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>Funny But How Come

Posted on: January 11, 2011

>I starting my blog with this blogspot address:


But if you click that link now, it would appear this:

The photo that appears on this link is my very best friend. Include was his profile too.

How come ah? I wonder…

I change my blogspot adress once is to avoid someone from reading my blog. But when I want to change back, it turns into as what you saw as above.

Kind shock when saw that but at the mean time, I laugh non-stop.

That’s why I change my blogspot address to:


Anywhere, I love my current blogspot address as it represent me, myself and I.

Today is 11.1.11. Most of my friends post in facebook saying that it is special day.
So how was your day going on this special day?
For me, erm… Watching HK drama at TTM’s house as usual 😛

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