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>Breakaway Once Upon A Time Ago

Posted on: June 29, 2009


During my last visit to KL, I can’t miss my special moments hanging out with this few buddies and fellow.

Having dinner with my “zhu”nior hostel at Times Square. All came except for the last right hand side pic, Ah Bear. Incomplete without you.

Then, continue with second gathering session with my classmates and coursemates of AAC. Quite little bit dissapointed coz we can’t have our yam cha at our old place, Zati Manis because of raining. So we change to Old Town. I wish the next visit to KL, our yam cha location will be at Zati Manis.

My West Ji Mui. I miss you all.

My yam cha geng.
1st pic: Tommy, Liong Sung & Soo Por. Non-stop talking about “kao lui”
2nd pic: Hoong Ping and Jason. Non-stop talking about banking.

Sometimes, please bear in mind with me as I love to post blog about what happens long long time ago. As these few days, I really miss all the moments I had during my study at TARC.

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