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1oth March – a shortie and chubby gal was born. That’s me by the way. Kekeke. Looks like this year my birthday is filled with lots foods. And now I feel like my blog is more towards foods too.
As for the lunch time on my birthday, here comes Japanese foods again. Kaze seems to be TTM favourite Japanese restaurant as we just went there last week, and now he wants to go there again. Once again, thanks for the birthday treat. (❤‿❤)

Kaze Japanese House – a cosy and tiny little place to have a nice foods
Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancake served with cabbage, prawn. And also futomaki.

Bento set – Futomaki, sushi, Tamago Yaki and lots more.

Even we only had that 2 meals as our lunch, we are absolutely can feel that our stomach is so full.

When we back to office, Lee Hung gave me something and told me that it is from the accounting department partner. I opened it and saw is “tau fu fah”.

Sweet, soft and nice “tau fu fah” from Accounting Department Partner.

Oreo Cheese Cake and Chocolate Moist Cake. Thanks to Lee Hung and Foan 🙂


Around 3pm, Angliea intercom me and informed me that someone with the title “Datuk” came from the Company which I was in charge of doing their audit want to discuss with me regarding their account. I was so nervous so I intercom my manager and informed him too regarding this. So, he decided went to the 7th floor to see what’s happening. But within a few minutes, he came up and told me the Datuk want find me, not him. I was so curious why that Datuk want find me for. I was so rushing to the 7th floor in order not to let that Datuk wait for me.

However when I reached 7th floor, I couldn’t find that Datuk and suddenly I saw a box writte my name of it with a candle. OMG~ Another surprised from Company secretary department. My manager and them are putting prank of me. This is really a shocking and surprised birthday I ever had.

Thanks Angliea for the fruit tartlet. It is really so delicious.

Before I went back home, here comes my final cake of the day. Why this is the final cake? How’s about cake from my family? It suppose to be good news as my mom had specially made cake for me but too bad, it dropped to the floor, before I manage to have a look on it. Too bad…

Durian Cheese Cake by my company. Thanks Sui Lee for recommend this.

Although no cake from my family, its still Ok because they treat me dinner at Boston, Karamunsing Capital. TTM joined us for the dinner too mrgreen.

Sweet and sour fish corn rice

So, that’s the story of Shortie birthday for the year 2011.

I would like to say MILLION THANKS to all my beloved friends, cousin and family for the birthday wishes via either SMS, FB, ip message or even phone call. Guess I received lots of birthday wishes this year. Thanks to FB. Kekeke~

You see, kan I told you my birthday is filled with lots of foods surprised

To Shing Wei: If you are wondering what’s my birthday gift from him, erm… Nothing~ Well, of course I’m not getting any at this moment. Maybe soon…



Gonna celebrate a day before my actual birthday with TTM because birthday is meant to be celebrate with my beloved family. Decided to have dinner at Suria Sabah but 2 options; either dining in Sushi Tei (2 of us are Japanese foods maniacs) or in Secret Recipe. Finally, he choosed Secret Recipe because of one and only reason, he never try have meal at there. Hahahaha…

Since I am the princess for that night, so I ordered whatever I want and he paid for the bill. Thank you, my dearest TTM. Everytime we went out for either lunch or dinner, we just ordered a drink and 1 main course. But this time around, we ordered from starter, main course until dessert.

Our Drinks

Ice Chocolate with cream. It is so tempting and now I know what should I order when visit Secret Recipe next time.

Our Starter
Mushroom soup.

Spring roll with Thai chilli sauce as condiment

My meal – Spagetti Chicken Meatball

His meal – Grilled BBQ Chicken

Our Dessert
Chicken Pie. When the waiter served this, me and TTM was like “Woah!!”
It is damn huge from what we expected.

