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>He’s 50 in Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dishes

Posted on: February 19, 2011

>1st February 2011

He is finally 50. Hahaha… So funny when everytime my friend asked me, “How old is your dad?” and when I start to do the maths, I realised my dad not yet reached the middle age. =p

OK, another post dated blog again. Initially, my dad’s plan was brought us to have dinner at his favourite restaurant nearby Hilltop but unfortunately, it closed. I keep requesting, “Dad, brought us to Hana leh” but he refused. Then, suddenly in the middle of nowhere, it popped into my mind and said, “How’s about having steamboat?”. All of them said, “What a great idea!”. Gosh, there goes my diet plan failed! But since my sister had never went to these cheap and worth steamboat, so I just go on with their plan. This is my fifth visit.

Located at Taman Dixon, you will see it is totally crowded every night.

See, so many people and sometimes you even need to wait for a seat

You can choose 2 type of soup at a time as there has 2 compartments and my all time favourite would be chicken soup and tom yam soup

It’s boiling and now it’s time to put into the mouth.

Variety of raw foods. There is prawn, crab, meat, variety of fish products and lots more.

And if you are hungry while waiting for the soup to boil, there is ready cooked dishes like fried rice, chicken wings, roasted pork, fried wantan and lots more.

They even provide dessert such as ice-cream and variety of fruits.

The price list. But beware, for those unfinished foods will be charged RM5.00 per 100gram.
This is to avoid of wasting uneaten foods.

Steamboat buffer is always fulfilled your stomach with satisfaction. We are definitely full that night. A birthday celebration wouldn’t complete without birthday cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake – homemade cake by my sister.

“Happy Birthday to our beloved daddy”

With love,
Mom, Diana, Linda, William & Charles

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