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Sabah Fest, a cultural extravaganza is happens again and this year happening at Magellan, Sutera Harbour. The State’s colourful cultural event will be held starting from today until 1st of May 2011.

Organised by Sri Pelancongan Sabah, it is open to the public and the entrance for handicraft and foods exhibition is FREE. Come and watch handicraft-making demonstrations by the respective ethnic groups and try out their traditional foods at the Magellan Grand Ballroom, Sutera Harbour from 10 am to 10pm.








Tonight, there will be a Premiere Show held at Magellan Grand Ballroom at 7pm. The 23rd edition of Sabah Fest will bring the highly-anticipated show with the themed “Papakang” – The Odyssey of Seven Brothers”, an one-hour musical theatre-style production based on a local folklore of the legendary Nunuk Ragang.

Normal walk-in rate: RM50 and student for only RM30. Come and grab the ticket to enjoy tonight show from this counter


Kadaiku & Sabah Tourism Board.


In case you miss out my Monaco Part 1 post, then click here for more info and understanding.

Cont: We visited Monte Carlo, which is one of Europe’s leading tourist resort. It is one of the four areas of Monaco, is the principal residential and resort area. At here, we catch a glimpse on a few, ok, not a few but lots of luxury cars. Frankly to tell you, really a lots lots lots of luxury and expensive cars during our tour to Monte Carlo.

monaco 01-1
monaco 10
monaco 10-1
monaco 10-2
monaco 05-1
monaco 04-1
monaco 10-3
monaco 10-4
monaco 06-1
monaco 03-1monaco 02-1
~dt~in Monaco
If you are fans or love to watch the fastest circuit-racing car, you will know that Monaco is also one the street circuits where Formula One Monaco Grand Pix will be host annually.

monaco 09

monaco 10-5
This is the Ferrari car I saw at Monaco. Brrooommm, broooomm……. Smart and elegant car by the way.

Now is time for me to test you:
If Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, then which country is the SMALLEST country in the world?

That’s is my second and final part of Monaco. Do follow me for my next destination. razz

>From Tokyo to Monaco, and now I am taking you all the way to Taipei.

Today is the grand closing day of the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. It opened on 6th November 2010 and run until today, which is their final day. This is Taiwan horticultural industry’s first time performing as the lead on the world stage.


taipei 02
2010 X’mas Trip to Taiwan

Although I don’t fancy flowers except for lily, but this exhibition really impressed me. It was fairly interesting and worth seeing with lot of flowers on display over the vast area of Taipei that the Flora Expo covers. Unfortunate for me was visit this exhibition for less than 2 hours is totally not-so-awesome as there are many things to see and worst case ever was crowded all over the area. cry

taipei 09
The famous pineapple soft cakes. Bought 5 boxes because it is taste delicious.

That is my short post of today. I will post more after done with the Japan and Monaco entry.


Short Note: This is my 2008 Europe trip, which happens almost 3 years ago. Please bear with me and hope you like it. Thank you for reading it.

Monaco, officially the Principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea along the French Riviera, which is the southern coast of France. Monaco is 18 kilometers east of the French city of Nice and near the border with Italy. (OK! A little brief of geography to understand where is the location of Monaco)

The name “Monaco” means “of the old town” which was derived from the ancient Greek Monoikos and it is usually associated with Hercules, the mythical hero.

monaco 01
monaco 02
monaco 03
Port of Hercules, La Condamine – Well known for its distinctive wide harbour and moored expensive yachts.

