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>Celebrate Wawa B’day @ Q Bar

Posted on: April 2, 2011


Everytime when comes to think of the venue to celebrate deariest birthday, it makes all of us really headache. Where can we celebrate and organise birthday since we are so noisy and nasty twisted?

In conjuction with Wawa birthday which will be in next month, Jane and Pat suggest to celebrate at Q Bar since we plan to celebrate on Friday night. When I heard Q-Bar, I was like “Not Again!!“. I’d been to Q bar before but I am those who not really like to go to those closed-air space filled with lots of smoking and drink places.
Anyway, Q Bar is extraordinary different from other pub and bar. It’s not like the other normal bar. Trust me if you are finding something different in KK town.

Q Bar, which located at Gaya Street, along the same row as Tong Hing, Eden 54 Hotel, it is a straight-friendly gay bar. It is open daily at 8 pm. You’ll be more entertain if you go on friday as every Friday, there will be a drag show by the Q Girls. That’s the reason why we went on Friday night.

<span class=
<span class=
<span class=
They don’t SING, but they do DANCE and PERFORM WELL!

They dance and perform like nobody. What amazed me was they even wear a very high heal shoe during their performance. If I’m wearing high heel and dance like them, sure I will fall down <span class=. I can see that night people at Q Bar are whistling and screaming once the music is turn on. Everyone is having their fun.

On that night, we even gave a big SURPRISED for the birthday gal;

<span class=
<span class=
<span class=
She being invited to the stage. Syok or not, Wawa?

Untitled-2 copy
Does “she” resembles Rihanna?

The birthday cake


The Birthday Girl

We are gals and gals just want to have fun~ MORE FUN~

This Sunday is Wawa actual birtday. So my early wishes for her:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAWA! Wish you stay young and cute as always~ Don’t gila-gila “


5 Responses to ">Celebrate Wawa B’day @ Q Bar"

>huhu… Q Bar are gay bar… my god..

>Dropped back ! Interesting blog

>Wow! I didn't know there is such bar in KK. Definitely gonna check it out soon.

>haha…nice photos..so the next bday gal's birthday, where should we go to celebrate? keke

>Ronald – Thanks for drop by. Q Bar is nice play to hang around…HahahaAngel – thanks so much for follow my blog. Do check out this bar this friday. Shing Wei – The next birthday gal? I scare she will fly to somewhere else again

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