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>Hunting! Hunting!

Posted on: May 6, 2010


Not hunting for animals in jungle but I’m currently hunting for japanese foods around Kota Kinabalu. Gosh!! I’m too observed with japanese foods currently. I had mentioned it before but now came with all the reviews from different blogs.
The followings are the japanese restaurant which in my list currently:

  1. Usagi Japanese Restaurant, Karamunsing

  2. Japanese Dream Food, Centre Point
  3. Miyabi Japanese Restaurant, Damai


  4. Umai Fine Japanese Restaurant, D’Juction
  5. Nishiki, Gaya Street


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  • ken: >so cool ah the miniature world.. gotta admire the precision and accuracy of the structures :)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >CathJ and ladymariah - Thanks so much! =)
  • Diana Diane Teo: >Armstrong - Although quite sad because it comes to the end, but I am quite happy to see it ends with good ending. :)Sailor - Thanks for the compli
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