French is Monaco’s official language but not too worry, as English are also widely spoken and understood. Along our way to the casino, we came across a cathedral by the name of “Saint Nicholas Cathedral“. This church is well-known where the wedding of the late Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly who was American actress married to Prince of Monaco was held there.

monaco 04
monaco 04-1
Saint Nicholas Cathedral

monaco 08

Monaco famous for its casino, one of Monaco’s main sources of income. This is also the place of wealthy people lived where there is no tax being levied on them. According to my tour guide, to become Monaco residents, all you have to do is you need to pay 1 million Euro as deposits and this is non-refundable. Gosh!!! 1 million Euro is equal to RM5 million. They are really rich and wealthy people over here. The funny fact of Monaco is Monaco’s own citizen are not allowed to gamble in the casino. Luckily our Malaysia government doesn’t implement any rules that Malaysian citizen are not allowed to gambling in Genting Highland.

monaco 05-1
monaco 05
Monte Carlo Casino, one of most notable buildings in Monaco.

monaco 07

monaco 06
Out of most of the Casino, this is the only Casino we afford to enter as it doesn’t require any entrance fee.

So, now you know that although Monaco is the second smallest country but never thought it is occupied with lots of rich and wealthy people. In my upcoming post, I will post what we saw the most during our visit in Monte Carlo, Monaco. So, please stay tune.

[Credits to Vincent, Nicole and Felicia for the photos. I brought a lousy camera to UK that time. Too bad :(]



Harajuku, Harajuku“, we just love the sweet annoucer from the train commuter once we reached Harajuku Station. This is our second spot on our second day in Tokyo after visiting Tsukiji Fish Market (click here).

Harajuku is Japan famous shopping district, renowned for its unique street fashion. If you are fans of Gwen Stefani, the lead vocalist for the rock band, No Doubt or you ever watch her music video, there is no doubt that she is Harajuku lovers where she performs and makes public appearances with four back-up dancers which known as the Harajuku Girls dancers.

harakuju 11
Takeshita Dori

The focus point of Harajuku is Takeshita Dori (Takashita Street), which it’s just opposite of the Harajuku station. Takeshita Dori is a narrow pedestrian, roughly 400 meter long street lined by many fashion boutiques, trendy shops, crepe stands and fast food outlets targeting the Tokyo’s young and fashionable teenagers.

According to the research, Takeshita Dori is the symbol of Harajuku and birthplace of today many Japan’s fashion trend and culture. Definitely, this is one of the well worth visiting spot for a tourist like us. Indeed, Nicole and I went for second times on the next day. razz

harakuju 20
harakuju 18
harakuju 19
harakuju 21
harakuju 17

harakuju 15
harakuju 16
Hey wait! I spot my own shop in Japan! Never thought I owned fashion boutique in Japan. Not bad ooo..

Besides the trendy shops and fashion boutique, you can find lots of crepe stands along the narrow street.

harakuju 03
harakuju 04
harajuku 24
harajuku 22
Crepe with chocolate ice-cream and banana. Cost 350 yen

harajuku 23
Nicole and the shop staff. They are so nice and friendly.

harajuku 21
Spot the differences of the first pic and this one?

Shops along Takeshita Dori tend to be open daily from 11:00 up to 20:00.

How to get there:
JR Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line.


Recently, Vietnam seems to be one of the place to visit by most of my family and friends. My parents just went Vietnam last Monday and too bad, I can’t join because it was uncle and aunties tripconfused.

Good things, they brought me sourvenirs from Vietnam.

All are not mine. I can only choose 1 from it. Which do you think is nice?
Another keychain and fridge magnets to add in my collection. Someday, I will show you my collectionlol
Finally I had made up my mind of which to choose from. Thanks daddy and mommy!

Not forgeting, my best friend, Andrew had also been to Vietnam last month for 2 weeks. So cool man! How I really wish to join him? However, even thought I can’t join him for the trip, but a lovely and warm postcard from him during his trip there. THANKS Andrew!

Another collection into POST-THE-CARD (click here)

Lastly, I would like to end this week entry by announcing SUSHI KING is BACK with their RM2 Bonanza Promotion again!

sushi king bonanza rm2

There are few bad comments on their sushi which is not fresh and their rice are not so sticky, but with the price of just RM2, I just don’t care (although I am one of them who complaints about the rice) to stuff my stomach with the cheap sushi and satisfy my craving and addiction on Japanese foods.

