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>Dream Come True

Posted on: August 30, 2010


Almost 2 years ago, it was in my “Wishing on a Wishing Star” list but from now onwards, it belongs to me. Finally, one of my dream come true. With joyfully, I had bought a new digital camera 3 weeks ago (which I should post this that time) after had being doing lots of research and surveying the price and function around KK (Karamunsing, Centre Point). Lots of model to choose from and cause me headache. However, this come to my attention as the price offered is much more cheaper compare to other place.
Let’s me introduce you my new baby, CANON IXUS 130

This is the latest model from Canon which came with 4 colours; Black, Silver, Orange and Pink. I choose black because black is always my best choice besides blue and purple. For more info, kindly please google from canon website. 😛

Besides that, I had also bought a new pair of Nike shoe on the same day. Sound crazy right?10 minutes before, bought a new camera and 10 minutes after, bought a new pair of Nike shoe. No credit card is being use as there is a credit card charges. (There goes another $ slip away from my bank). ORIGINAL Nike shoe! The reason that I bought this shoe is because I just noticed that there is no more sport shoe for me. Previously, I addicted to these USA casual shoe, Skeches where I had 3 pairs of that. Comfortable, gorgeous and nice looking pair of shoes.


What to do? Nowadays, things are easily damage and won’t last for a very long time. Some more, the latest model is not my favourite type. Therefore, end up of buying Nike shoe. For your information, this is the first time I bought Nike shoe.

Using my new darling to take a snap pic of new sport shoe

There goes another end of my crap+ing story. One important thing that I would love to announce is tomorrow is Malaysia’s National Day. Ok, sound a bit lame. But I just love it because it’s the perfect and fine day for me cto sleep whole day. Happy Holiday to the whole Malaysian.

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>That's clear vision of your new baby!!!!Envyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy man~~~~~~~~~

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