Lots of foods we ordered that night 🙂

Last but not least, MY CAKE
Chocolate Indulgence Cake

Untitled-6 copy
Princess and the cake

Our night ends with movie. We watched “I Am Nunber Four” and you know what, it is my favourite English movie for the year 2011. It is better than Avatar. Wondering why many people think Avatar is better but I think “I Am Number Four” is more interesting and exciting. Not till, when I went back home and searching for the trailer from youtube to post in FB and telling all my friends that “I Am Number Four” is great movie, I noticed that the producer is Michael Bay. If you are Transformers fan, you will know Michael Bay as he is the director of that movie. No wonder most of the scene in I am No. 4 similar to Transformers. And now both of us impatient for the next sequel of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and also sequel of “I Am Number Four”


Not-to-miss movie for the year.

>I took another half day leave again last Tuesday, just to fetch her…

That is Kai Wee, my very best friend when we studied in KL. She just came back from Taiwan (refer previous post). She is damn hungry when reached KK and craving for Japanese foods. So, I brought her to Wojamama, our own Sabah Japanese restaurant in 1Borneo.

My face is so chubby. How to reduce the chubby face? Any clue?

Sushi (forget the name xP)

Tori Curry Don. Only RM9.90 during happy hour (2.30 pm – 5.30pm)


Thanks Kai Wee for belanja me. Yesterday you asked me what I want for my birthday. Ok lah, this consider as my birthday treat. Thanks so much and hopes to see you soon. xP

During her Taiwan trip, Doraemon theme park is closed due to the termination of the contract with 1 of the theme park. So, she took this chance to take with this big big Doraemon which we saw outside Wojamama.

Courtesy pic from Kai Wee.

So envy that Kai Wee went Taiwan during the spring season. The sakura blossom during that time. Even when I was in Japan last year, never got the chance to see sakura as the period I went was autumn season.

>I was on my way back home and suddenly i received SMS from Vincent.

“Hey, u gt heard that tsunami wil come 2 kk? japan thr gt tsunami js nw, macam wil affect sabah here”

What a damn shocking news when I read that while driving. [Warning: Don’t read SMS while driving. It’s dangerous]

Thenafter, I heard from Hitz.fm saying that,

“Penang will not be hit by Tsunami. I repeat. Penang will not be hit by Tsunami”

OMG~ Seems like tsunami is back again after this natural disaster hit Aceh, Indonesia and other nation few years back ago. And right now, Japan is hit by earthquake and tsunami.

The beautiful city of Japan I took last year.

Let us pray for Japan and all of the places affected by the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake that happened on 11/3/2011. Is this sign that the Earth is actually dying? The end of the world? I have no clue. Only God knows 😦

Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others.
Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan. [Source from google.com]

Hopes that Sabah will not being affected by this. Not forgeting, other nations too.


After Sailors’ Cafe, Wawa was craving for Mango with sago while Pat was craving for avocado. So, we decided went to Fruits Monster as the night is still young. For us, the night always young one. Looks like a surprised from my deariest when in Fruits Monster.

Sweet and adorable cupcake from non other than Boutique Cupcake

Thanks to my cute, pretty, lovely, sexy and smart but crazy deariest

The ladies and the cupcakes

See how crazy and madness we are? Playing with the cream and loud non-stop for that night.

To My Dearies:

Wawa, Pat Foo, Shing Wei and Jane. Thanks for the celebration. Every year, you all sure won’t miss out to celebrate my birthday. Really glad to have you as my crazy deariest. I love You. You love Me. We are Happy Family. =D


Wawa ever suggest to have “Ladies Night” at Sailors’ Cafe which located on the 2nd floor of the back building of Millenium Plaza. So last Sunday, I brought them there for my ideal weekend. =D


Reminds me of Popeye, the Sailor’s man. Puuupuuu IMG_2533 IMG_2553 Sailors' Cafe Love the cafe’s decoration

When I stepped into this cafe, I love the feel that the cafe brought into me. It gives me an inspiration to open my dream cafe, maybe… in future. I love the interior and decoration within the cafe – from the huge teddy bear (I so into bear bear recently) to the photo frame hanging on the wall. Most of the photo are the photo of the sea which makes you feel like you are sailing in the middle of the sea.


