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>For him, hopefully…
For her, the sweetest sin…


At first I would like to give introduction like I was writing composition, but let’s cut the crap and jump to the most important parts which is the main part.
If you are looking for vegetarian foods recently, I recommend you this, Popular Vegetarian which located behind Open University, Kepayan Highway. This shop was recommended by my colleague’s bf and the 1st taste of it, gosh!! I’m going back again and again..

My favourite dishes is Hot and Spicy Fried Rice but due to recently I keep sharing foods with my mom and she can’t has too spicy foods, so ended up we ordered Vietnam Fried Rice with Fish Fillet.

Looks like a real fish but it’s vegetarian

Italian Spagetti Noodle
American English Breakfast
At first I like to order Salad Prawn but end up Butter Prawn. What can I said? Thumbs up
This is one of my favourite side dishes. Sweet and Sour Mok Chicken. It’s really taste like real chicken.

  • ken: >so cool ah the miniature world.. gotta admire the precision and accuracy of the structures :)
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