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>Accept It

Posted on: February 25, 2009


At last, I had made up my mind and accept the offer from medium size company instead of working at Big 4. Honestly, who does not wish to work at Big 4? However, it is worthless for me to keep on waiting from one of Big 4 to call me and at the end, I lose 2 companies from my hand and continuously become jobless.

Next week, will officially become my first day of working. Yesterday, when I was at my dad’s office, suddenly vision of my new environment life, I was quite nervous. Working life is totally different from study life. Instead of calling your friends as classmates or coursemates, next week onwards will address them as colleagues. The person who guide you previously, you call he/she as lecturer or tutor, now those words are no more come out from your mouth and need to change to call as “Boss” or even senior.

I worked before but it was a short period as it was 3 months industrial training. That time I was quite lucky coz I got few classmates and coursemates work together under the same company. Now, I gonna go with my own. Luckily, I met one of my TARCian friend at there. She is Angliea.

Next week onwards, no more late sleep, no more late wakeup. I hope I can adapt that as I us to sleep late and wake up late.

Before I end, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to my pretty classmate, Hwee Ying. Here, wish you success in your business and pretty as always.

Hwee Ying & I at lawatan ke High 5

4 Responses to ">Accept It"

>Yeah congratulations… I am still jobless hahaha waiting for call ….

>congratz for your 1st official job~!!!u will be angliea’s colleague?

>Carrie; where got you jobless? You got a better offer than mine. Not one but two summore…Mei Tzeu; Yup, become Angliea colleague next week..By the way, thanks to your both for ur wishes..

>i hope my cookies can appear infront of me now…hehehe

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