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Posted on: September 4, 2010


I saw a shoutout from my friend in facebook:

“Love is like a chewygum. It’s sweet at the beginning but tasteless at the end. But friendship is like a chocolate. It’s sweet till the end.”

I agree with this statement. In my real life, I love chewy gum by the way. Almost everyday, I will chew a least 2-3 tablets of chewygums in my mouth. However, I not really like chocolate as I have a worst nightmare ever after having chocolate. I easily get sick once I have chocolate.

Many things happen recently. Especially this year. The year of tiger, which is my own chinese calender year. Beginning of the year, the people I love the most in my entire life, left us. He always by my side since the day I born until that day he left us. He never scold me, beat me but he loves me more than other do. Everyone in my family know that I am his beloved granddaughter. Until now, I still can’t accept the fact and I still feel he still around me. However, I know that he want me to stay happy as always. My beloved grandfather, I miss you and I will always love you.

Anyway, he did not leave me alone by myself. I think he send something to me. Something special. Maybe its sound insane but for me, I know its something special from him. But recently, I start to feel like chewygum. I wish it could be like chocolate but maybe sometimes, its beyond my control. I had try my best to do everything I can but yet, what I can said is “HAIZ”. Tears keep coming out and sometimes I can’t find the reason why. Ever thought of giving up? YES, I did by the way. My heart is so fragile and I am the type of person who easily give up in everything including relationship. I don’t mean to complain but hardly to believe, I don’t dare to share my sadness with my family and friends and even including the main person.

Holy gosh! Tears is coming out again! Any solution to this? I still can’t find out yet. Maybe all I can do is just keep it inside my heart.

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