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>My Cutie Little Purplefish

Posted on: August 23, 2009


It’s been second year that I knew her. We’re not really close during AAC time but I really can’t remember how I get to know you. But I remember our first date was watching movie at Pavilion. That time she was somewhere around Sungai Wang or Times Square and I was at Pavilion with Kai Wee. Somemore, heavy rain that time but she never ever want to break her promise to watch movie with me. She went through the heavy rain just to watch movie with me. That time, I feel so touching. From that day onwards, we start to get closer and closer.

She is really damn funny. Everytime I feeling down and sad, she was the one who raise me up. This remind of Josh Groban’s song. She shared and listen to all my love stories :P. I really miss the time I had with her and the others. Sometimes, I felt regret for not knowing her earlier.
Anyway, this time is the second time I wish her celebrate birthday after knowing her. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to celebrate with her. Last year, I was at UK. And this year, I’m back at hometown.

Message to Cutie Little Purplefish:

“Happy Birthday to you and really sorry this year no card and no present. However, sincerely I wish that peace your heart, health in your body, wealth in your life, joy in your home. May you always be blessed with there priceless treasures.”

Previous year BBQ at Kai Wee’s house

This year KK trip. Took at Kinabalu Park. Why my eyes so small? Feels like so sleepy

Advanced Diploma Convocation. Wish you can join this year.

Thanks for coming. My last visit to KL.

Unforgettable moments

2 Responses to ">My Cutie Little Purplefish"

>hahah. that dead fish ! :Pdid you ask her to read the post ? ask her to create a very special photo of you and her. go tell her i said this. hehe she know what i mean.

>thanks diana~!! u remind me alot of memory..miss u soooo much

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