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Without noticing, today is the 15th night of this year Chinese New Year. During in office, I heard “dong chan” “dong chan” nearby my office. Looks like the office opposite of my working place got lion dance show. So kaya that boss. Moreover, early morning before I off to work, my mom asked me to come back early to have dinner tonight. I wish that my boss will give us an hour early off but too bad, seems like my wish not being granted.
Reached home, I smell my mom’s cooking. Really smell nice and makes me can’t wait to have dinner.

MY BABY CAMERE, let’s show what had you captured for dinner tonite:

Clockwise: Mixed veggie, Duck, Steam chicken, frieds and potato with chicken popiah.
Not forgeting steam fish.

Besides what’s on the dining table, let’s check out what’s behind the kitchen:

Chicken rice. This is the one that I smell when I stepped into my house

Lastly, crabmeat soup. Yummy yummy~

All cooked by my mom herself, without any help from anyone. But this year it is not as merrier as last year because my sister had went back to Singapore (she is the one who help my mom every year to prepare all the foods) meanwhile my 1st younger brother at Kuching for further stury. Wish both of them have wonderful and delightful dinner tonight.

Oh ya! I almost forgot. We even got dessert too.

Tadaaa… Super Ice-cream Potong Sweet Corn Flavoured.
It’s Sabah local products. If come to Sabah, it’s a must try.
I’m still in the process of recovery from my sickness but I can’t held myself.

Happy Chap Goh Mei, everyone and hope that you have your wonderful dinner with your beloved family. =P


Where should I start from? Okay, I woke up at exactly strike 12 pm. Not public holiday given by my Company neither or I purposely take leave just to celebrate this V day. Now it sounds more like I anti Valentine’s day. No, I’m not, okay. Just I am seriously damn sick and pay doctor visit on the night before Valentine’s day. So, the doctor ask me to have a good rest and giving me MC. Yeahooo, this means I no need go to work on Monday.

As usual, either on weekend or public holiday or when I’m not working like yesterday, I will directly go to my living room. That’s where my laptop is. But wait, I saw parcel from Pos Ekspress written my name on it. So, i turned to the back to see who is the sender. Quite surprising when it was send by my ji mui, Ling Liong Sung. Oh yeah, “he” version type of Ji Mui. Hehehehe… Never expecting anything from him by the way. So I immediately opened it to see what’s inside.

Recipient: Me 🙂

Sender: Ling Liong Sung; all the way from Sibu, Sarawak

So, what’s inside the parcel. Tadaaaaaaaaaaa…….

A cute teddy bear from Korea and earring from Russia

Love this one especially, Teddy bear with Korean costume

He went Korea last month from Russia before stopby Malaysia for CNY. For your information, he is currently working at Russia (which I ever post this during his farewell) and how sweet to receive such a wonderful Valentine’s gift from him during this day? Thanks a lot, my friend and I’m feeling pai seh (embrassing) at the same time for not giving him anything when I was travelling to Hong Kong, Japan or even Taiwan last year.

Since I woke up late, it’s time to eat lunch before eating medicine with empty stomach. How wonderful to know that every time I’m sick, my mom will cook porridge for me. Somemore, my favourite porridge; pork with egg. Good thing of being sick was you will be treat like a princess. 🙂 After finish the whole bowl, now it’s time for the worst part of being sick which was eating medicine. 😦 No one ever like to eat the medicine.

A porridge cook with motherly love to her dearest daughter

After eating the medicine, I feel so sleepy. Forget to mention that the doctor told me that after eating it, it will makes me sleepy. So, I continue to sleep after watching drama on Astro on Demand. Try my best to awake before end at episode 4. Sleep until 6pm, then I heard I had received sms. When checking my phone, I realised I had a missed call from TTM. OMG! My SMS ringtone is much louder than my caller ringtone. Should change it. And I’m totally forget I promised to have dinner with TTM on the night of Valentine’s day.

DT: Hello! Sorry for answer your phone. I was sleeping like a pig.
TTM: It’s OK! So how’s tonight?
DT: Tonight? Your mom cook?
TTM: Nope
DT: Erm, did you ask for tapao?
TTM: Nope

Looks like I can’t fong fei kei him or else he will be in deeply hungry for sure. So, immediately I rush to clean up myself before ready to have dinner with him. By the way, this is just a normal dinner like we have as usual. Both of us plan to have Japanese food as our dinner. Oh yeah, both of us like Japanese foods recently. We decided to have dinner at Sushi King, Citymall but too bad, it’s full house. From what I saw, it’s not crowded with couple but a group of family. Looks like Valentine’s day is not for couple to celebrate but family do so. I love that feeling.

