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I came across one of my primary schoolmate’s blog and I’m absolutely fall in love with everything she done with her own hands. She made, decorated and customised any kinds of handicraft things especially greetings cards using all different kinds of materials. This reminds me of my favourite past time when I was in high school. I used to make some cards and bookmarks and sold to others during school time.

Suddenly, it reminds me of the presentation which I had during my Intensive English Course in KCC which was to design and present the card that we made for Valentine’s day.

The idea came out from nowhere

The design at the back of the card

A poem of love
The 2 versions of the card; Left hand side is for the presentation and the right hand side is which I sold to students

Now I kind of missed those times where I can design and decorate cards and sold to earn more income. But as years passed by, my creative and innovative thinking start to fade. Besides that, no available time for me to do so. So anyone interested to take order? =p

>Can’t help myself when it comes to Japanese foods.

Actually I’m on diet currently. But when heard one of my colleague saying that they are going to have japanese foods for lunch, my diet plan failed =p

Recently, my favourite place for japanese foods will be Wagamama. Especially when come to bento, Wagamama’s is the best compare to the other. Within 2 months, I had my meals at Wagamama for almost 5 times.

-=09.03.2010 (One day before my b’day)=-


Previously, there are 4 Wagamama’s outlet in KK; Lintas, Asia City, 1Borneo and Grace Point but unfortunately Grace Point outlet had closed. However, if you want to save more, you can try it at other outlet but it’s not under the name of Wagamama. It’s name is Recipes House; which is more cheaper. It’s located in Damai.

Recipes House


Bento which I was having today

P/S – I’m going to Wagamama again as I have the discount voucher =P

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