5 of us ordered the same drink – Shaved Ice Lemon Tea with Sour Plum



Pasta Carbonara with bacon



Burrito with Chickens



My meal – Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce and frieds

At first, I plan to order Tom Yam Fried Rice, but Pat comment that I should order something that is Italian foods but I didn’t. Mainly because I want order grilled chicken chop but from what I saw in the menu, only grilled lamb is available and I DON’T EAT LAMB. However, maybe because I talked to loud, the friendly staff informed me that they do have grilled chicken chop by the way. So pai seh lah.



Dessert of the Day – Sailors’ Banana Split. 3 scope of vanilla ice-cream with banana, orange and green apple.


Pat & Shing Wei


Me & Wawa


Wawa just had her mouth operation recently, so she wear mask. But what caught our attention was check out her T-shirt!

My deariest and I decide to visit Sailors’ Cafe again for our another round of “Ladies Night” as the place is so comfort to hang out with. Between, the price is so reasonable. Imagine, total cost for that night dinner – 5 main meals, 5 drinks and a dessert just cost RM80. The portion even so huge. A great cafe to hang out with your family and friends around KK town.



A top, a belt and a sandal which I grabbed last Sunday while shopping with my Queen =D

What a lovely day I had when accompany my mom for shopping together on most weekend. Well, you tell me which lady doesn’t like to shopping, right? Both of us shop from the head to the toe but we never shop till we drop. Just too bad, sometimes the clock tick tock too fast and the shopping hour is so limited as my mom need to go back home early to prepare dinner.

So, what is my best ideal weekend? Besides shopping, my best ideal weekend is enjoy relaxing at home by sleeping continuously. Before I start to work on Saturday, if the time do not reach till 10am, I won’t wake up one. Its a big NO for me! Unless I had appointment with someone. But now, too bad I can’t lying more longer on my bed on Saturday because I need to work. =(

Wonder why there is only 2 days in weekend and now my weekend seems like not enough because of the half day working on Saturday. Apart from that, I keep wondering why there is only 7 days per week and not 8 days per week, so that we can have 3 days off on weekends. Here goes my day dreaming again. Lol~

For a working individual like me, every weekday is like a mathematics to me. Starting with Monday, sure non-stop countdown to reach till Friday or in my newest case, Saturday. Seems like everyday will countdown for the day to past by with my colleagues.

Let’s back to the story. I also love to spend my weekend by dating. Yeah, baby! Even me and TTM always meet each other and even sometimes almost 7 days a week but we never really had the real time for the just 2 of us only. So, weekend is the best time by hanging out, watching movie and etc. *wink*wink*

Not forgetting, having the wildest moment with my crazy deariest on weekend is the best moment to get rid off all the pressure, tension and stress that I had for the past 5 days. In deed, they are truly and madly crazy deariest I ever had in my life. Sharing the madness laughter and also funny but sexy stories. You go, gals~

What irritating me the most is sometimes, my weekend distract by something which I’m not interest with anymore. How can I shopping with my mom when I need to do something between 2pm – 4pm? Every Sunday, it’s my family day where my family and I would have breakfast together. Or I can said brunch together. So, most probably our brunch ends around 12 pm and we will do whatever we want. My dad will either sleep, watch TV or read newspaper meanwhile my 2 lil bros will playing game. Then, my mom and I will go for shopping. With the inconvenient time, how can I shopping if like that? My mom is a busy woman. She is only free on Sunday as she need to work on Saturday too.

Sometimes, I even asked to apply leave purposely just to attend few events which I don’t think is important in my life currently. As standing in my current age, the most important now is to have a stable career and in the stage of building strong and stable relationship. But, I just don’t get it why that related party doesn’t try to understand and tolerance with my current situation? Even when I’m seriously sick, I still being forced to attend or join whenever she asked to.

The main problem within myself is I don’t know how to say “No” to that related party that I don’t feel like I want join or attend anymore. Haiz. Don’t know why it seems like so hard for me to open my mouth and tell that party honestly regarding what I feel. Hopefully one day I hope that party will understand.


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