This promotion starts tomorrow for Sabah and Sarawak and ends till 21 April. Exclusive for card holders only. Don’t miss it.


I guess that most of the bloggers had post about this and I hopes it is not too late for me to blog about it. For your information, this is my overdue entry again. Ooopsss, I did it again!

“At Boston Concept Restaurant, customers could savour more than 200 delectable choices of fusion delicacies that would definitely tickle and tempt your tastebuds…all at affordable prices.”

The yellow menu book and the “mahjong table”


I’d been to Boston 又一城, Karamunsing Capital for four times. This place was introduced by one of my deariest, Wawa and I think it is one good and comfortable place for you to hang out and having dinner with your beloved one, family and friends. One thing I like about here is varieties of choices from foods to beverages. Just one of the drawback is only few selection of desserts are available.

So, in here I would like to compile all my pictures which I took during my last 4 visits in 1 entry in order to avoid from you saying “Wah! Boston Again???!!!

Part I

First time went with my deariest. I was impressed with their appealing menu and caught my attention to visit for second times.

Kung Po Chicken Corn Rice

Spagetti Fried Seafood

Wonton Egg Noodles

Fish Fillet Baked Cheese Rice

Part II
Brought TTM to there for his special day – and this is his first visit (click here)

Chicken fillet baked cheese rice

Chicken Fillet with Sausage in Sizzling Hot Plate

Served together with crispy garlic bread and creamy mushroom soup


Part III

This round also involved birthday celebration which was my birthday treat razz by my family (click here) – their first visit too.

Sweet and sour fish corn rice

And finally the last visit

Part IV

Pic of Boston itself

I went yesterday night with my lil bro and TTM for dinner. Why no any pics of foods this time around? Actually during my first 3 visits, I didn’t manage t0 capture the first 4 pics (as shown above) and also their menu. For your information, the first 4 pics I just took yesterday before enter the restaurant. And when after finished ordering the foods and about to start taking the pics inside their menu, the waiter approached us and spoke politely “Sorry miss. You can’t take it”. OMG! or I can said WTH! I’m not gonna stealing any of your secret recipe and open my own restaurants. I just want take a few snapshots and share in my blog. So after the unfortunate incidents, no mood to take pics at all. sad

So, next time I will take snapshots using my hp twisted. Good idea leh…


On a one fine and sunny day after our working hours, without notice both of us heading to Sutera Harbour to have lunch. TTM said at there, can enjoy the windy and cooling air and also the nice and gorgeous sea view. Don’t believe it? I will prove it with my last photo of this entry.

For those who are not Sabahan and not been to Sabah before, Sutera Harbour is resort that provides a spectacular array of activities from its luxurious five-star accomodation, championship golf course, marina and recreational facilities.


This is the place where we had our dinner; Marina Cafe & Bar.


So, what we had for our lunch? Once again, let’s the picture do the talking for me. THANK YOU, PICS 😛

Ice Lemon Tea. TTM loves this drink and he said it’s taste different and special from other places.

Chocolate Eclair; Trio Chocolate Eclair with chocolate flavoured ice-cream.
[Cost: RM20]

Pineapple Fried Rice; Fried rice with salted fish paste and pineapple cubes served in a pineapple bowl. [Cost: RM28]

Finger Sandwich with French Frieds [Cost: RM34]

Hawaii Pizza; Ham, pineapple, onion, avocado , sour cream and Mozarella Cheese [Cost: RM52]

But I didn’t like it rolleyes… Pizza Hut taste better than this.

