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>Nagasaki Day

Posted on: May 1, 2010


My family and I were supposed to have our dinner at Nishiki but because it was turned out to be full house, therefore we ended up having our meal at Nagasaki. It was not my first time to have meal at Nagasaki as I had it before for lunch.

Eating with my family for Japanese foods was awesome. Why? Looks at the picture below and you will know why.

Fresh salmon

Baby octopus


And more foods

Now you know why it was so awesome. We were having teriyaki chicken, jellyfish, sushi and more. Before we left, they served us with dessert.

Pandan jelly and it taste sweet

I am definitely craving for Japanese foods recently. My next station will be Nishiki; which turns out to be full house, Miyabi (Damai), Japanese Dreams Foods (Centre Point), Umai Fine Japanese Cuisine (D’Juction) and Usagi Japanese Restaurant (Karamunsing).

Before signed off, I would like to wish all my friends “HAPPY LABOUR DAY”. What a holiday which I was looking for…

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