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>What A Day!

Posted on: February 27, 2011

>Unlike most of my usual day on Saturday, yesterday could be consider one of my busiest day.



Woke up at 9.30 am because I promised my high school teacher to help her for the school co-curriculum activities. Until now, I’m still active with my Girl Guides Association by guiding and teaching those gals between 13 to 16 years old from different high school most of the weekend at the headquarter. So, my high school teacher request me to give speech and explain the stage to achieve the highest award in the Girl Guides Association. I’m quite nervous and I’m almost numb too because the last time I’m giving the speech in front of the audience was 2 years ago. Some more, no early preparation because I received the SMS from my high school teacher on Friday noon. Luckily, the speech end within less than an hour or else, I’m sure I’m barely breath.


After half an hour conversation with my high school teacher (since both of us had not met for almost 3 years), I went to find TTM as he plan to buy cloth for tonight annual dinner. Last minute shopping again~ We went Suria Sabah because I had discount voucher worth RM10 to spend at Trio Apparel Shop. Before begin to search for the cloth to suit tonight dinner’s theme, we went to have lunch. Guess where we end up to? Sushi Tei – which was my second visit but his first visit to have meal at there. Lol @_@. Both of us seems like addicted to have Japanese meals recently. So, proudly to announce that this is my 7th times to have Japanese meal for this month.

Love to have their dessert but I think is overrated. Maybe next time…

Tamago Mentai Mayo; cooked omellete with cod roe

Ebikko Tempura Maki

Inari Kani Mentai Mayo; cooked inari, crab meat with cod roe

Like most of the local Japanese restaurant, their sushi is based on colour code plate. White colour plate cost RM2, blue cost RM4, green cost RM6 and etc. However, there are few unusual sushi that can’t find in other Japanese restaurant such as Tamago Mentai Mayo and Inari Kani Mentai Mayo (as pic above) which I think the taste is so special and taste nice too in between.

Then after, reached home around 3.30 pm and preparing for the night. Tonight theme is “The Joy of Spring”, so must dress up something that related to the spring season.

I’m almost all in pink that night. My dress was pink, my scarf pink and even my earring was pink too. This dress I bought almost 5 years ago from my friend and wore for 4 times only.

The accessories to complete the dress code theme.


TTM fetched me around 5.15 pm because I need to arrive at Magellan by 5.30 pm. I’m one of the committee and also in charge of the programme rundown for the night with the help of my manager. It’s really tiring to stand in the position I was because there is so many things I need to manage in order to ensure that everything is going well with the programme that we plan and make sure everything is run smoothly.

Besides MC, the drawback of becoming programme runner was the foods that we eat were less than other. I think yesterday night I had missed out one of the dishes but luckily that is not my favourite dishes. Not only that, I think I had not done well because in the middle of nowhere, there is few programme needed to be changed without any notification. A schedule of the programme rundown had given to me but I lost it in somewhere else.

Anywhere, thank God! The dinner was over exactly at 10 pm and all the programme was successfully implemented, although not in the way we want it to be. Hopefully most of them enjoy the night together with all the lucky draw prize that given away.


More picture and details of my Company Annual Dinner 2011 will be in the next post. I don’t want to make this post to become a superb duperb long post.

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