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>22nd January 2011

Title: Homecoming

Venue: GSC Cinema, 1 Borneo
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 10/10
Comment: This would be added into one of my favourite movie of all time. You see the rate that I give, it is absolutely one of the funniest and “fantabulous” movie for the beginning of Year 2011. Great Day is funny too but not until you watch this.

This movie is regarding the meaning and the importance of reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve. The two main character of this movie is Jack Neo who playing as Ah Niu’s mother and also notable Singaporean actor, Mark Lee who is a Cantonese-speaking chef who can’t speak Mandarin well. The word of “fantabulous” is where mostly used by Mark Lee in the movie. It’s damn funny when he said that. The movie is rich with humour especially the plot between Jack Neo, Ah Niu and Malaysian multi-talented writer-director-comedian Afdlin Shauki all along the way from Singapore to Johor. Like the movie said “Laughing All The Way Home” is one not to be miss movie to watch with your beloved family and friends during this blossom cherry festival.

29nd January 2011

Title: The Green Hornet
Venue: Suria Sabah
Language: English and a little bit of Mandarin
Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure
Rating: 3.5/10

Comment: First ever English movie by Little Heavenly Taiwan King, Jay Chou but too bad, the movie is totally superb duper bad and lousy movie. This movie is based on iconic radio serial and comic book regarding the adventures of Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), a debonair newspaper publisher by day and a crime-fighting masked hero at night, along with his sidekick, Kato (Jay Chou).

A long anticipated movie from Jay Chou as this is his first ever movie in English but too bad, it ends with dissapointment. It begins with entertaining but there is one point, you will lose your focus like what I did.

Note: This is my own personal opinion and doesn’t means to offence. Please do leave your comment.

>Received postcards from my friends who had been travelling all over the world.

Hong Kong & Macau from Joyce

This is her first ever adventures to travel around Hong Kong and Macau with her net friends. Her message was “Here are the HK postcard which posted from Macau. Macau really antique and full of Portugal ‘feel’. If have chance, come here have a look”. Indeed, a year later, I visited Macau and it is like what Joyce said, “Portugal feel”. This is my first postcard received from a friend.

Russia from Liong Sung

He is not travelling or having any vacation at Russia but he is working in Russia for the 3 years. How I wish I got this opportunity to working overseas but within a short period.

Australia from Joyce again

This is the second postcard received from Joyce. She went Australia last month and celebrate X’mas at there. When can I travel to my favourite place of all time?

Krabi, Thailand from Tracey

Indeed, this is also second time I received postcard from her. The first postcard was from Taiwan back in 2009 but I think I had misplaced it and can’t found it until today. Hope one day it will appear right in front of my eye. This second postcard received on last friday where she and her dear dear and also another 1 pair of couple visiting Krabi, Thailand. She loves beach by the way. It is so touching and grateful to receive postcard from a friend who got the heart to pen the postcard and mail it back to your home. Thanks a lot my friend! OMG~ I still got lots more post on my trip to Japan and Taiwan and I am 3 months far behind.


There is one time where I was doing treatment and I was in deep damn boring. All the magazines are in chinese and I can’t read them. Too bad… At that moment, how I wish I had those smart phone especially iPhone to read blogs while doing those treatment. I was addicted with one of the S’pore famous blogger (U should know that) and I can’t stop reading her past blogs.

Today, with surprised, my dad’s friend brought us iPad. Not sure it’s a gift or my dad requested them to buy, but it was cool man~ Now I can bring along this iPad while doing my treatment.

I was damn shocked when I saw this box

Immediately, I grab it from my dad..Bad daughter xP

Learning how to use and look, that’s my blog from iPad

>Today’s Lunch: Huge burger together with huge milk tea

This is what we ordered from newly opened cafe located in Damai. I saw the banner yesterday hanging out from their cafe and at night, my ex-colleague, Ah Soonz (who is the owner’s brother) persuade me to have a try on the burger which made by his brother. He said taste nice as his bro ever made for him before.

So, we decided to have a try by making a call and requested them to call us back once it is ready.

