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>Awaiting Gift for Tomorrow Night

Posted on: February 25, 2011


“Get ready because tomorrow gonna be the night you’ll be remember forever.”

Well, I means my colleague and I. Tomorrow is the night for our Company Annual Dinner which will be held in Magellan, Sutera Harbour. Previous year, our dinner was held in Kampung Nelayan. This year annual dinner could be consider more grand compare previous year because the lucky draw gift is more luxury and expensive if comparing previous year annual dinner. Most of the prize was suggest by my manager cum our Advisor for the Company sports club.

So, what’s the grand prize for tomorrow event? Let’s start from the least to the top.

5th Prize – 5 x iPod Shuffle

Comes with 5 different colours and they are absolutely adorable

4th Prize – 2 x iPod Nano

2 colours; Silver and Red

3rd Prize – Canon Ixus 130

Comes with 4GB memory card, a pouch and handphone ornament

2nd Prize – Canon Ixus 130 with tripod

A complete set of camera. Its almost the same with 3rd prize but this come along with the tripod

Finally, save the best for the last. The grand prize for tomorrow night event is:
iPad with 16GB~OMG~

Looks like my manager loves Apple Company production because most of the prize are i items.

So, which want I wish to get on tomorrow night? The Grand Prize? But I already had one which bought by my dad last month. Or should I wish for the 2nd and 3rd prize? Hey, that’s my baby which I’m currently bring her here and there. Initially, the plan for 2nd prize was Sony Cybershoot and 3rd prize is Canon Powershoot but don’t know why at the end, comes with different end results.

In between, we even held “Best Dress” competition based on the theme which suggest by one of my colleague; “The Joy Of Spring”. So, I guess tomorrow night everyone is fighting to the end to get the best dress award which worth RM300.

Anyway, wish me luck for getting those grand stuff. Stay tune for Annual Dinner 2011 post. Goodnite~

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>Wish u good luck….

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