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This post is specially dedicated to my junior whose characteristic alike cili padi. Happy Birthday to you, Little May Kim! Glad to hear that Ah Bear and the others celebrate your special day. But too bad, I’m was not there. Anyway, wish you have a wonderful and enjoyable day throughtout the year with lots of happiness and smile on your face. Last but not least, stay as spicy and hot like “cili padi”.

Last year at Station 1, Genting Klang. She really looks like “kina”


No Pain No Gain… Accept the Pain, Future will be Fruitful…

Don’t feel the work you are doing is pain, because there will be always a reason for that pain or work.

So face the pain, for the pain you face, there will be definitely happiness a head.

This message I specially dedicate to my P1 lecturer, Mr Tan. He sure would mention this phrase “No Pain, No Gain” everytime he was lecturing us. And now I was busy studying my p1. 4 more chapters to go but unfortunately the previous chapter I studied all faded away from my mind. Exam is around the corner!


Heard of this place before? Well, it is a Japanese Restaurant located at City Mall. If you love japanese cuisine and not forgeting if you are seafoods lover, then you should go and have a try. The salmon fish is amazingly fresh as well as other seafoods.

I went with my family yesterday night. Talking about the services, this is the kind of services that I love. Friendly and always come with a smile. I would rather pay more for this kind of services.

Feel like in Japan

Blue tank aquarium with lots of cute and lovely fishes

The foods that we ordered. Sorry for can’t introduce each of the foods coz we are too hungry.

And more foods…

Saw the chu-chu train carry sushi? This is what you will see once you step in

This is my second attempt for Japanese foods for this month. More to come as starting tomorrow from 20 until 23 April, Sushi King is having offer to all the members.


Yes, I had bought 2 new bags on last Good Friday! This is how I spend my “ka-ching” after received it. Actually I’m not really into handbag unless desperate for it. Like at this moment, I need a real formal handbag to wear for my current situation. Previously, I borrowed handbag from my mom which I bought for her when I was in UK. But kind of feel guilty to use handbag which cost RM600++. Then, I used the bag which I brought from Sheffield but unfortunately, it almost damages. So, now I introduce my new handbag.

This is the first time I bought a bag in white colour. But this was quite nice and was chosen by my sister. This is the bag I currently will bring to office during weekdays.

Another one that I bought. I used for going shopping or hanging out with friends.

Both cost less than RM150. Cheap or not?

Anyway, I want more than that. This is human being. Won’t satisfied with everything have in their life. I desperate for watch!!!! I still in dilemma choosing between CASIO and FOSSIL. But when I’m think back, I had already owned 2 CASIO watches. So, my final decision is to have FOSSIL.


It’s been ages I haven’t being invited to someone’s birthday party celebration. Most of the time, we bought a cake and celebrate the birthday boy/girl at place we can hang around together such as coffee station, mamak stall or fast food restaurant.

And today, is the big guy birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Jason Kung. I knew this guy through selling text books to him and his classmate during at TARC. Never thought he also orang Sabah bah!

Birthday boy with his big and huge birthday cake

It’s us again. Recently, we always hang out together.

Thanks for the invitation, Jason. He is going to KL next week Sat for moving the next step of life. All the best and best of luck in your career. Wish you find a better and great job at there.

>For your attention, it’s been a month I had been working. Actually previously I had wrote a post about my first week of my working life and environment but due to some technical problem, all the stories I written accidentally gone. Because of that, I lazy to write for one more time.

Here, I would like to simplify my working life stories. My position is audit assistant. What I do? Audit, just simple as that. Talking about my colleagues. I really blessed with helpful and funny colleagues. At first I was worried but after that, I shouldn’t worry at all about coz Angliea was there. The person in charge to teach me was a trainee. Her name is Erica. She is kind, nice and most importantly talkative like me. That’s good. Both of us non-stop talking. By the way, today is her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, ERICA ESTHER. Hope someday I could take photo of you and me.

But I don’t know why I feel the pressure wherever I step into the office. I realised I’m not suitable to become auditor. Not strict enough. Sometimes I felt the dilemma between two different kinds of people. Haiz..Experience is what I need right now. When I figured it out, I not just facing the dilemma feelings at offfice, I even felt in my volunteer association. This is life. We got no choice. Do we?

Currently, I really felt like that is no time available for me. I busy with 3 different of things in my life. Working, study and volunteer in my association’s activities. Talking about my study, I haven’t sign up for my exam sitting. Many things to think about. This haven’t settle yet, occurs another kind of problem. “Life is sucks.” It wasn’t said by me, was by my best ji mui, Liong Sung. 😛

-dt- and dearest Guci. She loves being taken snapshot


I loves this Bento! I want try on the other again…
This is my first Japanese foods for this month.
Thanks to Yong Siang, Jess Lee, Felix, Melson and Lawrence for spending me this. I’m glad to know you all. Hope you all like Sabah and if you are free, please come and visit Sabah again!

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