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>Paul Cafe @ Lintas

Posted on: February 12, 2011


Last weekend, my deariest and I plan to have gathering with Matt as she’s back from Melaka. So, we decided to have yam cha session around Lintas as it is more nearer to her house and convenience for me to send my deariest back. Then, Wawa and I knew of this newly opened cafe in Lintas which located just besides Digi Centre. So, we plan to have a try as the cafe is still in operating while the time we reached there was around 11.30 pm.

The ambiance of the cafe. The place is spacious and not that crowded

There are 4-5 pages of menu for foods selection such as spagetti, bread and so on. But for the drink selection, this is one and only of their menu.

Mashed potato which cost RM3. Cheap but it’s salty

Cendol milk and it’s too sweet… Taste not nice…

Paul Cafe operates till very late at night. I’m not sure what time but when we were about to leave, the time was around 1.50am. They served alcoholic beverage.

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