Here is the pic of the huge burger we had today.

Double fish fillet and chicken burger together with the choice of cola or strawberry milk tea and frieds (Cost: RM20.90)

By the way, from the pic, it seems like the strawberry milk tea is larger than the burger itself. Anyway, regarding the taste, honestly to say, it taste much better than McD. The fish fillet is so crunchy and their grilled chicken is so juicy. Although the bun is smaller than those burger in New York New York or even in the small stall that selling quite huge burger in Tanjung Aru, the filling is more than those.Thumbs up for this burger.

If you are small eater, then can be share by 2 people.

The huge milk tea with pudding (Cost: RM3.80)

Now i prefer to buy milk tea from their cafe instead of Yoyo. Yoyo are selling milk tea with pudding for RM4.20 that comes with 500 c.c. but huge cafe selling it for RM3.80 but it comes with 700 c.c.


Guess what? Me and TTM are watching Tron: Legacy movie for free. Somemore, in 3D. Nowadays 3D movie are quite expensive. Luckily me coz TTM took me by surprised as he got those free movie voucher exchange for free movie ticket from his friend on the night before I depart to Taiwan on the next early morning. Yeah, we always hanging out together before I went for vacation or travelling.

Higher expectations end up with higher dissapointment. I thought this movie filled with lots of actions but too bad, it’s not.

Talking about cinema, it’s been a while or I can said it’s been long long time I had never watch movie at CP. Not that I don’t want but even TTM didn’t feel like want to go there for a movie. He rather pay extra or even drive extra miles away to 1Borneo insteaf of watching at the CP. He said their cinema is stink. Besides that, I do hate those people who likes to talk while the movie is on. Most of the time was watching at CP. Please respect the others. lah You are now watching movie at cinema, not UR HOME!! I don’t understand why these people can’t shut their mouth up. So many things to talk about. Want to talk then please go to cafe or even coffee shop to talk. Haiz.

I still remember there is one time my brother and I went to watch Harry Potter (forget Harry Potter no. what). Then, there is 2 gals who non-stop talking and discussing about how Harry Potter looks like from small until now. Until my bro seems like want to take the popcorn box and put into their mouth. U try imagine from the beginning of the movie these people talk talk talk until the end. Even I “sshhhhhhh” loudly but they pretend never heard that. What an unrespectful people!

Talking about movie, recently watched “Great Day” at Suria Sabah with TTM. A normal celebration for me and him together for 1 year. Another Chinese movie from Malaysia and I do love this movie. Laugh non-stop but in the mean time, it is so touching. I don’t want to become spoiler for those who haven’t watch yet but trust me, it is worth to watch.

This time around no more those idiot people keep talking behind us because we were sitting at the last row. Yeahoo!!!

Sign off and time for a sweet dream. Goodnite~


I think most of you had noticed or even visited this newly opened cafe which located in Lintas.

As what I’d read from Mei Tzeu‘s blog and one of my colleague, Angliea who non-stop telling me, regarding this Party Play, finally we had decided to have a small gathering at there.

To Mei Tzeu: Sorry for keep put “airplane” since Sept or Oct 2010 on our promise to dine in Koganei Japanese Restaurant, Lintas. Hopefully after CNY, we able to go there for dinner.

The cocktail which I ordered (forget the name xP)

Spaghetti with Tom Yam sauce. Really special spaghetti to me

Roasted Whole Teriyaki Spring Chicken

Overall, the foods are delicious especially the spaghetti which I think you can’t find at other place. Most of the restaurant serve spaghetti either in red sauce or white sauce but this one serve in Tom Yam sauce. Besides, I love the unique ambiance of this cafe. Suits the name. I feel like I was picnic somewhere surrounded by the green green grass filled with lots flowers with a cleared blue sky.


Yesterday: A year ago, it was the saddest day of my life. He is part of my life and he left us.

Tomorrow: A year ago, this is where my new chapter of life begin. He came to my life and filled with all the ups and downs stories.

Not matter what life brings me, STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY ALWAYS!

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