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>Not Again~

Posted on: February 24, 2011


Gosh~ This month I’m really having Japanese foods like mad. This is the 6th round just for this month. But I don’t know why I never get bored with Japanese foods even if I eat almost everyday. Looks like they had put the spell on me.

There are reason behind why I plan to have Japanese foods again for the 6th round.

TADAAA…. Sushi Voucher from WoJama Japanese Restaurant

Did you saw the expire date? That’s why I must immediately fully utilise it. I received this voucher from my dad. My family went WoJamama branch located at Lintas last month with my relatives who came from Brunei. And they ate up until the foods cost RM450+++…Wah!! 7 people for RM450. They must be eating a lot. But too bad I didn’t join cause I already promised to have dinner with TTM that time. WoJamama is so stingy ooo… A bill cost RM450+++ must give at least 4 sushi voucher worth RM50 but they just gave 1 to my dad. Usually, when you ate RM100 and above, they will give you a RM50 sushi voucher. So, they should give more mah….

By the way, this is the 5th time I’m receiving this voucher from them and there is once, I totally forget about it and there goes my sushi voucher …… This time around, I keep reminding myself or else, I would !@#$%^&*.

Me and TTM visited WoJamama branch at Asia City because according to the terms and condisions stated in the voucher, it is only valid in Asia City and 1Borneo. 1Borneo is a bit farer from the place we stayed and worked, so we decided to have at Asia City. TTM was having their bento and I plan just to have the sushi. No more heavy meals for me again. (==lll)

Inari – sweet beancurd sushi. This is my all-time-favourite sushi which I keep mentioned in my blog.

All Wojamama sushi is half price if using the voucher.

Our dinner for the night.

The dinner. The voucher. The member card.

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