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>Sweet Getaway to Hong Kong & Macau (Episode 4)

Posted on: October 14, 2010

>17th September 2010 – Macau (Part I)

Today, it is the last day of our Macau trip before heading back to Hong Kong. We woke up at 9 am and had our complimentary American breakfast before check+ing out. We decided to take shuttle bus to The Sands in order for us to deposit our luggage, so that it will be easy for us to tour around Macau. This is what most of us keep saying “fully utilise their facilities mah”.

Like what I said in my previous post, today we plan to look towards Macau main attraction places. Once again, hopping on shuttle bus from The Sands to the main attractions.

It is not difficult to find the places that we want to go as there is sign showing us the way and good thing for a banana people like me is that it’s written in English.

What a sunny day in the city of Asia’s Las Vegas?

I’ m so love with this “M” sign wherever I’m travelling. Too bad never had the chance to try it

As what recommended by most bloggers, I decided to search Senado Square (which I do not exactly what place is all about at the first place, not until when I reach there)….

Gosh. It’s awesome but too bad it is damn hot than Malaysia. Hardly to believe!

Took for a few pictures and we’re move on to the next destination. All along the way, you can stopby for shopping. Giordano, Bossini and etc, stopby and shop. We plan to shop at Hong Kong as we do not want to bring a big and heavy bag all along our way back to Hong Kong. Besides that, there is a church nearby.

St. Dominic’s Church (left); Interior of the church (right)

While busy glance glance at the shops, streets and even people around us, never thought we had reached the place that “must-visit when in Macau”. Yes, the Ruins of St. Pauls. When watching tv and saw this facade, sure will say “That place is Macau”.

From far far away…

Now getting closer to it

Finally more closer to it

Saw this advertisement nearby and it caught my eyes

It was really really really a hot weather and we decided to take a quick photo and went off. In the mean time, we were looking around to hunt for Portuguese most famous food; Portuguese egg tart and pork chop bun.

Saw this lovely small shop with cute signboard, we decided to try the egg tart and the pork chop bun.

Pork chop bun

The result: The Portuguese egg tart (HK$5) is not as crispy as what most of the bloggers recommend. The pork chop bun is so so only. No need to shout out for it. Maybe should try the other in famous shop by the way.

Then, we heading to Lisboa Casino as one of my friend would like to try his luck in gambling. Maybe no luck, he then changed his mind and wanted to go The Sands to try his luck again. Maybe today wasn’t his day. I’m not sure how much he lose but seems like a huge amount (==”)

The building of Sand. In chinese, they call “Golden Sands”. Just like the building

There is theme park nearby The Sands. Did I heard wrong? Theme park in Macau? No kidding. The name of this theme park is Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. But due to our time is so limited, a big “NO” to this as we preferred to save our “ka-ching” for Hong Kong’s theme park. Or maybe next time when we have more spare time.

Photo of Macau Fisherman’s Wharf by Vincent

At 4 pm, we took speedboat back to Hong Kong. Finally, I get to ride on the red ferry, Turbojet. By the way, no differences compare to the previous speedboat which I took. 😛

We had to queue and wait for further instruction in order to for us to board on 5 pm as the time shown in our ticket is 8pm. Luckily we have the patient to wait or else, we end up taking the onwards ferry where we need to queue from the beginning again. Like my sis always tell me “Orang Sabah mesti Sabar bah!” Hahaha.. I love this.

Goodbye Macau. Gonna miss you

Next post: A spectacular night view of Hong Kong

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