Since Sushi King full house, so we decide to try our luck at another Japanese Restaurant; Recipe House at Damai. Seems like most of the Japanese Restaurant are full house including Hana Japanese Restaurant, Citymall. Looks like Japanese Restaurant is the best place for couple to celebrate their love during Valentine’s Day cause Paparich and Old Town are not full with crowd. So lucky for us that we able to get a seat in Recipe House. Or else, we don’t know where should we heading to.

Notice his T-shirt? Ninja which I bought for him from Japan 😉

After dinner, went to his house to watch movie. Before stepping to his house, there is fireworks again around his house area.

The fireworks is for the celebration of CNY or Valentine’s Day??

Then, I went to his room and guess what? I saw a colour cube box made out from paper on his table. I’m guessing that he is so damn free and got nothing to do, so try to make a cube box using colour paper. With surprise, he turns the cube colour box into THIS:

Origami Magic Cube Rose with my favourite colour on it, Blue

I was stunned for a while and totally speechless. Although it’s not a bonquet flower but this is sincerely from him. Like my friend said, love is not meant to be burn a hole in the pocket. It’s all about sincerely from the heart. Somemore, a real flower won’t last for long but this origami magic cube rose did. Hahaha…

Thanks to you, TTM! Although I’m sick, he managed to cheer my life with giving me a little tiny surprise.

There goes my superb duper long story on the day of V day 2011. It’s just a normal day which I’d been through everyday. Like I said in my previous blog, EVERYDAY IS VALENTINE’S DAY. So, how’s about yours?


14 February – It’s Valentine’s Day which lovely couple will celebrate it tomorrow. Most of the couples are busy doing preparation such as the guy side will busy selecting flowers for their love one and the gals side will busy browsing present for the guy. I guess that most of the elegant and classy restaurant is crowded with all the lovely couple and not forgetting the cinema too, it will be totally full house.
As for me, I’m really dilemma now. You know for a gal like me, a special day like this would mean a lot to me to celebrate with the love one. In fact, I also wish to receive a bouquet of flowers, being asked to a dinner and movie. But when think back, is it necessary to celebrate this special days when everyone had the same thought as mine and in the end, this makes all the restaurant and cinema full house?

Honestly to say, I wish to receive a bonquet flowers from him but in the mean time, buying flowers during Valentine’s Day could be consider the most silly things to do because it is extremely expensive. I would rather he buy flowers during my birthday as my birthday will be coming soon. =P

Would like to receive this bonquet of lilies from him *wink*wink*

Most of my friends are asking me “Diana, how are you going to celebrate V Day tomorrow with your dear?”. Erm…Honestly, I don’t know. Like I said, I just love to have it simple like going out for dinner (Japanese Restaurant will be my main choice) and watching movie. But I’m guarantee everywhere is crowded with lovely couple. Thanks to one of my college friend for telling me;


It’s true by the way. Why should I need to bother too much of what will he do for me and what will both of us heading to tomorrow? If I only wait for V’day for him to do all those for me, however the other day? Then, what’s the difference on the rest of the day?

Love is all about passion and care of 2 person. So, love is not only to celebrate on 14 February but every single day is LOVEDAY. There shouldn’t be a specific month to express our love, care and passion for our loved ones. As long as it should be sincerely through our heart all the time.

Lastly, I would like to stress here that I am not encourage couple not to celebrate V’day. Yeah, you still can enjoy ur lovely and wonderful moments with your beloved one tomorrow. This is just some sort of sharing and thoughts from my truly heart.

And finally, wishing everyone HAPPY LOVING DAY!


Last weekend, my deariest and I plan to have gathering with Matt as she’s back from Melaka. So, we decided to have yam cha session around Lintas as it is more nearer to her house and convenience for me to send my deariest back. Then, Wawa and I knew of this newly opened cafe in Lintas which located just besides Digi Centre. So, we plan to have a try as the cafe is still in operating while the time we reached there was around 11.30 pm.

The ambiance of the cafe. The place is spacious and not that crowded

There are 4-5 pages of menu for foods selection such as spagetti, bread and so on. But for the drink selection, this is one and only of their menu.

Mashed potato which cost RM3. Cheap but it’s salty

Cendol milk and it’s too sweet… Taste not nice…

Paul Cafe operates till very late at night. I’m not sure what time but when we were about to leave, the time was around 1.50am. They served alcoholic beverage.


Sushi Tei – an international Japanese sushi restaurant chain, originated from Singapore are now located in Suria Sabah. Yeahoooo, this means that there are more selection of Japanese restaurant to choose from are now available in Kota Kinabalu. Honestly to say that I love Japanese foods more than Italian foods, even though I don’t eat those raw one like sashimi, salmon =p. But, I’m damn love sushi especially Inari.

