, 2011

>Yes, here comes again everyone loving it breakfast!

Last month, McD is giving free breakfast to everyone, really almost everyone on 2 Big Breakfast with a minimum purchase of RM5. Everyone is print and even photocopied the coupon to redeem it.

And this time around, the free McD breakfast is:

Sausage McMuffin with Egg
OMG~ Can you see the juicy grilled chicken sausages with the melting cheese?
It is so tempting.

Besides that, with the Great Add-Ons of just RM1.20 for 1 Premium Roast Coffee or Tea or RM3.00 for 1 Premium Roast Coffee or Tea and 1 piece of Golder Hash Brown to enjoy the complimentary treat.


However, too bad this time around only original coupon is valid to redeem this great breakfast. Print, photocopied or black and white reproduction of the coupon will NOT be accepted. TOO BAD!

3 couples for my brother, TTM and me.biggrin

Hurry get me before I vanish in front of your eye….

By the way, tomorrow is LAST day to redeem this Free McD Breakfast! I was thinking to go and redeem again. Hehehe

3 Responses to ">McD Free Breakfast Again!"

>I just had my free McD breakfast with my besties this morning. Hehe!

>hi,Nice blog..keep it up..im sabahan too~~~

>Annie – great that you have wonderful breakfast with besties. I did get myself another coupon but I gave to my besties. Sharing is caring bah :)Donny – thanks for your compliment. I ever came across your blog. Wish you guys have a nice day and do drop by again. Thank you. Cheers

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