And now is the time for you to review my final pic:


The spectacular and breathtaking view from the cafe.
You can even enjoy the uninteruppted view of evening sunsets.
But from the pic, it seems like cloudy and going to be rain. Wonder why now KK keep raining and it seems like raining for 365 days? Everyday sure raining one. Not fun leh

>Something personal…

Really personal things about me…

But I still like to share it here…<span class=

DT in Da House – Pisces gal that blogs about travel, foods & life. Don’t you think that the blog title is way much long? I can’t think of any special blog title so at the mean time, I stick with this. <span class=

About travel, yes I did introduce some of places I’d been during my trip in year 2010.

About foods, I did promote and share it in my last few entry.

But regarding my life, it seems like ages I had not post this.

This week, it’s definitely gonna be hectic and chaotic week for me. I’m not talking about all those chasing and rushing deadline in my working life but it is related to my own personal life. Due to my parents are going for vacation for almost a week. Not ALMOST a week, but actually A WEEK!

So, what’s all the big deals when parents are not around?

Here I list out for your reference:

Had to wake up as early by 5.30 am or else my lil bro is gonna late for the school. Most of the time I woke up around 6.30-6.45 am but for this week, I’m think I soon to be a China panda to work.

Doing all the housework; wash the clothes, wash dishes, and make sure all the doors are lock which all the time done by my mom neutral. You can see, how lazy am I?

Not forgeting, preparing breakfast and dinner too for my lil bro. Seems like this week no OT for me or else my bro will be starving cause I cook very slow.

That is still not the worst case scenario. The worst ever is cleaning my little Guci “poopoo” (if you know what I means).

However, this is the time for me to improve my cooking skills. Cook everything I want by add this and that. Hahaha twisted

So, after I send my parents to airport, stopby supermarket for a while to buy all those groceries for a week, it is time to start to cook.

Guess what time I start to cook? 4.30 pm =P. Like what I said, I cook very slow. Need to prepare everything before start to cook leh.

Cut all into small and tiny little one

Finally, I’d finish cook around 7.15pm. It took almost 3 hours for me to finish 2 dishes, 1 soup and spaghetti.

Bolognese sause spaghetti

Orange chicken. My first time ever of cooking this

For this dish, in order to cook the sauce, I did use the real orange. Peel the orange myself without any help of blender. And also with no help of any orange drink base. Yes, I mean it. OK! I lie. At the end, I need to add the orange drink base because I added too much water. =P

I guess 3 oranges still not enough for the sauce

Veggie and egg with oyster sauce

Lastly, corn soup with crabmeat stick.

There you have it… Meals for 3 person

Almost all being sapu habis especially the orange chicken. Never thought that it will finish by just 1 night as I thought maybe will leftover and I plan to keep some for my lil bro lunch. Some of my colleagues don’t believe that I can cook and doubt about my cooking skills. sad

Anyway, now I am doing just fine. Learn to be more independent (not MORE, but EXTREMELY). I guess that mom’s job is not that easy. Many things need to be more particular and concern about.

Can’t wait for my parents to come back. Wondering what will they buy for me smile

OMG~ This another entry for “Bits & Bites”

>Yes, here comes again everyone loving it breakfast!

Last month, McD is giving free breakfast to everyone, really almost everyone on 2 Big Breakfast with a minimum purchase of RM5. Everyone is print and even photocopied the coupon to redeem it.

And this time around, the free McD breakfast is:

Sausage McMuffin with Egg
OMG~ Can you see the juicy grilled chicken sausages with the melting cheese?
It is so tempting.

Besides that, with the Great Add-Ons of just RM1.20 for 1 Premium Roast Coffee or Tea or RM3.00 for 1 Premium Roast Coffee or Tea and 1 piece of Golder Hash Brown to enjoy the complimentary treat.


However, too bad this time around only original coupon is valid to redeem this great breakfast. Print, photocopied or black and white reproduction of the coupon will NOT be accepted. TOO BAD!

3 couples for my brother, TTM and me.biggrin

Hurry get me before I vanish in front of your eye….

By the way, tomorrow is LAST day to redeem this Free McD Breakfast! I was thinking to go and redeem again. Hehehe

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