Located at Ground Floor, nearby Voir

Their signature open-kitchen allow to us to see their chefs culinary skills

The big menu

At first, I thought this is one fine and wealthy Japanese restaurant as this is the first international Japanese restaurant chain in Kota Kinabalu. But from the menu, I realised that the price range for sushi can range from RM2 for Tamago sushi to RM10. However, I saw sea urchin sushi for RM42. OMG ==”… 2 sushi for RM42!!! But when I think back, this is one rare Japanese foods you can find in KK. For ala carte, you can choose from RM10.90 and more on some of the premium dishes.

Ocha which cost RM2 per cup. Good thing is it’s refillable

Cutie Wawa with her ocha

Now it’s time for “ITADAKIMASU”:

My all time favourite; Chicken Katsu Don

Ten Don;

Yakitori Don; grilled chicken with rice

Their foods are taste nice and smell nice too especially Yakitori Don. Too bad we didn’t order sushi as most of us had eaten a bit before this. Their services are excellent and attentive too. At first, we thought that we might need to wait for so long as there is a long queue. I was a bit worry cause our movie will be show in 1 hour plus. However, we were being given a seat within 5 minutes.

Drawback of this restaurant was there is a long Japanese Kaiten (conveyor belt) but just a few sushi was display on top of it. So all you need to do is by ordering yourself.

Anyway, I would like to have a try on their sushi especially their Futomaki and California Maki.


As usual, every Sunday morning is the moment where my family and I will having brunch together. Since my first younger bro and my younger sister never try Heng Long before, so we decided to bring them to have a try on this Chinese delicacies restaurant.

Heng Long Restaurant is specialised in La Mian (Ramen), Xiao Long Bao and dim sum. By the way, this is not a new restaurant so not much I like to talk about except for sharing my thoughts and opinion on the foods I had.

We reached there around 11 something and the place not yet that crowded

Let’s us look inside what’s inside the menu

La Mien section

Different type of Chinese dishes

Mouth watering when seeing Dim Sum section

Milk Grass Jelly ordered by my youngest bro. Too much ice…

Vietnamese Chicken. This is one my favourite dish. It tastes sweet and crispy. I almost can eat the whole plate

Fried Rice with Salted Fish. Too bad we can’t taste the origin taste as my bro had added soya sauce… Lol…

Here comes the first La Mien we ordered; La Mien with Fried Chicken Cutlet. The chicken is so crispy on the outside and taste good on the inside

La Mien with Minced Pork and Vegetable Wanton

See how big is their wanton? It is so juicy

Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumpling

Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling

Although it cost RM6 for 3, but the filling is a lot

Finally, the Shanghai Pan Fried Meat Bun

It is so crowded when reached the lunch hour and it is almost fully occupied

Located at Warisan Square. By the way, there is another branch located in 1Borneo

Overall, the foods are taste nice and their service are friendly. Besides that, the price of the foods are average and not really costly. It is worth every penny you pay. Just the selection of dim sum is not much but we went there for their La Mien.

Warisan Square, Ground Floor, Block B
(Beside Hong Kong Recipe)

At night, it’s time for my deariest. Having our dinner at the Japanese new outlet located at Suria Sabah, Sushi Tei and yam cha at newly opened cafe at Lintas. More to come on the next post.

By the way, it seems like my blog is more toward foods recently. Struggle a bit with my travel post. Anyway, enjoy your day~


Like most of the year during CNY (except for last year), invite my friends to gather and makanmakan at my place.

Really thanks a lot to my parents and sis for helping me to prepare all the delicious foods. Sorry for the troublesome I made every year :P.

Let’s me introduce you the foods for this time around (Be prepared or else, your saliva will be dripping):

Still unwrap and waiting to be eaten

Sweet chilli sausage. This cook by my sis

My signature dishes; Potato chicken with breadcrumb

Thanks to my dad for helping me order chicken and duck.

My mom’s homemade fried beancurd with pork

Finally, fried noodle which fried by my mom and sister.

By the way, there is more like siew mai and homemade chicken rice. Unable took pic as I was busy entertain my guest.

My colleagues and my friends who went HK with me

My beloved 10++ years classmates. So serious ooo.Wonder what are they talking about?

After whole day of helping me doing the preparation and serving guest, I’m guess my dearest family are so tired. Look at the pic below:

My sleeping prince brother

Looks like this cute little puppy also tired after busy serving my guest

See how adorable both of them?

Thanks to all my friends who came to bai nien. Hope you all enjoy the foods.

New Year…
New Road to Travel…
New Skies to Conquer…
New Dreams to Live…
And New Hopes to Cherish…
May it be a fulfilling experience to you
Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

~SMS from Liong Sung~

Looks like this CNY is getting quite and dull. Most of the time went to my dad’s friend place to bai nien and eat. After eat, then sleep. Getting more round and round :S

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